How Much Is A Cage For Rabbits Share Data About Your Pet

How Much Is A Cage For Rabbits Share Data About Your Pet

Street cages for rabbits, as it already becomes clear from the name, are located outdoors, that is, under the open sky. The advantage of placing on the street is a large unlimited area in which buildings can be located. This is especially convenient when the number of rabbits exceeds 100 individuals.

For the construction of such premises using coarse and durable materials, often – waste repair work. Anyway, the structures are stable and durable.

How much is a cage for rabbits depends on the number of places and tiers for their location. Industrial cells can cost up to 30 000 rubles. The minimum cost is 5500 rubles (4 sections, on 20 rabbits). However, only one nest-cage for females costs 800-1200 rubles. However, it must be borne in mind that the cheaper a cell is, the greater the likelihood that it is not adapted for service in the winter period.

How Much Is A Cage For Rabbits Share Data About Your Pet

Location of industrial cages for rabbits

There are several cell placement options. They can be installed in one row, and can include several floors at once.. It is rare to find rabbit cages with more than 3 floors. To everything, the canopy which is covering from the scorching sunshine or rainfall is obligatory.

If the outdoor breeding is year-round, the breeder should take care of the cell arrangement for the winter season, because it is known that rabbits often get sick and die in damp conditions. In addition, it is during the cold season that ocrols occur. Consequently, the placement of the queen cell must be deprived of through cracks, otherwise it will be unlikely to save the offspring.

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For winter facilities, hay is important because it warms and nourishes rabbits during bad weather. Hay to climb on the floor and changes every 3-5 days, to avoid mold litter. And if the progeny of young rabbits are expected, for a few days you need to timely put a heating pad in the mother liquor.

Individual rabbit cages

How Much Is A Cage For Rabbits Share Data About Your Pet

The owners of ornamental rabbits are concerned about the issue of their content in apartment conditions. The main requirement is space. Only in such a cage will the pet feel comfortable.

To buy a cage for rabbits should be based on considerations of freedom of action. Spacious cage (about 120x60x50 cm) will cost approximately 5000 rubles. You can find many cell models for eared within 2000-4500 rubles. The criterion of cost is the dimensions of the house.

The mistake of many rabbit breeders is to buy a modest-sized cage. After all, they do not think that soon the pet will grow up. Rabbits grow by leaps and bounds, so the space provided begins to restrain movement, and this may affect the state of the rodent. For example, for a ram rabbit you need at least 80 square centimeters, but not for tart less than 60. In view of this, it makes no sense to buy a small cell first, and then a large one.

How to make a cage for a rabbit?

To make a cage with your own hands, you will need an action plan and relevant materials:

  • Before you get to work, you need to decide what should be the cell. To do this, specify the size and shape. Then a drawing is constructed (or a ready one is selected).
  • First, the lower part of the cell is made. To do this, you can use a sheet of plywood or chipboard, processed exactly the size (60×90 cm). If there is a choice, then it is better to use plywood.
  • Then prepare sheets of plywood for the walls of the cell. One of the sizes is 45 cm wide by 60 cm wide. If it is planned to manufacture a two-tier cage, 2 walls are made of plywood, and the other two are made of metal mesh. For reliability, nails and screws are used (for fastening to the floor).
  • A separate door is made, which will then be hung on the hinges. Required materials: wooden slats and metal mesh. Recommended size: 30×30 cm. The door must close securely.
  • If a two-tier dwelling is built, special requirements are imposed on strength. Fastening of a sheet of plywood to the walls is carried out by screws. You must ensure the reliability of the design.
  • For a two-story house will need a ladder. It can be made of wooden slats and plywood. Width can not be less than 15 cm.
  • The automatic drinking bowl which can be made of a plastic bottle is attached.
  • Capacity for feed (mounted or floor mounted) is also carefully attached to the structural elements.