Features Of Cages For Decorative Rabbits

Features Of Cages For Decorative Rabbits

Such cute rodents, which are ornamental rabbits, like many, especially children. But they need daily care and attention from the owners. First of all, you should be concerned about such an important subject as a comfortable and functional cage for a decorative rabbit. She should acquire even before the pet appears and at the same time take into account the characteristics of the selected breed.

A distinctive feature of decorative rabbits, which are also called sandpaper, is a very beautiful color, while they can reach a weight of 5 kg, which of course is much less than the craws of meat breeds, but also not small.

Significantly less weight, and hence the size of the dwarf breeds, which are also better suited for keeping in captivity, are distinguished by their friendliness and ability to train. It is also important that the smell of their vital activity, with appropriate care, will not be felt.

At the same time, the cage for dwarf rabbits and decorative has no particular differences. But her choice should be approached quite seriously, because not only the health but also the life of the pet depends on it.

What should be a cage for decorative rabbits

In most cases, the cage is a house for the rabbit, because not everyone can allow such a small animal to move freely around the residential premises, especially as it tries to bite electrical wiring, furniture, etc. Although many use the regime of limited freedom, when the animal "walks" for several hours around the room or even green grass, but in this case, you need to be especially careful that he does not run away, dogs or cats do not attack him, etc.

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The main requirement for cages for dwarf rabbits is quite a large area. It should be at least 4 times more than a pet. In this case, it should accommodate all the necessary equipment and devices, ensuring its sufficient mobility and comfort. If it is planned to contain 2 individuals in it at once, then the dimensions should be increased by at least 50%.

Cage for ornamental rabbits should also meet a variety of other requirements:

  • Pallet must be high enough and in no case be lattice, because, unlike dogs and cats, the legs of rabbits do not have special pads. But if according to other parameters the cage is suitable, then a mat, corrugated cardboard or other similar material can be put on the grid.
  • Animal safety. There should be no sharp elements in the cage set aside for its content that could scratch it or cause other damage. Therefore, all elements installed inside must have rounded edges. Considering the fact that rabbits will try to gnaw all surrounding objects, including the house and the fence rods, the use of paint or varnish is unacceptable, and if metal is used, then the best option to protect it will be zinc. Acquiring an organic glass house for keeping decorative rabbits is at least unwise. Its only advantage is that the surrounding space is not polluted by hay, fluff and other debris, but there is practically no ventilation in it, which can have a detrimental effect on the health of the animal.
  • Convenience cleaning. Given that such a procedure should be carried out very often – at least once a month, this item is very relevant. Moreover, all the main elements should be easily removed, withstand repeated washing and disinfection, followed by thorough drying. It should be borne in mind that you can not use different detergents and disinfectants, only hot water and potassium permanganate, as well as special brushes, scoops, which also need to be processed in a timely manner.
  • The bottom of the cage should not be:
  • Slippery, which can lead to the fact that the rabbit feces will not be in one place – in the tray, but throughout the cell, which will lead to an increase in the number of pathogens of various diseases.
  • Too hard. The maintenance of such animals without bedding, which mainly uses straw, wood chips, can lead to redness on the hind legs, which is a sign of such a serious disease as tradermatitis. To prevent its occurrence, you should carefully inspect the rabbits, paying attention to any signs of indisposition.
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Features Of Cages For Decorative Rabbits

How to equip a cage

It is important not only to correctly select a cage for decorative rabbits, but also to equip it properly. This will ensure a comfortable stay in her pet and greatly simplify the care of him. The cell area is divided into two zones:

  • For relax. Here the rodent is sleeping and hiding, if it seems to him that a dangerous situation arises. This part of the cell should not be too large and the best option if it will have a great similarity with the hole. However, a wooden box made of non-coniferous species is also suitable, and it is necessarily unpainted, and even a cardboard box of a suitable size. Although now you can find very interesting and original solutions.
  • For active movement, which also includes a place for toilet and dining. Cages for ornamental rabbits can have two or more tiers, which are connected by ladders, tunnels and other similar elements that ensure a sufficiently high activity of animals, which has a beneficial effect on both physical and psychological health of pets, which is especially important if the animal is not released for walking. Experts recommend installing in a cage:
  • Tray. It should be quite deep (about 15 cm) and roomy.
  • Bowl feeder, it is better if it is ceramic. Install it away from the place reserved for the toilet, as well as a manger for hay. The presence of such devices is not necessary, but allows for rational use of feed and prevent additional contamination of the cell.
  • Automatic drinker that eliminates the possibility of overturning.
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Now you can buy cages for decorative rabbits, both domestic and foreign manufacturers, made in different styles. They vary in performance and design as well as price. However, you can make a cage for a pet and yourself, especially since now there are a lot of materials that will allow you to cope with such work quickly enough.

Depending on your wishes and taking into account the size of the cage for decorative rabbits, you can install a wheel or other devices that diversify the life of the pet and deliver many pleasant minutes of observation for the owners.