How To Get Rabbits Out Of The Cage

How To Get Rabbits Out Of The Cage

All this. the rabbit’s attempts to be on the ground again, where he can control his own destiny. If you know what your rabbit hates when you pick him up, it is in your best interest to teach him that.

How To Get Rabbits Out Of The Cage

Use the setting as an advantage. It is better to start in a small area accessible from above. It can be a cage / aviary that opens from above or a small room where the rabbit has no place to hide. In this respect, cells with small doors on the side or rooms filled with furniture that a rabbit can hide under are more inconvenient. Rabbits often resort to self-defense, and can attack you if you drive them into a corner. If the rabbit has climbed under a bed or chair, try to lure it first with a treat.

Remember, rabbits are cute and pretty clever creatures. Therefore, treat them as you would like to be treated. By the way, if you think about giving your husband a wedding anniversary, remember that a rabbit. perfect choice. He will bring joy not only to your beloved, but also to you.

First tail

If you need to get a rabbit, turn it around so that its back end looks at the door through which you want to get it. With one hand, take it under the chest to restrict movement, and take the other by the hind legs. As soon as the hind legs seem out of the cage, the most difficult thing behind.

How to raise a rabbit

You can not lift the rabbit by the ears, it is dangerous for the animal: the diaphragm separating the stomach and the peritoneum cannot withstand the pressure of the organs in a sheer hanging animal, as a result, breathing is disturbed. Do not carry the rabbit upside down, the animal is too resistant, which can lead to rupture of muscles and ligaments. It is also not recommended to hold the rabbit by the collar.

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Rabbit always need to take and raise calmly. One hand is placed under the stomach, close to the front paws, and the other. under the hind legs. Firmly press the rabbit to your chest, even if the rabbit stops struggling for a while, do not lose your guard, the rabbit may suddenly jump and fall to the floor. The skeleton of rabbits is very fragile, such a fall can lead to serious injuries. If the rabbit you hold starts to break out, you must resist the desire to let him go, on the contrary, press him closer to your chest. This will teach him that all attempts, thus gaining freedom, are doomed.


When you are ready to lower the rabbit into the cage, he may want to bring this moment closer, and will dive with his nose into the floor or into the back wall of the cage. Unroll the rabbit so that he cannot see the cage or the floor of the cage, or cover his eyes with his hand.

Rabbits are smart animals. And if you often take out a rabbit so that he can walk, this procedure will eventually seem to the rabbit something positive. But on the other hand, if you take a rabbit in your arms, when walking time comes to an end or when you are going to carry it to the vet, the rabbit will try to escape. The solution may be to allow the rabbit to move itself. Open the door, put hay and fresh vegetables in the cage. the rabbit will like it, he will want to go inside. Also, rabbits prefer to jump out of the cage themselves, and not wait until you get them.