How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Create All The Conditions

Probably, most will still be able to recall the famous phrase about "rabbits – not only valuable fur …". But this is absolutely true. In fact, breeding pets is a fairly profitable business from an economic point of view, albeit a labor-intensive one. The thing is that the whole benefit from breeding is obtained in the case of rabbit growth, and, the more growth – the bigger the rabbit, and, consequently, more meat and your income, respectively. Thus, it comes to the fore the process of proper care for animals, compliance with the conditions of their detention.

And immediately it is worth mentioning the location of the individuals, namely the cage. Mature breeders advise to start breeding animals in a large room in order to achieve the preservation of the "herd" and, consequently, increase productivity.

Cage for rabbits how to calculate the size

All cages for rabbits can be divided according to levels.

The size of single-character cells for adults is approximately as follows:

  • length 1000-1250mm
  • width is 600-700mm
  • front wall height 550-600mm,
  • rear wall height – 400-450mm.

In the case when rabbits already have weight, for example, when the live weight is 5kg or more, then the size of the cells should be increased to more spacious ones: length 1250-1500, width 700, height of the front 550-600 and rear 400-450mm walls, respectively. When considering the option of otklashennogo young, it is mainly guided by the use of group cells to save the environment of habitat and adaptation to new conditions. In a given cage, it is possible to keep 8-20 individuals in a one-time order.

As a rule, single or personal cells contain three to five individuals in the age range up to 3 months and two to three rabbits more than 3 months old.

The mesh to the door is attached from the inside by the frame. This will protect it from the potential threat of gnawing rabbits with a soma cage.

Regarding the floor, it can be noted that it is desirable to make it mesh (where the cells are 16 × 48mm, the wire thickness is 1.6-1.8mm). Thanks to the reticular structure of the floor, the danger of animal diseases of coccidiosis or other and infectious viruses is leveled. Of course, you can always deviate from the proposed dimension of cells, but there is a certain minimum, which is a kind of horizon, below which you can not omit:

  • adult area > 0.5 m 2,
  • wall height>35cm.
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In the case of calculating the size of group cells, it is necessary to take into account the number of rabbits, since it is necessary to take into account that an individual needs from 0.15 to 0.20 m 2 of the floor area. But how to make projects of garages with hozblok, detailed in this article.

How to make a cage for rabbits:


If it comes to outdoor rabbit cages, then it is worth resorting to one-, two- and three-tiered varieties. Cells of the first or lower tier are located at a height not lower than 0.35 m above the ground. This is necessary if dilution occurs throughout the year. In winter, at the moments of akrol and care for baby rabbits, the floor of the cells should be additionally covered with a layer of straw of 20 cm.

Age representatives of the “pasture” are more often contained in a 2-sectional cage, the dimensions of which start from 120 × 65 × 50 cm along the front and 35 cm along the back wall. The side compartments inside the cage are equipped with a nest compartment. Best of all, the floor was wooden or solid. The parameters of the nesting compartment should correspond to 560 × 650 × 400mm, and the height to cell height. Between the sections set the partition with a hole 200 × 200mm. The cut is made at a height of 10m from the bottom.

Here you can give advice: yes, the beginning of the construction is desirable to prepare a layout or a drawing of the building ahead of time, where designations and dimensions for the cells of the cell are mandatory.Do not forget about the location of equipment for rabbits: feeders, turntables

To determine the dimension of the cage is necessary only taking into account the weight and breed of the tenants. Large individuals will require extended versions up to 1.5m. Pets of medium size and young animals – up to 0.9 cm. But what the plastic shed looks like to give is detailed in this article.

Experienced rabikovodami recommended lifting the finished cage above ground level from 1 m in height, so that animals do not become bait for rodents. Moreover, this design has the maximum convenience for the care of rabbits: feeding, observation, disinfection.

How does a metal shed hozblok, detailed in this article.

The article indicates the projects of hozblok to give and how to make them.

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As a rule, rabbit breeders agree that a pet room does not need high-quality materials, and there is enough waste material. At the same time there is always an option to purchase a ready-made cell, as they say "turnkey".

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The main thing is to understand that a serious approach to breeding livestock without expert advice can not be precisely named. In this case, you should also refer to the question regarding the choice of materials:

  • plywood (thick) for walling, as well as boards / grids;
  • wooden beams create supports and frame;
  • using rails or fine mesh mesh the floor is organized;
  • boards, mesh or plywood – the foundation of the roof. If the dwelling is planned to be installed on the street, then in addition the roof is sheathed with any type of roofing material.

The main thing is that the material should be of high quality and smooth to avoid dangerous situations in which your pets can get injured. Also try to drive all foreign objects deep (nails, screws) or pull them out.

The most budget option for the cell:

Step-by-step instruction

If we are talking about the secrets and tips of the masters, then you should pay attention primarily to the floor of the grid or slats. In the case of the rail you will need to lay them in such a way that between them was up to 15 mm. When placing cells on the streets, you need to take care of a double field. First, the flooring is done, and the grid / rail is fixed at the top. These manipulations will get rid of waste on the floor. The roof of the house is made from a material similar to the walls. However, if the cell is located on the street, then the grid, of course, is not required.

The “street” roof option is additionally covered. Metal coating is not recommended, because iron tends to heat up, which will not affect the comfort of pets. Of course, one should not take into account the factor of the characteristics of the pets themselves, because there are different breeds, which entails different dimensions of the rabbits themselves.

It is necessary to understand that there is no single dimensional standard for their home. You can only focus on the minimum performance of the cell: 1500 × 700 × 700mm. When the decision is reduced to the location of the cage in the street, then installation will be required “at a height” (supports are the right decision). The care of individuals is more convenient, and at the same time their safety is guaranteed, which does not negate the greater warmth in the winter period of time.

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Drinking bowls and feeders are provided in such a way that pets cannot muddy them, thereby leaving them clean. When the feeders are inside the cage, you should equip them with hanging covers.

Rabbit Summer Aviary:

Tips masters

Resorting to the general concepts and recommendations for the construction and construction of cages for rabbits can be noticed. It has already been described above that the exact dimensions of the structure are directly dependent on several features: conditions of detention, weather conditions, the number of individuals, their varieties, and others. true There is a certain number of unyielding rules of the rabbit reaver

  • cell parameters for males will require taking into account the presence of sufficient space for their movement. When animals are cramped, they will simply be crowded and even "lazy." Sometimes it comes to the fact that even the offspring and the speech will not be;
  • a separate cage is attached for three to four bunnies and quite spacious. As a rule, when breeding young stock, they should be kept with the mothers who feed them;
  • one cell must be left free. It happens that rabbits are not able to achieve the required weight with the joint content. In this case, they are placed in a separate chamber, where they are additionally fed, but separately. At the same time, the mother is preparing for the next roundabout.

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How to warm

If the breeder decided on street cages, then you should take care of your pets, trying to insulate them in this way.

Constant (throughout the year) outward breeding imposes certain responsibilities, it is necessary to take care of the winter version of the cells in advance. Of course, rabbits are one of those who are able to withstand low temperatures, but without additional insulation of the cells can not do. Consider the fact that during the winter period occurs okroly. The mother cage must necessarily be warm, otherwise it will not work to save the offspring.

As usual, the cells are insulated with copious amounts of hay flooring, with the required replacement frequency every 4 days. Here it is important to comply with the regime, and understand when the hay begins to mold: the rabbits are often, but they eat the litter.

How to equip a rabbit cage:

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Create All The Conditions