A Simple Option, How To Make A Cage For Rabbits

A Simple Option, How To Make A Cage For Rabbits

How to make a cage for rabbits to ensure the successful breeding of these animals and to minimize the diseases of domestic rabbits, resulting from the wrong content? This question interests many novice farmers who want to grow meat and skin and downy breeds. And in general, is it worth making a cage or is it better to keep them in a hole or an aviary? Understand the question.

The content of rabbits in the cages

Rabbits can be kept in cages, open-air cages, pits or they can use pasture mode when animals live on grass for several months. Compared to pits and aviaries, the cellular content has its undeniable advantages with a small number of animals:

  • cells take up little space and are easy to clean;
  • in them, animals are protected from drafts and attacks by predators, and sick animals are easier to identify;
  • it is easier for farmers to carry out breeding work, to make prophylactic vaccinations, to control the diet;
  • animal skin is preserved in good condition.

Making a cage for rabbits with nesting compartment

The standard design is considered to be block, which, in fact, combines two cells 65 cm wide and 120 centimeters long. The height of the front wall is 50 centimeters, and the back is 35. As a rule, nesting compartments are made on each side (a small shelf can be built into them where the rabbit can climb for rest), and the rest is stern. In the partition between the compartments there is a hole, which is about 20 centimeters high with a width of 17 centimeters. As for the size of the nest itself, it is preferable to the mother liquor, the depth of which is 65 centimeters, length – 40 centimeters, and height – up to the very roof of the cell.

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To make it easier for animals to watch, care for and keep them clean, they are placed on racks (wooden or metal), which are about 70 centimeters high, and the floor is made of slats (you can also use a metal grid). However, for the mother liquor it is recommended to make a deaf retractable or sloping floor under the slatted floor. This will facilitate cleaning, protect the nest from drafts, and animals from hypothermia.

For manufacturing, lumber is required: a board (five centimeters thick) and a tes (2.5 centimeters thick), a metal grid with cells of 20×20 millimeters (for the floor and doors), nails (self-tapping screws) and several hinges for hanging the doors (by the way, for nesting compartments). need deaf doors, and for the stern – mesh).

How to build a cage for adolescent rabbits to feed?

If you want to raise animals for the sake of skins, then they must be kept one by one. Otherwise, the quality of the skins will be very mediocre. But for the young, which is planned for fattening, the cells are usually grouped, and their size depends on how many animals you intend to put there. The standard length is 200-300 centimeters, with a width of one hundred centimeters and a height of 40 to 60 centimeters.

Comfortable housing for rabbits is a guarantee of success in breeding these animals, because everyone knows that they do not like dirt and crowding. Read how to make a cage for rabbits, and feel free to get to work.

And I also suggest watching videos of very convenient cells that can be made by hand.