Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

A prerequisite for the breeding of rabbits is the construction of housing, that is, facilities where animals could feel comfortable and safe. The set of options is houses with legs and without legs, open-air cages and cages.

Let’s consider a quick and economical option, in which construction will not be expensive, and the building can be used both temporarily and for long-term maintenance of any number of animals.

What we need

To build a reliable structure that can serve as a shelter for animals under any conditions, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • plywood sheets or belt loops 2-2.5 centimeters, timber;
  • galvanized mesh;
  • doors in a cage;
  • feeding trough;
  • nails or screws weighing a little more than half a pound.

First, all the bars of the frame must be carefully planed. So all the elements of the structure will fit snugly against each other, which will help avoid drafts that have a detrimental effect on animals. Step-by-step instructions will help you to make the house comfortable, adhering to which you will be able to correctly complete the work at each stage.

Build cages. Step-by-step instruction:

    We assemble the frame, attach to it the floor of galvanized material, it is desirable to make it out of the grid. The frame can be made as shown in the video.

  • Install the wall behind, fasten the bottom, grabbing the floor.
  • We finish building the frame side walls, including for nests.
  • The cover is installed. If you plan to take out the structure outside, then you need to ensure that the roof does not leak, and the animals do not suffer from overheating sunstroke. Two sheets of slate or other roofing material will be enough for this.
  • You can install a transverse beam that divides the structure into two or three sections.
  • Master trough.
  • Reiki and nails on the inverted structure fix the bottom.
  • For feeders it is recommended to make a bunker.
  • For other feeds it is better to do nursery.
  • The cover is attached.
  • It is better to make the doors from frames and grids, after installation you need to check whether they work easily.
  • The rotary flap is installed.
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    At this construction is completed, and the cage is ready to take your pets.

    If there is no possibility to transfer the cage to the shade, in order to protect animals from heat, on a sunny day, they cover the cage roof with branches of a bush or wild-growing trees.

    Recommendations for beginners

    This instruction is not a dogma. It can be changed at the request of the owner or in connection with personal preferences. If you are going to build such a structure for the first time, listen to the recommendations of experienced breeders and get acquainted with information on the Internet.

    • Many experienced breeders recommend making a double roof. It will not only protect rabbits from drafts and precipitation, but also save them from overheating on a hot sunny day, otherwise sunstroke is guaranteed to animals.
    • If you make a roof only of corrugated slate without using plywood, then not only winter drafts and frosts, but also spring frosts, from which the offspring may die, will pose a danger to animals.
    • Additional use of roofing material will provide a buffer zone between the roof and plywood, so on a sunny day in the cell will not be hot.
    • If you install a cage on the street, lift it off the ground for a short distance, for this you can use parallel bars. So you protect animals from rodents and facilitate care for them.
    • You can build a cage differently; see, one of the floor options visas is shown on the video.

    You can use the cell model called “Sunny”; you will learn about it from the video.

    Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

    Beginners breeding rabbits will be useful information, which is divided into You Tube user named Sunny Rabbit. Watch his video below. about the merits of single-tier structures for rabbits.

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    If you need a house for the temporary maintenance of animals, you can not build a cage, but do as the Sunny Rabbit advises, watch the video. and you will find out about it yourself.

    How to make bunk buildings

    To make two-tier cages for rabbits with your own hands, you do not need to zeal for a long time over a complex structure. It is enough to set the cages one by one, put a litter pan under the top one, and make the roof waterproof and watertight. Such a mobile building will be installed in any place convenient for you, and if necessary it can be disassembled and folded in the storage room.

    Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

    What to do if rabbits gnaw cages

    First you need to figure out why this is happening. This may be due to two reasons:

    1. With the help of bars and planks, animals are trying to replenish the supply of mineral substances that the body lacks.
    2. Animals need to wash the front incisors about something, so they gnaw on wooden objects.

    Provide your pet with a balanced and balanced diet with adequate amounts of vitamin, minerals and trace elements. Add chalk, mineral premixes or salt to feed.

    Thin strips of tin can be upholstered in all the places that animals have chosen – the edges of the feeders, lumber, protruding parts of the frame, etc.