Cages For Rabbits

There are many ways to keep rabbits in personal farming. Some villages still use their free content in spacious barns. But this method has many disadvantages. First of all, it is the lack of control around. Bona fide owners suggest making a cage.

Cages for adult rabbits of large and medium meat-skin and downy breeds can be single-section and two-section. In two-sectional cells, aft and nesting sections. The most comfortable cells are considered to be of such sizes: height — 70 cm, width. 110 cm, depth 55-65 cm, but not more than 70 cm, as it will be difficult to clean them. Consider, if your cell is external, it is better to make the back wall a little lower compared to the front. This is done so that rainwater flows down the roof, not in a cage to the rabbits. The prerequisites for the construction of rabbit cages of all types and designs are ease of manufacture, low cost, ease of maintenance of animals, hygiene.
Particular attention should be paid to the device floor cells. In areas with warm and temperate climates, when placing cells in the courtyard and getting okrols throughout the year and in other areas, when receiving okrols only in spring and summer, the floors in the feed compartment for rabbits of the main stock and repairing young stock should be done hard wood oak, maple, beech, plastic, from stamped metal or welded mesh, and in the nest compartment and in the plug-in nest solid wooden. The same floors should be done in portable cells. In other cases, cells with solid floors should be built, and even better to arrange a double floor. Solid floors should be sloped. The slope is better to do towards the back wall. As for the material of the cell walls make them from slabs, tesa plywood and others. Many people also make upholstery in cages, simple plywood boxes are perfect for this – cheap, and besides, rabbits do not gnaw plywood.
The floor in the pet dwellings is made with a slope to the front side: the back side of the floor should be 5 cm higher than the front side. A gap of up to 3 cm wide is left at the bottom of the cage for urine flow and stool discharge. So that the cage is always dry and clean, a double floor is made (which was mentioned earlier): retractable shields of slats are put on top of the solid one. Such floors are especially indispensable for keeping females with baby rabbits, because they protect babies from eating feces and thus from coccidiosis. Make a solid floor retractable – it is very convenient.
If you have a mesh floor, then this leads to the namino paws and the rabbit disease, pododermatitom. Therefore, it is advisable to put there removable Polic, which must be cleaned daily from dirt.

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Of all the variety of cells for rabbits, the most common are two-sectional cells. They are used in various modifications, shown in Fig.1.2. One double cage requires about 0.2 m of sawn timber, 1.3-1.6 m2 of metal mesh per floor and doors, 0.3-0.5 m2 of metal mesh on the nursery and 1.6 kg of nails.

Cages For Rabbits

pic.1 Double rabbit cage

The cage with the uterine compartment, for breeding.

This cell is different in that it has, if so you can say a house. At a height of 50 cm from the floor make the shelf for the suckling rabbit. Such a shelf will serve as the ceiling of the breeding compartment, due to which its height relative to the full height of the cage will decrease (instead of 70, it will be 50 cm). This is necessary to maintain a higher temperature in the nest in the winter or just in cold weather. Over time, the bunnies will grow up and will jump on this shelf – the ceiling, this is certainly useful for their growth and development.
If it so happens that the nesting compartment is not fenced off, 3 days prior to the roundabout, the mother liquor is installed in the cage. It is a plywood box, on the side of which there is a hole with a diameter of about 20 cm, which is located closer to the front of the cage. It is better to make the top cover of the mother liquor lift, well, you can fix it with hooks. Otherwise, rising, the rabbit will lift the lid of the mother liquor and cool the nest. If okolol fell in the winter, the mother liquor need to impose straw. It is very important to fence off the nesting compartment: this will prevent the rabbits from creeping all over the cage and from freezing.

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