How To Equip A Cage For A Rabbit

Rabbits very quickly multiply and gain weight. One rabbit per year can give birth to so many rabbits that the weight of the grown meat will be about 60 kg, and in addition you will get about 26 skins and down! Rabbits are usually kept in cages: moreover, adults – independently, and young rabbits. all together.

How To Equip A Cage For A Rabbit

Rabbits suffer from stuffiness, dampness, drafts, but they are not afraid of frost up to .35 ° C, so their cells can be placed even in a self-made wooden shed, which is wired with insulation, inside, and outside with polyethylene.

If you keep them outside, then install the cages with rabbits on a dry, flat area, above the ground level and away from the roads. The rear wall of the cage should be facing the wind, and the front in the direction. to the south East. To keep the rabbits from overheating in the sun, place the cages with them among the trees.

Independently equip a rabbit cage is not at all difficult. The best option for keeping “eared with valuable fur” is considered to be wooden cages, installed at a height of 90 cm from the ground surface on hollow concrete pipes.

Suitable cage size for one krolematki. 1.1 x 1.2 m, the shape of the cell is trapezoidal, and therefore the height of the back wall. 0.75 m, front. 0.95 m. The door for good viewing is made of mesh. The floor, like the cage, is wooden. The slope of the floor to the rear wall. 20 °. When arranging the cell at the back wall, a 3 cm gap is provided for the drain of moisture. Cell roof – with a visor, shed.

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The cage provides for a drinking bowl, a feeder for grain (compound feed), for grass (hay), a mother liquor. The mother cage should have dimensions of 60 x 40 cm and 30 cm in height with a manhole diameter of 18 cm. To prevent rabbits from crawling out, the manhole is made higher and provide for a side 9 cm high.

The mother liquor serves to shelter the females in the winter and shelves for their rest. It is easy to remove and clean. Males, females and rabbits are raised in the same cages, so the rabbits, when jigging, do not experience any special psychological discomfort. In such open cells for the year you can get 3. 4 okrol. In winter, cells are still best kept in the barn.

Equip racks in the shed and build the cells in two tiers. To save space, cell length can be. 80 cm, width – 70 cm and height. 50 cm. Floors in such cells. rack Slats, 6 cm wide, should be placed at an angle of 45 °. The distance between the ends is 2 cm. Thanks to this arrangement of the cage, the rabbits do not injure their paws, approaching the feeder.

On the roof of the lower tier of cells you need to install pallets in which sewage will fall from the second tier of cells installed on top. The cells of the second row are covered with film or slate.

How To Equip A Cage For A Rabbit

The cells in the shed need to be installed so that you can clean the cells and remove sewage through the back wall with the flap.

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Quite popular are the cages – combines for rabbits, which make it possible to lay down food and water for a week at once, equipped with a garbage chute, heated with a mother liquor and a trough.