How To Make A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit

Features cages for eared pet

Rabbits are very clean and fragile animals that require careful handling. Therefore, before starting to design a home for a pet, you should pay attention to some important details, many of them will determine the health of your pet.

First, take care of a tray of sufficient depth (at least 15 cm). Secondly, get a plastic bottom – a slatted floor can damage the rabbit paws. Thirdly, be sure to use a soft litter to prevent redness or inflammation of the legs. And the last – a convenient drinking bowl with an automatic dispenser, installed by hand.

How To Make A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit

Device and dimensions

Making your own home a suitable home is not at all difficult and very exciting. Start by determining the size of the future rabbit cage. On average, decorative animals weigh about two kilograms and for free movement they will need a cage with a length of 1-1.2 m, a width of 0.6 m and a height of 0.5 m. If there is enough free space in an apartment, then a rabbit house can be do a little more. Pay attention to the size of the necessary "furniture" for the animal – a toilet, bowls for food and water, a stand for fresh hay and a small house for sleeping. For accurate counting, you can take a paper drawing paper and outline the outlines of all items.

A word of advice: when choosing equipment for your pet’s home, make sure that everything is made from environmentally friendly materials.

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Making a cage with your own hands

So, it’s time to create a house for a fluffy rodent. First, look at the available photos of self-made cells on the sites – perhaps someone will like the idea and you use it. Remember that complex construction is not always convenient – first of all take care of the animal’s needs. All wooden surfaces should be smooth so that the rabbit does not accidentally hurt itself. You also can not paint the tree – an inquisitive animal will definitely try to nibble protruding corners.

Tools and materials

After creating the drawing of the final version of the cage, collect all the necessary tools. You will need:

Next, prepare the materials:

  • plywood sheets;
  • wooden bars;
  • metal mesh;
  • door hinges;
  • soft flooring;


  1. With your own hands, build a solid frame from wooden bars. Check it for stability.
  2. Install the floor – cut a rectangle of the required size from a sheet of plywood and cover it with a soft surface. It is advisable to firmly attach the litter and hide the edges so that the rabbit does not gnaw them.
  3. Install the back wall of a sheet of plywood, as shown in the photo. Make sure that there are no chipping or protruding tips around the edges.
  4. Fasten the side walls and the facade with metal mesh. Do not rush during the attachment of edges, pay attention to the strength and safety of the structure.
  5. One of the walls can be turned into a solid door, if there is no time to install a separate one in the front part of the cell.
  6. Attach the hinges carefully.
  7. After the walls, start working on the roof. For further convenience, make it removable to facilitate regular cleaning of the animal’s housing.
  8. At the end of the work, install in the finished house with your own hands all the necessary items for feeding and resting the rabbit.
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Where better to place?

You have made a wonderful house for a pet with your own hands and now you just have to place it in a convenient place and capture it in the photo. First of all, the cage should not hamper the movement around the house – constant pushes will negatively affect the mood of the animal. The place should be well ventilated, with free access to fresh air, but without drafts. It is best to put the cage on the floor so that the decorative rabbit can freely leave it and walk under the supervision of someone from the owners.

How To Make A Cage For A Decorative Rabbit

Many fans of furry rodents do not just cages with their hands, but real masterpieces of art. Tiered houses with carved shutters, corners for fun and hiding – only a small part of what you can do with your own fantasy. Not be lazy, pet cage can be turned into a real home interior decoration.

And yes, expressing happiness, the rabbit jumps funny and simultaneously turns in the air.