How Can You Make Your Own Cage For Rabbits

Subsistence farming has always been profitable. You can keep chickens, pigs, and goats, but rabbits have always been particularly popular, because they are unpretentious and do not require special food. But they definitely need special cages for rabbits, it’s not customary to keep these animals in the barn.

How Can You Make Your Own Cage For Rabbits

For keeping rabbits need cages

Cell size

Before building cages for rabbits, you need to find a drawing according to which you will work. On the Internet, you can find a ready or draw a drawing yourself. For this you need to know the size of the cells for rabbits. Beginner breeders should know that a single cage is not enough for them to breed these animals. We need several houses for rabbits, at least three.

For adult rabbits

Two adult rabbits fit in a house of two sections. Its minimum dimensions are: 140 cm long (better than 210-240 cm), 60-70 cm wide, 50-70 cm high. Between the two compartments there is a grass and hay feeder. A house for a rabbit can be made in two floors, which will help save space.

How Can You Make Your Own Cage For Rabbits

House of two sections for adult rabbits

Cage for young

In cages to rabbits, namely for young animals, rabbits are kept in groups. Making the cage is simple: the minimum dimensions of the dwelling for the young are: 200–300 cm per 100 cm, height – 35–60 cm. There should be at least 0.12 square meters per animal of the young. Sometimes they do not make separate cells for young animals, but keep them in ordinary, for adults, counting the number of individuals in the area they need.

House for the rabbit with litter

A house for rabbits with children for breeding consists of fodder and brood parts, which are separated by a partition. It has a hole. It should be located just above the floor (10-15 cm) so that the bunnies cannot get out of the nest. Houses for rabbits (mother liquor) has a size of 0.4 by 0.4 m and a height of 20 cm. It is placed in the uterine compartment just before the neck. Here is an exemplary drawing of a cell with a queen cell.

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Drawing cells with the mother liquor

For giant rabbits

The size of the cage depends on the size of the giant rabbits. If you have acquired giants, they will be cramped in standard cages, you need big houses. For the breeding of giant rabbits, a dwelling with a width of 0.75 m, a height of 0.55 m, and a length of 1.7 m is necessary. This is the minimum that would be good to make it larger.

Cage Manufacturing Rules

If you decide to build your own cages for rabbits yourself, you need to know some rules so that in a few months you don’t have to make a new one.

  • Rabbits are rodents, so those who want to preserve cages for rabbits, all parts of the skeleton of a tree that are located inside the cage, it is better to protect, obbiv metal. It only takes a few hours, but then the cage for rabbits will then last 10 years longer.
  • Antiseptic can not be used. Pets may be poisoned.
  • The roof should not suffer from moisture. For her, it is better to use slate. If your rabbits live on the street, do not make a metal roof. Under the influence of the sun, it becomes hot, and animals will be uncomfortable in this stuffy space.
  • A bar (50×50 mm) is used for the rabbit house frame. Can be made of metal. The netting of the Chain-link, whose cells are 25×25 mm, is suitable for plating. The grid is needed for the facade, for the sides of houses and doors. The back is always made deaf, because they are bad drafts.
  • In order to build a floor, take a grid with cells of 25×25 mm or 10×25. Because of this, feces do not accumulate inside the cell, but accumulate in a special bunker or roll down to the ground along an inclined one. Solid floor in the rabbitry you will not see.
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How Can You Make Your Own Cage For Rabbits

When building a cage for rabbits, you must follow some rules

Rabbits have very pungent urine, which is absorbed into a solid floor and causes wood to rot. If not mesh, then the floor can be covered with bars, between which there are gaps of 0.5 – 1 cm. Experienced breeders advise laying a small sheet of plywood on the floor. Then the rabbits will not poddermatit. But it must be constantly removed and washed, dried.

How to build a cage for rabbits

If you want to build correctly with your own hands, then step by step instructions will help you. This is the simplest cell that can be kept only in covered areas. According to this instruction, it is possible to manufacture cages for rabbits and for the street, but to use PCB.

The drawing can be done on its own, focusing on the size of the cage for the rabbits: size 1.5 by 0.7 m and height 0.7 m. m, 1.2 m high in front, and 1 m behind. To produce a drawing of such a cell is not difficult.

How to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands? Here is a step by step guide. Prepare all necessary materials:

  • plywood, 2 sheets (* 1.5 by 1.5 m), 10 mm thick;
  • bars, 10 pieces: length 3 m, 30 * 50 mm;
  • metal mesh with cells 15 mm, 3 m;
  • self-tapping screws 30 and 70 mm, 2 kg;
  • tools for work.

Manufacturing frame. On a solid smooth surface, we collect a frame with a size of 3 m by 0.7 m and a height of 1.2 in front and 1 m behind the structure. The frame should be on the legs.

The cage frame for rabbits

We fix the grid to the floor of the future cell, it may not reach the edges of the cell, because there will be a mother liquor. The floor of the mother liquor is solid.

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Making the back wall: cut it to size and attach to the screws over the entire area. Plywood sheets fasten along the edges of the cell, where there is no mesh – these are future queen cells.

Start working on queen cells. To do this, attach the bar, located vertically, and fasten a wall to it, in it according to the rules make a hole. The bars are attached to the walls of the mother liquor, and the mother liquor cap is attached to them.

Rabbit cage: making queen cells

Making trough: Need to make a device for feeding. In the middle of the cage we fasten a vertical bar, two feeders are attached to it, 7 cm high, and 30 cm wide. Two bars are fixed above the feeder at a distance of 20 cm, these are guides. From plywood you need to make a frame for the feed, a special device, the top of which fits between the guides, and the bottom sits directly in the feeder.

Rabbit cage: making feeders

Rabbit cage: feeder mounted on the frame

Next to the main feeder is installed a hay feeder, which is made of steel wire.

Rabbit Cage: Hay Feeder

Free space we sheathe plywood, install the roof, in which the inlet – 5 cm in front and 10 cm on each side and rear. In the middle there should be a hole in which the feed will be laid. From above it is better to install the cover so that rodents do not fall into it. It remains only to install the doors 30 to 50 cm. For their manufacture you need a grid. The cage is ready.

Rabbit cage

If you don’t like this scheme of making a cage for rabbits with your own hands, there is a detailed video instruction. There is a step by step explanation. True drawing will have to do yourself.