How To Equip A Rabbit Dwelling, How To Choose A Rabbit Cage

Well, if in addition to a suitable cage for a rabbit, you have a free room or balcony where he could take walks. If there are no such premises, the animal should still be released at least an hour a day under supervision.

Ideally, you can equip a rabbit house like this:

  • choose a cage, depending on the breed of the rabbit. Minimum. 80 cm in length. The importance of cell size is due to the possibility or inability to release a rabbit for long walks. Read more about how to choose a cage for a rabbit, see below.
  • install in the cage all the necessary accessories for the rabbit: a bowl, a drinking bowl, a sennik
  • put in a cage toys that the rabbit could wag and nibble.
  • if the rabbit is already accustomed to the toilet, then you can put a bedding on it (they like to sleep not on the bare floor). If he is not accustomed, he will most likely describe the litter, so it can only be used after the rabbit rearing course.

It’s great when you and your little animal have already reached the confidence in which you can keep his cage always open. The rabbit feels the cage with its reliable shelter, burrow, its territory, which it is obliged to protect, but it is also very useful for walking. The more mobile the rabbit, the better his health. Behind "free" Ushastikom much more interesting to watch than sitting in a cage. You can sketch paper in the corner of the room and allow it to rummage there. Rabbit will be happy.

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Also in the room you can install a toilet (in addition to what is in the cage). To teach him a rabbit, you need to use the familiar filler and pour a little of his urine and peas on top.

How to equip the home of the rabbit. the master’s loving heart often prompts itself. You just need to take into account the particular behavior of your eared rodent, so that neither he nor you have any problems.

How to choose a cage for a rabbit

The cage for the decorative rabbit should be chosen carefully and prudently: after all, your pet will spend most of the time in this dwelling. As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, a rabbit cage. this is his corner where he will feel completely safe. For dwarf rabbits, cages with a width of 80 cm are suitable so that it can move freely and stretch and is 44 cm in height. Sometimes rabbits like to stand on their hind legs to look at the situation. When choosing a cage for the rabbit, pay attention to the cage floor. it should not contain a slatted floor, since it can damage the delicate legs of your long-eared friend. At the same time, the floor in the cage should not be completely smooth, because the legs slide and the skin on them is erased. Unlike cats and dogs, the rabbit does not have pads on its paws.

When choosing a cage for a rabbit, we advise you to pay attention also to the following parameters:

  • The possibility of installing a drinker;
  • Adequate space for installing bowls and toilets;
  • Sex, not traumatic rabbit paws;
  • The ability to install mink, in which the rabbit will feel comfortable.
How To Equip A Rabbit Dwelling, How To Choose A Rabbit Cage

We hope that our advice helped you, and the choice of the cage for the rabbit will be successful!

How To Equip A Rabbit Dwelling, How To Choose A Rabbit Cage