Features Of The Construction Of Cells For Rabbits

Rabbits are unpretentious, breeding them for dietary meat, fluff, fur has its advantages over other types of animal husbandry. It is also convenient that the winter maintenance of pets does not require special facilities. Rabbit cages can be installed in the yard. Animals are not afraid of frost, only drafts are terrible for them, respectively, cages for fur rodents should be created with this feature in mind.

Features Of The Construction Of Cells For Rabbits

Rabbit cages can be installed in the yard

Nuances to consider

Rabbits are afraid of the wind, from which they are always trying to hide. On the leeward side of the cage there should be a wooden wall. Provided that an open area is selected for their installation, it is better to close the north and north-west sides.

When keeping females and males in the same room, the growth of young stock will be unregulated. Therefore, heterosexual rabbits are kept together only when planning offspring. Under normal conditions, animals of different sexes are kept separately. Rabbits and an adult male can not be kept together, because the offspring will be eaten.

The little rabbit takes care of the babies for 3 weeks, after which time they need to be sown from the mother liquor into a separate cell.

The mother liquor is usually made on the territory of the rabbit: this is the second room, made of wood, plywood. The straw in it gives excellent warming. The female will make the nest for babies herself. From the owner is required only to isolate the place in which she will feel safe.

The rabbit cage should be spacious so that the animal can move. Fat matured individuals become lazy and unable to reproduce. For the most part, this statement applies to males.

Rabbit breeds are different depending on their aggressiveness. For males you can arrange large open-air cages, designed for several individuals. Giants and representatives of aggressive breeds are best kept separately. The best place for one adult will be a room of 70 x 50 square meters. m

Cage for rabbits do it yourself

Due to the difference in body size of rabbits of different breeds, the acquisition of industrial cells may be impractical. For ordinary rabbits and their giant relatives, having the size of a Labrador, both the height and the length of the room cannot be the same. Before building a cage, it is necessary to look at the characteristics of the breed planned for breeding.

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Step-by-step instructions for making all the cells look the same:

  1. A stable base is assembled, raising the house above the ground and giving the rigidity of the structure. The cage can be made of wood, but it will be faster to assemble it from a metal profile. This material does not rot, and the construction assembled on bolts is easier to repair. The larger and more mobile rabbits, the greater the likelihood of loosening the structure.
  2. The individual elements are assembled, the frames for the doors are knocked together and sheathed with a metal grid.
  3. The installation of the floor and walls to the base, is the ceiling.
  4. The roof is covered with roofing felt or slate.

The cage for cells in a room with a dirt floor should raise the house by not less than 30 cm. When keeping animals outside, higher poles are used. For a multi-storey house, the height should be about 140 cm (at least 70 cm), which is convenient when caring for animals and cleaning the premises.

Room with queen cell for 2 individuals

The easiest house for a pair of rabbits consists of two cells. For the manufacture will need:

  • Metal profiles for the manufacture of floor frame.
  • Boards for deaf back and side walls.
  • Reiki for flooring cage.
  • Metal mesh for doors and parts of the front wall.
  • Two metal pillars. They will be needed to strengthen the house in the ground and raise it to a height above a meter.
  • Plywood will be required for the manufacture of the mother liquor.

When designing a drawing, you need to take into account the height of the ceilings. It can not be less than 45 cm. The width of 1.5 m is enough to make two spacious cages for the rabbit and the rabbit. The female half can be made somewhat wider, dividing it into two unequal rooms. The width of the mother liquor – 35 cm, length – 40 cm. This place is enough to accommodate the kids after the okrol. The first 20 days, while the cubs will be under the care of the mother, they will not need much space.

When transplanting to a rabbit enclosure separate from one rabbit there cannot be less than 12 square meters. see Rabbits grow quickly, so it’s better to make the nursery more roomy. To do this, you can make a two-story house. This is the easiest option of those that can be done by hand.

House by Mikhailov method

The peculiarities of Mikhailov’s rabbit house consist in the heating of queen cells and drinkers, the presence of collecting faeces in a special container. The houses of this system are made of one-storey and two-storey, which depends on the need to accommodate one or two pairs of adult animals:

  1. House width – 240 cm.
  2. The height of the single-tier is 210 cm, while the height of the cells is only 70 cm.
  3. 140 cm in height to the cages is a massive basic part, under which there is a collection of animal droppings and inclined chutes for its collection.
  4. The peculiarity of the posterior wall is that protruding inclined parts of the queen cells and feeders are attached to it.
  5. Royalties: width – 35 cm; length – 40 cm.
  6. Feeding trough: width – 30 cm; length is 12-15 cm.
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A floor of cells gathers from reek. Elements do not fit closely, but after a certain period. This will allow the vital activity of the rabbits to drain onto the inclined gutters, along which they will slide and merge into the accumulative tank. The courtyard will remain clean.

The walls can be made of natural or pressed wood. Doors of the grid will not give for a large room due air flow. On the roof of the house is a ventilation pipe, covered with a visor, so that no precipitations fall inside – this is how the ventilation system looks.

The cost of a house for rabbits with an automatic heating system is high, it is more often used for breeding decorative rocks.

Practical aviary Zolotukhin

Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin – a rabbit breeder with experience. Studying the behavior of his pets, he noticed that rabbits are defecating, at most at the back wall of their house. In this regard, in the drawings, according to Zolotukhin’s schemes, the floor of the cell is combined. Its main part is wooden, and the back part is 15-20 cm – it is a metal grid.

Precast floor with a 30 ° downward inclination of the mesh insert dictates the structural features of the back wall and the location of the cells. The drawing proposed by Nikolai Ivanovich implies a 3-storey house for 6 adults – two separate rooms on each floor.

As the developer himself says, in order to build cages for rabbits according to his method, no drawings are required.

Dimensions are approximately as follows:

  1. The height of the cells is 50 cm;
  2. Width – 80 cm;
  3. Depth – 70 cm.
  4. The door frames are square. Their sides are 40 cm.

Between the cells in the form of expanding isosceles triangles are senniki, made of metal mesh with cells of the same size that will be used for the manufacture of doors.

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Most of the construction is wood, only 60-70% of the elements are made of metal mesh on the front part of it. It is necessary for natural ventilation of the room.

If according to Mikhailov’s drawings, the rear wall deviation is due to the protruding elements of feeders and queen cells, then according to the Zolotukhin system, each floor protrudes 20 cm beyond the wall boundaries. This does not apply only to the first tier of the house. Accordingly, the wall from the bottom up will deviate. It will be at the joint of the grid with wooden floor elements. Such a construction is necessary so that excrement does not fall on the lower neighbor.

Triangular senniki is not only a convenient feeding trough, but also a dividing wall between adjacent rooms, which gives off heat. In the rooms of females you can isolate the maternity ward. If necessary, keep a large number of rabbits house can be made longer. The number of cells on the floor is not limited.

Decorative "apartments" for rare breeds

Decorative breeds of rabbits are also resistant to frost. True, they are bred as pets. For the decorative rabbit and the house must be appropriate. For any such animal, green grass is a favorite delicacy. When kept in high cages, animals lose the joy of eating fresh grass.

There is a solution to provide the rabbit with fresh feed in the summer. To do this, it is necessary to install an open-air cage made of metal mesh, several times larger than a small house, which will be located, like any rabbit cage, on high pillars. For the frame under the mesh fence and the base of the roof is best to use metal profiles. The upper house is done by standard parameters. Ventilation is done through the door with a grid. The exit for the rabbit from the house to the aviary is an inclined board with crossbeams nailed to it.

The most convenient thing for the rabbit is the queen tree installed in the aviary. In this secluded corner rabbit will be able to safely raise offspring.

At production breeding rabbits used mechanical feeders, heated drinkers. Only rabbits there are not as free as home ones, although the general principles of maintenance are maintained on large farms. The calculation of the place for giant rabbits is slightly different due to the size of their bodies.