How To Make A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit With Your Own Hands

Cage for rabbits do it yourself

Sizes and general cell information

If you are going to make a rabbit cage yourself, you need to familiarize yourself with the general requirements for his dwelling. Consider them:

  1. Square. The cage should be spacious. Ideally, its area is 4 times the size of an adult. For decorative rocks, the minimum size of the cage is 80x50x45 cm.
  2. Height. In order for the animal to be comfortable, the height of the structure must allow it to stand on its hind legs and stretch out to its full height.
  3. Materials and processing. The cage is made of safe materials – wood, plywood, metal mesh. Dwelling for the rabbit can not be painted and varnished.
  4. The floor should be flat and smooth. If it is made of a grille, there is a high risk of developing podermatitis in a pet – this is inflammation of the skin on the paws.
  5. The lower part of the dwelling should be equipped with a threshold, since sawdust or other material serving as litter is poured on the floor.
  6. Decorative rabbits love unusual designs. You can provide a second level in the cell, which leads to a small staircase.
  7. Holiday house. Inside the dwelling there are a hole or a house where the pet will hide.
  8. The entrance to the cage is equipped with reliable fittings. The opening for the door must be such that it easily enters the packaging and inventory for the pet.

Attention! It is unacceptable to use rusty, painted or varnished parts as building materials.

The cage is the place where the pet will spend most of its life. If the owners do not plan to release it for a walk around the apartment, the construction area should be at least doubled. Lack of movement is bad for a rabbit. Because of a sedentary lifestyle, the animal will begin problems with metabolism, he can get sick.

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Spacious rabbit cage

Required materials and tools

Having determined the appropriate cell size, prepare the materials. For example, it is planned to manufacture a dwelling with the parameters 90Х60Х50 cm, in which case you will need:

  1. 2 sheets of plywood 900×600 mm (for floor and ceiling). If arrangement of the second level is supposed, then 1 more sheet of the same size is needed, it will separate the first and second levels.
  2. Sheet of plywood 900×50 for the back wall (if it is not made of another material).
  3. Metal mesh for the front of the cage with a size of 900×500 mm, for side walls 600×500 (2 pieces).
  4. Material for flooring 900×600.
  5. Guides and corners, parallel bars.
  6. Accessories for doors.
  7. Material for making a house for the rest.

Reference. Old furniture, for example, a table or a pedestal, can be used as a base for a cage, if they are suitable in size and not treated with paintwork materials.

Tools for work:

  • hammer;
  • saw;
  • hacksaw for metal cutting;
  • screwdriver;
  • roulette;
  • pencil;
  • nails, screws;
  • sandpaper.

Making your own hands

Building a rabbit house begins with careful measurements and drawing up drawings. We offer to study step-by-step instructions for making a rabbit cage with your own hands:

How To Make A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit With Your Own Hands
  1. On sheets of plywood make marks according to calculations. From the edge of the plywood leave indents of 1.5-2 cm. Using a saw, cut the necessary piece of plywood. This will be the bottom of the dwelling, the bottom.
  2. Focusing on the same measurements, cut flooring for the floor.
  3. When the lower part of the house is ready, proceed to the construction of the frame. It is made of bars or metal guides. Dimensions are determined based on their height of construction.
  4. Then you need to make the walls of the cell. The back can be made of plywood sheet, and the side and front can be made of mesh. This is decided by the owner of the animal. Plywood is fastened with screws or nails to the frame and the floor of the dwelling.
  5. After proceeding to the tension of the grid. It is attached to a wooden or metal frame with screws.
  6. The entrance to the cage is equipped with a door. To do this, you need to pre-cut the necessary hole in the grid or wall of plywood, and the door itself can easily be made of wooden slats and grids. It is hung on the hinges.
  7. Making a two-tier cage involves the use of an overlap – plywood sheet of the same size as on the floor. In it, they pre-cut a hole into which a rabbit can easily pass. Fix it at the desired level parallel to the floor to the metal grid or guides with a screwdriver.
  8. The ladder leading to the second level can be made of a small piece of plywood and slats, which are packed at intervals of 4-5 cm. The width of the ladder is from 15 to 20 cm.
  9. The last install roof. It can be made of plywood or chipboard.
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Attention! All wooden parts of the structure should be thoroughly sanded so that the rabbit does not hurt.

Cage from the old table

If there is an old table of suitable size available, it can easily be turned into a rabbit cage. The table is, in fact, the finished frame of the future house. It has 4 guides – legs and roof. It is enough to attach to the legs wooden slats, which are then tensioned with a grid of metal. It is not necessary to sheathe the entire structure with a lattice, you can close the back of the house with a sheet of plywood. In front of the need to provide a door. It is made of rails from wood and metal mesh and hung on hinges attached to the legs of the table. As a floor, you can use a sheet of chipboard or plywood, covering it with a piece of linoleum.

Attention! Make sure that the design is safe – you should not stick sharp rods and other parts anywhere, otherwise your pet will get hurt.

Arrangement of the finished house

Ready house for the rabbit

When construction work has come to an end, you need to equip a cage for an ornamental rabbit. Inside put a house for rest, a tray. The toilet for the pet is installed in the corner on the lower level, if the cage is bunk.

Attention! The rabbit chooses a place for a toilet when the first time he goes to one of the corners of need. It is there to put the tray.

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The cage is equipped with a drinker and a manger for hay, as well as a tank for compound feed. If desired, you can fix the feeder on one of the walls of the dwelling to prevent contamination of the feed and tilting of the dishes.

Floor must be covered with bedding. It is used as sawdust, paper or hay. In a tray pour a special filler. To pet was not boring, it is necessary to purchase several toys for him – a maze or mats. Playing with them, the eared fish will become more mobile, which will favorably affect its health.

Cage for decorative rabbit can not be installed in the sun and drafts. These animals are very sensitive and demanding of conditions. It is important to take into account that the animal is not subjected to stress, so its home is better to put in the most quiet room in the house.

Build a cage for a rabbit with his own hands is not so difficult. If you show ingenuity, it can be made from old furniture – cabinets or table, metal mesh and plywood sheet. At minimum cost, it is easy to make a comfortable and spacious home for your pet.