Cages For Rabbits We Make A Cage For Young Animals

Cages For Rabbits We Make A Cage For Young Animals
Cages For Rabbits We Make A Cage For Young Animals

Cages For Rabbits We Make A Cage For Young Animals
Cages For Rabbits We Make A Cage For Young Animals

Every living creature needs good care, which it should create. Cages for rabbits must have everything you need. Such things as a feeding trough and a drinking bowl are obliged to be in each rabbitry, but in addition to this there should be trays in each cage intended for cleaning the cage.

Considering the rabbitries for large families, it should be concluded that all the cells are made the same, only with the change in size. First you need to note that this is a large oblong box, which is located on four legs. The front part of it is made of a tensioned grid, and a roof of plastic or galvanized metal is installed on top. Now it is necessary to consider in more detail how to make a cage for the young and what material is required for this. For the four corner posts, you can use machined timber 5cm x 5cm.

The height of this material is 110 cm. Now you should consider the four horizontal strips 5cm x 5cm. They should have a length of 170cm. Thanks to these dimensions, you can imagine the future of the rabbitry, but first you need to decide on the width of the future cage and this will require a bar 5cm x 5cm long 60cm. These blanks should also be four pieces. Cages for rabbits are made using a hacksaw, which is necessary for cutting logs and finishing boards. If desired, the boards can be replaced with moisture-resistant plywood, but in this case the life of the rabbitry will be greatly reduced.

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The cages for the young during the winter period of time should be kept warm, so it is necessary to have a warm room where the living creatures should be transported into extreme cold. For these purposes, rabbit rats of small size are usually made, which are easily transferred.

In order to assemble a skeletal structure from a prepared bar, you need to stock up on fixing material. They can serve as metal corners or plates that are mounted with screws on the joints of the workpieces.

Considering the resulting construction, it can be concluded that the rabbitry turns out to be quite excellent, but it still requires a number of works to complete. Next, it is necessary to sheathe the structure with a tree and for this purpose a board of 20mm thickness is perfect. First, the rabbit floor is recruited, after which all sides, except the front part, are sewn up. The entire assembly is carried out by 32mm wood screws, using a screwdriver or a Phillips screwdriver.

At the end of this work, you should do the roof and for this you can use any roofing material. For example, corrugated sheet metal, galvanized sheet metal, asbestos slate, fiberglass sheets with a wavy or smooth surface, and also a soft bunny. All this material is intended for roofing and the choice of it, everyone has the right to do it yourself. In this topic, we consider two options for finishing the roof.

For example, to use profiled sheeting, it is enough just to fill the lattice top on top, after which to lay the professional flooring and pull it with roofing self-cuts with a hex head. In order to make a soft roof, you need to make a completely wooden base, and then process it with bitumen mastic and spread it over the soft roof, while warming it with a blowtorch.

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For young stock, rabbitry can be made entirely of mesh, while using the same brazed material. Only for manufacturing will require 6mm wire rod, which will gird all corner joints. To perform this work requires a welding machine.

Now we should consider how to make the front of the cage for the young. Rabbits will be pleased with a large installed grid through which fresh air will flow. Before fixing the grid, you should install the feeder on the bottom and fix the water bowl on the side. Next, make the pallets that are necessary for cleaning the dirt and begin to measure the doorway.

This means that you have to put an extra rack, which will have to mount the door. assembling the door does not take much time, because it requires only three small crossbars and several planks, which are fastened with screws on the wood. Now you can go to work on the fabrication of the grille on the front of the rabbit. To do this, you need to decide on the grid, because its a huge selection.

For example, PVA metal mesh and chain-link are a very reliable material and their service life is very long, but recently a solder mesh appeared on the market, which has proven itself very well, so you should consider it. The thickness of the wire may be different, but you should stay at a diameter of 1.5 mm. The same can be said for the grid cell, but in this case it is better to use 20mm 50mm.

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This material is sold in rolls and is very hard, so after the acquisition, you must align the grid. Next, you should cut it in size and for this you can use the tongs or a chisel with a hammer. Then the mesh is fixed, using four thin strips and screws on the tree.

In conclusion, the text can say the following, that the cages for the young can be made of any building material, the main thing is that it is durable and waterproof. It is also necessary to take into account that all rabbitks should have in themselves drinking bowls and feeders.