Dimensions Mother Liquor For Rabbits Do-It-Yourself Drawings

Dimensions Mother Liquor For Rabbits Do-It-Yourself Drawings

In order for rabbits to develop well, they need to create favorable conditions all the time. And moreover, it concerns not only food, but also housing. The cage is the most important part that promotes the development of rabbits. The location of the house for rabbits also has an important role. You need to arrange it in a plot that would be planted with trees, as in the winter they will save your pets from the cold.

Dimensions Mother Liquor For Rabbits Do-It-Yourself Drawings

Whole rabbit cell battery

Before you build a house for rabbits, you need to decide which type of cage will be most comfortable for pets. Remember that the construction will depend on exactly where the cell will be – on the street or at home, as the houses for them are completely different. If you are going to breed rabbits, then you need to think about what should be present cages for pregnant females, cages for rabbits and cages for males. Also, the cells must be both with and without a walk.

Cell construction

But well, let’s start making the cage for rabbits with your own hands. First, you need to think about the material from which the house for rabbits will be built, since it should be quite high quality.

  1. For the manufacture of walls use thick plywood or boards.
  2. Support and frame to make of wooden bars.
  3. The grid in the cage should be with small cells (1.7×1.7-2.0×2.0cm).
  4. Reiki, which will act as a finish, should be made of wood or plastic with a width of about 3 cm.

All wooden material to be used in the construction of the cage should be perfectly smooth and smooth; in no case should traumatic, foreign objects come out of it.

Dimensions Mother Liquor For Rabbits Do-It-Yourself Drawings

Cells must be neat and without protruding parts.

There is no single standard for the size of the cage, as it depends on the mass and the rabbit will live there, but it must be exactly not less than:

-width 70cm;
-height 50cm;
-length 150cm.

The cage itself is recommended to do with the nest compartment, since there it will be possible to insert a house or mother liquor for pregnant women in the future.

The genetics of rabbits are designed in such a way that they are accustomed to live in minks, therefore at home they will prefer houses, they will be much more comfortable there.

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To make the mother liquor, it does not require much effort. You can knock down a regular box (without a roof) with dimensions of 35×35 cm, and the height will be 20 cm. Gender in the mother liquor is done in one solid flooring.

If a nesting compartment is located in a cage for rabbits, then a partition should be made between it and the fodder compartment. In the partition itself, you need to make a hole, which will be located at a height of 10-15 cm from the floor, with a diameter of 20 cm. Sometimes such a manhole for rabbits settles with a tin so that it will not be nibbled.

If the cells are on the street, then they need to be installed on the uneven bars 70-80cm. Thus, the pet house will be protected from other pets, and most importantly – from rodents. A cage installed at a height will not only be comfortable for rabbits, but also for the owners themselves, since it will be much more convenient to maintain them.

Necessary parts of the cell

All that is needed to make a cage is:

1) The walls, the manufacture of which will depend on what content will be in the cell itself. They can be made of plywood, wood or mesh.

2) A floor that is recommended to be made from slats or from a fine-meshed mesh.
– if you still decide to resort to using rails, then remember that they should be located at a distance of 15mm from each other;
-if the floor is made of solid wood, then it is necessary to place a slatted floor on top of it or fix the mesh floor.

All this is necessary in order to maintain the hygiene and health of rabbits at a high level.

3) Canopy or roof, which will protect pets from the sun, rain and other unpredictable natural phenomena. If the cages with rabbits are constantly under the open sky, then you should tile the roof of the cage. Also remember that the rabbits love to sit on their houses, so when you make the roof rolled, try to stick to a small angle of inclination.

Drinking bowls and feeders should be mounted in the cage, retractable. It is best to install them outside, or make them in such a way that the rabbits could not contaminate their contents. Example: feeder and drinker with lid.

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Medium sized rabbit cage layout

The frame of such a cell should be of the following dimensions:

-height from the beginning of the construction to the ground – 70cm;
-the front of the cage should be slightly larger than the back – 55cm;
-the back of the cage – 35cm.

After the frame is made, you will need to sheathe it. The walls are usually sheathed with plywood or board. A nest must be present in the cage, and the floor must be made solid, and a grid is spread over it. The branches should be separated from each other by a partition in which there should be a hole for the passage of rabbits. The roof is recommended to do folding, that is, it should be hinged. In the place where there should be a nest, the door is made solid, and for the aft compartment – the grid.

Rabbit cage with nests

If you do not have a nesting compartment, then there must be a grid on both doors and the floor, respectively. The cage is recommended to be done with a walking distance (wooden frame with a grid). In the compartment for walking the rabbit must go through a special door-valve, which is located on the rear wall of the house. If the cage is on the street, then it is recommended to do it in such a way that the rabbits can eat on their own pasture in time for a walk.

The scheme of making cages for home rabbits

Side walls should be made of board (mesh or plywood) in dimensions:

-height – 70cm;
-width – 70cm;
-back wall
-Length: 100cm;
-height – 55cm.

The cage should be installed at a height of approximately 15 cm from the floor. It should also be installed on rails whose length is 100cm. The very number of such strips will depend on how the mesh will be printed on the walls. Make it so that the top rail is below the top edge, since the cage cover will rest on it. Underneath the mesh, install a pallet.

Wire cells

Such cells are good because they can be placed in rooms of any type – it can be a room with a pile, a hay barn or a special livestock building. They differ from outdoor rabbits with a wooden shed in that it is easiest to disinfect and clean these cells. And the most important thing is that they occupy less space.

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If you are going to breed rabbits in order to continue selling them, it is best for you to also use solid-wire cages, since it will be much more convenient to care for rabbits, even in bad weather.

All you need for cleaning is a brush and a manual propane burner. The flame of the burner is the most reliable tool that will allow you to destroy a lot of unnecessary microorganisms, which in turn affect your pets. In addition, this way you can easily get rid of the rabbit fluff, which accumulates in the grid and clogs it.

When constructing such cells independently, make the walls and the top of the cell using a wire mesh, the size of the cells of which will be 2.5 x 5 cm, and the floor be done with the help of a grid whose cells will adhere to dimensions 3.5 x 2.5 cm. In this case, the manure will not linger and cleaning is much easier. So for the rabbits themselves will create favorable conditions for existence.

Little tricks

Although there are some standards for cells, sometimes it is possible to pass them by. For example, for males you can make a rabbitry smaller than a standard cage, but at the same time there should be enough space for the rabbit to move with ease. If there is little room in the rabbitry, then the rabbits will become lazy due to the lack of movement, which means that you can not even wait for posterity from them.

Inveterate rabbit breeders decided to leave for the beginning with their mother so that they can reach the slaughter weight. But at the same time there are such cases that the weight is not achieved by the time when it is necessary to take them away from the rabbit for a two-week vacation for the next round. Therefore, you need to have in stock another rabbit in order to keep there all the young and feed them to the desired weight. For three or four rabbits, you can build one large free rabbit.

Recommendation for beginner rabbit bosses: If you are just starting to breed rabbits and are afraid that you will not be able to build a cage for the first time, then you can use the already prepared drawings. You can easily find them on the Internet by entering “rabbit cages drawings” into the search engine.