Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

It’s not so difficult to make cages for rabbits with your own hands, but it can seriously save your family budget when you are just starting to breed animals.

Breeding rabbits continues to be a very popular and useful thing, they are easy to maintain at home, but they definitely need to build houses, they can be purchased or made independently.

Making cages for rabbits with your own hands, you need to take into account how many animals will live in it, and what kind of animals. On average, young rabbits can be settled in 7 in one cage, the length of the house should be up to 3 meters, the width – meter, height – 60 cm, it is better to sit females, one for each house, if reproduction is planned.

Rabbit cage material

Making a rabbit cage on your own will not be difficult at all, for this you need the simplest materials.

  • wooden boards or timber,
  • slats,
  • plywood and chipboard,

At the beginning, knock out a rectangular frame from a bar, if you want your cell to have several tiers, leave between each one up to 15 cm for a pallet.

Between the front and rear timber tamp the transverse slats, this is a support for the first tier, you also need to do with the subsequent ones.

Knock the side legs of the boards to the rectangles, measure them in advance to have a reserve of up to 40 cm from the ground, so that the cage can be comfortably taken as the bottom in order to carry and clean.

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Further from the laths and screws, twist the doors and beat them with a net, from the inside it is fixed with a construction stapler, you need to remember to tilt to accommodate the sender.

Hang the hinges on the hinges and fasten the latch, it will be even more convenient to open the hinged door from top to bottom. Sennik made in the shape of the letter V and is covered with a grid.

The cage is surrounded by hollow walls, plywood is required to make them, you also need to make a removable bottom for them, you can dry it after the young grow and use the plywood again.

The door of the mother liquor is also made deaf and mounted on hinges. An inclined pallet is placed in front of each tier, make a slope to the back wall, so it will be more convenient to clean the manure.

Such a cell can serve you for years, in the summer it can be easily transferred from the barn to the street and it can be completed by building tiers, although three tiers are enough for a regular farm.

Make a cell by this method can be about half a day. It is also important to understand the better to process the wood, since the stability and quality of wooden parts will depend on it.

How to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands

There are other types of houses for rabbits, suitable for rabbits in them is a nest. This is an autonomous structure, no longlines are made in it, they are built separately, such a cell can stand on the street or indoors.

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For the construction of such a cage, the same tools and materials are needed as for an ordinary house, but the grids here can be smaller, it is enough to make a grid on the door for the general compartment.

Initially, the frame is also knocked together; the side and back walls are made of thin boards or plywood. Next, the door for the mother liquor and the main compartment is assembled, a grid is nailed to the second.

Doors are put on hinges; a latch of any shape and a handle for opening are screwed to them. At the final stage, the roof is made, it is covered with a water-repellent material, linoleum, polycarbonate is suitable for this, iron is not needed, it is very hot in the heat.

Such a house can be taken out into the garden or put in the summer kitchen, so that you can always look after the pets. It is very important to always keep the cage with rabbits clean, then rabbits will not get sick, and will be large and healthy. Any concern for rabbits begins with cleaning the cage. The pallet is cleaned daily.

Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself2

Do not allow litter to fall into the trough or trough, so be sure to make a cover. If there is a flooring from the rails, it is necessary to clean the cage from the inside as well, since not all manure is removed through the gaps between the slats. It is important to closely monitor the level of moisture in the cell, especially moisture can manifest itself in multi-tiered cells.

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If there is moisture in the cage, then coccidiosis can develop in rabbits, it usually leads to death, to prevent this, you need to disinfect the cage three times a month, put the rabbit in another cage, remove flooring, feed and pour out water.

Burn all surfaces of the house with a propane lamp, you need to be especially careful with the mesh floor and bars to which the structure is attached. This is where most pathogens accumulate. If you regularly treat these surfaces, you can prevent many diseases of rabbits.

The outer cells most affected are the bars, on which the structure is installed, as well as the material for the roof, it must sometimes be changed so that the rabbits do not soak in the rain and do not suffer from excessive sun. If you read the building forum on our site, you will find more information on this topic.