Choosing A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit

The decorative rabbit is one of the favorite pets of children and adults. The animal is distinguished by its appeasable disposition and cheerful character. The rabbit calmly comes in contact with the person, he is unpretentious and clean. In good conditions, the pet will live about 10 years. The first thing to take care of is a spacious cage. A caring owner will provide the rabbit with a safe and comfortable home.

Choosing A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit


Decorative rabbits of different breeds differ in weight and length of wool. But any animal needs a spacious and safe housing. The minimum size of the "house" for one inhabitant is 60 by 100 cm. Veterinarians recommend buying a cage four times larger than a rabbit. The pet should stand in a cage on its hind legs, without touching the ceiling with its ears.

You should not strictly focus on the minimum recommended size. Buy a cage as large as the free space in the apartment allows. Rabbits are very mobile animals that need daily loads. If they have a lot of free space for walking and physical activity, they will live a long and healthy life.

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The form

When choosing a cell, the main criterion is the safety of the animal. Make sure that there are no sharp elements, narrow passages and back streets in the structure. The optimal shape of the “house” is rectangular. Such a cell will conveniently serve the owner.

Choosing A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit


The best material for the cage bars is galvanized metal. Houses with a painted grid is not worth buying, especially if you are not sure of the quality of the coating. Rabbit loves to sharpen teeth about everything that comes into his field of vision. The animal will get rid of toxic paint. The gap between the rods should be 2–2.5 cm so that the curious pet does not damage the head and neck when examining the surroundings from the cage.

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The doors of the cage for the rabbit – reliable and large. The owner will sometimes have to pull the animal out of the house, so the hand holding the animal must pass freely through the door. Think about where to put the cage so that the door was comfortable to open and it would not be limited to furniture and a wall. The exit from the cell is usually equipped with a wide gentle ladder.


When analyzing which cell to choose, pay attention to its bottom. At the bottom of the house must have a pallet. It must have the following characteristics:

  • high monolithic sides;
  • smooth bottom;
  • material – plastic.

It is easy to wash such a tray, and thanks to it the animal waste will not enter the room.

How to choose a color

The color of the cell is the point that can be neglected. The house should be spacious and safe for the animal, so give up colored products of intricate shapes. Eared friend will be the main decoration of your apartment.