Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies – The Four Best Houses

They give birth to rabbits for various reasons: someone wants to provide family with dietary meat, someone wants to build their own business in rabbit breeding, and someone just likes to watch a cute pet. Having set the task of making a cage for rabbits with your own hands, you need to correctly formulate your goals, determine the number of animals and the place where they grow, and also consider possible cell constructions taking into account all factors.

Cell constructions and methods for their manufacture

Rabbits can be grown in various conditions: enclosures, cages, sheds and pits. The most common method is content in cells. Before deciding how to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands, you need to consider the possible designs used by experienced rabbit breeders.

Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

Zolotukhin’s cage is a simple construction for several animals.

The cage design, which was developed by famous breeder N.I. Zolotukhin includes several special features:

the floor in the front part is made solid, and in the back (10–20 cm) – from the grid;

  • symmetrically located uterine and fattening department;
  • the uterus is separated from the fattening temporary board;
  • central V-shaped sennik (nursery);
  • tipping hopper feeders divided by a grid (metering device);
  • when building two- and three-tiered rabbitks, the tiers are installed with a shift.
Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

The standard cage, according to Zolotuchin, is 2–2.4 m in width, the height of each tier is about 50 cm. The framework bars are sheathed with aluminum strips or corners from the inside to protect against gouging. The rear wall is solid for protection against drafts. The roof of the upper tier has a slope to the rear wall and is covered with slate, protruding beyond the frame.

The width of the uterine compartment is 35–40 cm, the aft one is 50–60 cm, and the mesh V-shaped nursery is 25–40 cm. The uterine compartment must be dark, therefore it is closed with a solid door. Doors of feeding sections – mesh, providing ventilation and penetration of sunlight. In each of the symmetrical sections there is one female or several rabbits. By this principle, you can build a multi-tiered cage for rabbits with your own hands.

Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

The order of construction of the cage for rabbits design Zolotukhin

The creation of such a cell is quite simple and does not require any special expenses. The construction is performed in the following order:

  1. Construct the rabbit frame of wood or metal profile.
  2. Lay the floor of sheet slate and mesh.
  3. The side and rear walls are sheathed with wooden boards or polycarbonate.
  4. All wooden bars, which can be nibble, protect tin.
  5. Stretch the grid nursery.
  6. They hang doors on the uterus and the aft compartment. Install hooks or heck.
  7. The roof is covered with roofing material and slate.
  8. On the door in the feed compartments on two nails mounted hopper feeders.
  9. Establish drinking bowls – nipple factory or homemade plastic bottles.
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A design option for keeping animals indoors, made by hand – cages for rabbits from the grid. In them all the walls, floors and roof are made of mesh.

Mikhailov’s cage for professional rabbit breeding

Such factory-made cages are used by professional rabbit breeders. Distinctive features of the cage design for rabbits according to I.N. Mikhailov:

  • hermetic collection for the products of the vital activity of animals from one or two tiers;
  • the lower front part serves as a support for the structure and guiding surfaces for collecting excrement;
  • floors in the compartments – lattice.

It is possible to make such rabbitry, especially single-tier, with its own strength. See the figure below for the dimensions of a single tier cage in 4 sections. Pay attention to the lower transverse beams, providing rigidity and stability of the whole structure.

Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

The procedure for the creation of rabbit by Mikhailov:

  1. Construct the skeleton of the lower front part of the profile metal or lumber.
  2. Sheets of metal or polycarbonate are fixed on diagonal guides to construct a cone of removal of faeces. Under him set the bucket.
  3. The area of ​​the upper part of the cone is sewn up with strips forming the rabbit’s floor.
  4. The walls are installed with mesh doors on hinges, feeders are mounted on the outside, and drinkers are on the inside.
  5. Cover the construction of the roof.
  6. Optionally, you can conduct electricity to preheat the uterus and drinking water when the cell is located outdoors and in harsh climatic conditions. In this case, sometimes the rabbit’s door outside is covered with glass, and the vent pipe is led out through the roof.
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Here’s how to build cages for rabbits with your own hands according to the Mikhailov method.

Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

The content of rabbits in the sheds – high-performance farm

Sheds are two-story racks with small mesh cells. Such constructions are installed, as a rule, in covered premises, otherwise gentle rodents can easily get sick, or sheathe around the perimeter with improvised materials with thermal insulation and cover with a gable roof.

In the summer, fresh air (without drafts) and sunlight must be supplied, which should be ensured by the design of the room, and wiring for artificial lighting is required for winter time. Racks are conveniently arranged in 2 rows, with doors facing the inside of the passage. The tiers are separated by inclined surfaces directed into the gutters to remove the animal waste products.

Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

Such two-tier cages for rabbits to make with their own hands is quite simple. The basis of the design is a rack made of lumber or rolled products. Water supply can be centralized by installing a storage tank, piping and nipple drinkers in each compartment. Uterine sections are divided into two parts with a circular opening in a common wall, in one of which a nest is fitted, which is closed from the outside with a solid door. Floors can be mesh or slatted.

Shed construction procedure:

  1. Gather a rack frame with inclined sheets of excrement removal.
  2. Install the mesh cells with hinged doors. You can build cells from individual mesh fragments, using a rack frame instead of a frame. In this case, the net is stuffed exclusively from the outside of the frame so that the crawls cannot get hurt. When creating a “maternity ward,” they make a two-cell cage – with a nest and a feeding section.
  3. On the front of each rabbit erecting watering bowl and feed feeder for feed. Sennik can be individual for each section or be located between two adjacent ones.
Do-It-Yourself Rabbit Cage Construction Technologies - The Four Best Houses

House for a pet – functional and beautiful

If you need a dwelling for one or several pets that are grown “for the soul”, besides the mandatory functionality, it must also be aesthetic. The design of such structures is very diverse. They are made of various materials, various sizes and shapes.

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A simple cage for a decorative rabbit with their own hands can be built on the principle of a two-story portable house. In winter, the floors of the first floor form a retractable tray covered with a grid, and in the summer it can be put just on the weed. Between the first and second floor arrange a ramp. This house has a roof, mesh doors, watering and feeding trough. It is made of high quality wood, covered with stain and varnish, so it looks aesthetically attractive.

There are various ways of keeping these wonderful animals, and only the owner has the right to decide what suits him best. But if large-scale construction is planned for the purpose of high-performance rabbit breeding, the acquisition of designs from manufacturers still seems most appropriate.

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