How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

The main steps to be performed by each owner, allowing to cope with the task:

  1. Choose a place where the cell will be located;
  2. Determine the size;
  3. Pick up material and tools;
  4. Run floor, frame;
  5. Build the side, front and rear walls, roof.
  6. To warm, to equip inside.

The choice of location for placing the cage for rabbits

The first thing that will determine what kind of cell you will end up with is the choice of location. You can locate the cage both indoors and in the open. The room where the rabbits will be should be plastered, well ventilated, have at least one window, be lit. If you plan to install a cage on the plot, you should remember that you need to do this in the shade, and restrict from open drafts.
It is necessary to plan the arrangement and construction of the cage so that the air humidity in it does not exceed 65-70%, to ensure constant access of air and its ventilation, and the temperature, in winter, in the queen cells and compartments for rabbits should not fall below 10 degrees. Therefore, they must be warmed annually.

Cell sizing

The size of the cage will depend on the number of individuals, their age, gender, breed. Here you will either have to build several cells, or one, but with several divisions. This is due to the conditions of detention and behavior of rabbits.

The size of a standard cage for rabbits: 140x80x50. These figures are amenable to adjustment and are set individually for each case of breeding animals. On average, one adult should be 0.7 square meters. m. square, for young stock 0.2 sq.m. The more space rabbits have, the better for them.

The rabbit with offspring, young individuals, adult individuals, giant breeds of rabbits should be kept separately. The latter there are many species, an adult individual which can reach 60 cm in height and weigh 7.5 kg. Then the indicated parameters of the cage are intended for keeping only one rabbit.

Grown up rabbits move from the mother into a separate cage, 10-20 rabbits each. It can be made smaller in size, but to comply with the requirements for the area, as well as to warm in the winter. The floor can be made entirely of rails covered on the sides with a thin metal mesh, additionally insulated with hay and straw.

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Features of the structure of the cage for the rabbit with offspring

The mother house or the mother liquor cell, with the features of the structure intended for the content in her rabbit and toddlers. It must necessarily contain:

  1. nest compartment (fixed, warm, closed);
  2. space for walking.
How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

The most convenient way is to build a cage, with a removable side box, which will be the uterine compartment. For this purpose, a hole is created in the cage’s construction in the side, into which it is inserted during a roundabout. In the box is a passage for the rabbit and children.
The floor of any kind of nesting compartment must be made of wood and solid, it should not have gaps or skip the draft. Since any cold or draft can destroy the offspring. It is better to put additional insulation and a lot of straw.

Since the rabbit in a frightened state can jump into the nest compartment at high speed, it is recommended to make a narrow manhole, sufficient for its passage, but saving the little rabbits from the weight pressure. For additional insulation, some install the door.

Material selection

The future cage for rabbits, regardless of the type, will consist of a frame, floor, walls, ceiling and door. Next, they set the box, which in consequence is a deaf kut, drinkers and feeders. A deaf kut is a place of rest and overnight for rabbits, it must be completely sheathed, have one door that allows unhindered passage of rabbits, approximately 17×17 cm in size. It should be made of wood and well insulated in winter.

The material from which the cells are built. the most diverse, from wood to metal and brick. When choosing it, you should rely on imagination and financial opportunities. The cage frame is made of dense wood, thick beams, the floor is made of metal mesh or wooden slats, the sides are upholstered with wood, thick plywood, and the front side is mesh. The roof is covered with waterproof material – slate, roofing felt, metal tile. However, it is impossible to cover the roof with metal, as it tends to heat up in the sun, which will increase the temperature inside the cage and create an unfavorable habitat for pets.

Making cage floor for rabbits

It is most convenient to start building a cage for rabbits from the floor. To do this, it is necessary to fasten the wooden bars, corresponding to the length and width of the planned cage, with each other in such a way that a rectangle is formed. To do this, you can use metal corners, which are fastened with screws, in all corners. It is necessary to achieve bonding accuracy at a right angle of 90 degrees, then the cell will not have distortions. For this purpose it is better to fasten the bars on a hard surface.

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Next, you need to install the same bars perpendicular to the length, at a distance of about 40-50 cm, you can do this using the mortise method. This will ensure the reliability of the floor and will save the grid from subsidence.

When the base of the floor is ready, the net is fastened to it, with the help of self-tapping screws, which are driven into the wood at an angle. Thus, the cap of the screw securely fixes the bars of the net, pulling it. The mesh cells should not exceed a distance of 1.7×1.7 cm so that the pets’ feet do not get stuck.
The floor can be made entirely of wooden or plastic slats, the distance between which should not exceed 1.5 cm.

How to build a skeleton cage for rabbits?

The frame is made of wide boards. It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the selected material, on which the strength and durability of the structure will depend. To begin with, legs are installed that will support the cage itself and are attached to the floor or fixed in the ground. The length of the legs should be from 40 to 110 cm. The last value should be taken into account in the conditions of street rabbits.
Since the designs can be very diverse in shape, size, arranged in tiers, it is necessary to assemble such a base for the cage, which will be most suitable for the convenience of keeping and number of animals. Be sure to provide a place for the location of the pallet, which will be placed waste.

The base can be made of wood or metal, the main thing that the material was durable. And the fastening of its parts can be carried out with the help of corners, self-tapping screws or the same slot method.

Before proceeding to the construction of a cage, it is necessary to create a drawing, with an indication of its dimensions, tiers, and compartments within the structure.

How to build front, side and rear cage walls?

The side and rear walls of the cage can be sheathed with plywood, wood. To do this, it is necessary to measure out the width and length of the desired sheet, taking into account the width of the bars of the frame, cut out the necessary sheets and attach it to the frame of the cage. You can make the side and rear walls of the type of sandwich, inside to warm the foam or straw.

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The tree is pretreated by the machine so that it does not contain sharp parts or prickly protrusions. It is not recommended to cover the material with varnishes, antiseptics, various impregnations. Rabbits love to gnaw wood, including the wooden parts of the cage, so you need to beat them with tin.

The front of the cage is encased by a grid in which the door is located. The door can be made on the entire perimeter of the grid, and closed on the hook, latch. To make such a door you need to make a rectangle of bars and attach the grid, on the principle of how to make the floor. Next, attach it to the cage with canopies and screws.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits Do It Yourself

Roof construction

After the cage is almost ready, inside it are planned, depending on the purpose, partitions, blind corners, drinking bowls, feeders, sennik. After which the cell is covered with a roof. The roof can be made removable, opening, integral with the cell. The material from which the roof is made – roofing material and slate, you can make the roof of other materials, preferably water-repellent.
It is recommended to make the roof sloping, its front should be above the rear. To achieve this position of the roof, you can use either the prefabricated form of the frame or the structure of the roof itself.

Removable or opening the roof will allow, without fear of escaping animals, to produce high-quality cleaning of the cage. But some do not see the need for it, installing removable pallets for waste and cleaning through the doors.

Determining the type of cage for rabbits will largely depend on its future inhabitants and their number, so that it is convenient for both the animal in terms of living and the breeder in caring for them. If you know the basic principles of building a cage for rabbits and the rules for their living together, you can create a universal house model for your pets. It is necessary only to include a fantasy that has no boundaries in the choice of materials, the creation of structures, the filling of the inside of the cell.