How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

How to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands for keeping pets in normal conditions, increasing their fertility and providing their family with a tasty and healthy diet meat for a year.

Consider a cage that can provide the content of young rabbits, the female and the male. Let’s conditionally divide the construction into its component parts:
• frame
• faecal collection hopper
• floors
• ceiling and roof
• grids
• mother liquor
• drinking bowl
• feeder
• nursery
• auxiliary compartments

Each component of the design will be described in detail in the presented series of articles.

We assemble from planed boards, bars and plywood, the dimensions of which are indicated in the drawing

The frame assembly procedure:
one. We start the assembly of the frame from the rear (rear) part. The distance between the bars is taken equal to the size of the used feeders, nurseries and watering. They should fit tightly into the grooves between the bars.

2 We collect the front part.

3 Getting to build partitions
On the inside of the front of honor, in the center, fasten the bar size 40×40 (mm), and on the inside of the back – three bars. The lengths of the bars are equal to the width of the rails to which they are attached.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

four. We fasten five millimeters thick plywood to the bars, in which we pre-cut four through-holes of a rectangular shape, and two openings of an arbitrary shape, where:
– 1 – second tier ventilation;
– 2 – sectional manhole of the second tier;
– 3 – ventilation of the first tier;
– 4 – sectional manhole of the first tier;
– 5 – cutouts under the manger.

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five. We fasten long bars to the plywood, which will be partitions of three ventilation channels (two channels of longline ventilation, one channel to remove odors from the faecal collection tank. Short bars restrict air access to the bottom of the ventilation channels and guide the installation of the manhole cover between the compartments.

6 We attach a second sheet of moisture-resistant plywood GOST 3916.1-96 to the installed bars.

7. We insulate the uterine compartment and place for the release of rabbits on a hot summer day or on a cold winter night.

8. Between the sheets of plywood can be laid insulation or foam GOST 15588-86.

9. Insulate the right side of the rabbit cage.

10. Go to the left side.

So, with their own hands, they mastered the first part of the assembly of the presented structure.

If you are interested in rabbit cages, proceed to the next part of the production of the next structural element.