Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

You can install cells in the barn, and you can in the garden or in the yard – it all depends on the climatic conditions. Perhaps the combined maintenance of animals – in the winter in the room, and in the summer – on the street.

Placing cages in a room or in the yard, it is necessary to take into account the fact that rabbits do not tolerate drafts, as well as high and low humidity.

Cages For Rabbits Do It Yourself

We need to think about how to make a cage for rabbits, so that it blends in with the design of the site. It may even be necessary to make a cage in accordance with its drawings, the main thing is that it should comply with the normative standards for the maintenance of rabbits, otherwise the productivity of rabbits will decrease.

It is best to place cages for rabbits with your own hands on a plot with trees, as in the summer the trees will give shade and shelter from the hot sun, and in the winter they will protect from the wind.

The cells are single and double. On one adult animal laid at the rate of 0.5 square meters of area, on the young – 0.12 square meters, and on young rabbits – 0.17.
The length of a double single-tier cage is from 220 to 240 centimeters, and its width is 65 centimeters. The height of the back wall is 35 centimeters, the front is 50 centimeters. Shed roof ends visor, protruding forward by 20 centimeters, and from the sides – by 10 centimeters. Lateral compartments are located on the sides, having a solid floor, and in the aft compartment the floor is made of 16×48 or 18×18 centimeters net, or of two-centimeter wooden slats, stuffed in one and a half centimeters. Laz in the nesting compartment is made at a height of 15 centimeters from the floor so that the bunnies cannot get into the aft compartment.

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Doors in the aft compartment are made of mesh, and in the nest – solid. Drinkers and removable feeders are hung on the mesh doors. Rough feed is usually distributed in creches made of two wooden-covered wooden frames. The upper ends of the frames are moved apart to the sides of the feed compartments, and the lower ends are aligned.

Cages for rabbits with their own hands built for the maintenance of young animals, are a wooden frame, upholstered with wood at the back and sides. The front mesh and floor are made of metal mesh. The size of cages for young animals depends on the number of animals that will be there. Usually the cells are 2–4 meters long and one meter wide. The height of the front wall is 0.5 meters, the rear – 0.4 meters. The front wall has two doors, they are hung with drinkers and feeders, as well as a nursery for grass or hay. The roof is made of tesa, in front there must be a visor measuring 30 centimeters. Rabbits of the same age, weight and sex, as well as temperament must be in the cages.

For keeping the males, round cages are made of a net with a diameter of 75 centimeters and 40 centimeters in height. In such cells, you can keep and females. The floor is made either from the grid, or from wooden slats.

The success of the backyard rabbit farm depends not least on how carefully the rabbit cage was made. Creating all the conditions for the normal life of animals is a direct path to success.