How To Clean The Cages For Rabbits

How To Clean The Cages For Rabbits

Rabbits are clean animals that are very kind to their own hygiene. Basically, they choose one place for bowel movements and in other parts of the cell they maintain purity. Despite their cleanliness can not be neglected cleaning. Important cage periodically cleaned and disinfected.

For rabbits, contained in the apartment is ideal to choose metal or plastic cage and for the convenience of cleaning up. Of course, animals are more comfortable in wooden cageBut these cells are not recommended by experts, and because they absorb all the moisture and odors, this is an excellent environment for various bacteria, infections, and a peddler of infection that are dangerous not only for animals, but also for humans.

How often to clean the cells depends on various factors like:

cell size
• size of animals
• their food
• the number of rabbits in the cages.

The presence of a strong smell of ammonia means that they are already late with the cleaning!

Daily cell cleaning:

If available metal cells with manure removal pans with special feeders and drinkers, cleaning end quickly without much effort. Simply removed the pan, feeders, drinkers and cleaned. Feeders and drinkers do not have to be cleaned daily, but as necessary.
If the presence of other types of cells need to remove all food debris, litter, clean every detail in the celle, need to wash boiled waterth.

Disinfection or the so-called general cleaning of cells:

The first thing is when we dogeneral cleaningu regardless of the type of cage, remove the rabbits and all accessories. Particularly difficult to clean White spots, which are everywhere in celle, these spots from the fact that rabbit urine contains a lot of calcium salts. They are very easy to remove with solution. vinegar and water (1: 1). Vinegar has the peculiarity of dissolving residues of these salts and removes unpleasant odors.
Vinegar solution need to spray on cage, especially for white spots, wait a few tens of minutes, then rinse thoroughly, until the smell of vinegar is ventilated. If the rabbits smell the vinegar, they will change the place for the stool, which is not very good. The cage and accessories after treatment with a solution of water and vinegar should be watered with boiling water. Hot water will not only relieve the smell of vinegar, but also perfectly disinfect.

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Via solution of chlorine and water (1:10) Disinfection is also excellent. Spray the solution, leave for a while, then rinse well. The use of chlorine is not necessarily weekly, but as far as pollution occurs.

Lime also an excellent disinfectant.
Solution: 50 grams of chlorine, 2 kg of lime and 7 liters of water. Apply this solution with a brush onto the cage. This method is used more in disinfection. large wood cages.