Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

Cage for rabbits do it yourself

Rabbit cages its rukami.Zdravstvuyte our dear readers, we have repeatedly touched on the topic of rabbits and rabbits, since this topic was very interesting for you, today we will tell you how to build a rabbit cage with your own hands. Everyone knows that a proper diet is a very important aspect in the development of rabbits, but they are often forgotten, and sometimes they don’t even know that shelter is just as important as food. The location of the cage is important, it is recommended to build a house for rabbits from nearby trees, in winter they provide additional protection from the cold.

First, it is obviously necessary to determine the type of cells that you need. Consider the fact that where you keep rabbits will depend on the type of cage, if you keep rabbits at home, this is one thing, if they live on the street is completely different. In addition, it is necessary to take care of spare cells in the event of pregnancy of rabbits. It is also necessary to provide cages for rabbits and adult males to also build cages with and without a range.
Cell construction

If you determine your needs for the location and number of cells, the next step will be to choose the material for the cells, it should be of high quality.

Materials for the cell

– Plywood or boards on the walls.
– Wooden bars for the manufacture of supports and frames.
– Grid with small cells (1.7 x 1, 7.2, 0 × 2, 0 cm).
Light – rail up to 4 cm from wood or plastic, for finishing cells

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Make sure that the materials to be used in the construction of the cells were smooth without traumatic impacts, knots and the like. It is worth saying that a guest or a standard cell size does not depend on the breed of rabbits, their number and your capabilities; the minimum allowable cell has dimensions: width 70cm; Height 50 cm; Length 150cm. Often make a cage with a nest, which may be useful for future delivery. Rabbits at gene levels prefer to live in burrows, as their ancestors have lived for centuries, so houses preferred cells for their health.

If the cages are set up for rabbits outside, it costs them to create support up to 80 cm done to protect the rabbits from rodents and other small predators, and the cages will be easier to maintain.
Essential part of the cage.

– The walls are made of plywood or wood mesh.

Paul, because it is most often used rails, they must be located at a distance of 15 mm from each other, if the floor is wooden, solid, then it is even better to fill the rack, all this is done for hygiene.

– Roof. Special preferences about this do not use the materials that you have on hand, the only thing that is not recommended to do it is the roof from a steep slope, and then only if your rabbits love to climb on the roof.
Scheme the average cell size

The size of the medium cage is as follows:

– Height of construction is 65-75 cm
– Front 50-60 cm
Hatchback, 30-40 cm

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After the manufacture of the frame, it is usually sheathed the walls of usually cased or plywood boards. The cages are partitioned off from one another by a partition, but leave a passage for the rabbits. The roof, as a rule, make a hinged flap. If you have a cage with a nest, then pass it to a solid door closed, aft compartment for network use.
The scheme for the manufacture of rabbit cages do it yourself

These cells are made of planks or plywood

– Height – 65 – 75 cm
– Width – 65 – 75 cm;
– Back wall
Length 90 – 110 cm;
– Height – 50 – 60 cm.

Cell should be installed on the reference to 20 cm from the floor. It should also be mounted on rails, 100 cm long.
Tselnoprovolochnye cells.

Such cells are considered universal and suitable for placement in all types of premises. Their main advantages compared with other types of cells is their compactness and easy maintenance. These cages are recommended for breeders who have plans for a large number of breeding rabbits for sale, for example. All because of the ease of maintenance, cleaning such cells, everything you need to clean it, so repeat and hand propane torch. The burner is necessary for disinfection.