How To Make A Diy Cage For Rabbits

To breed rabbits, the breeder does not require a lot of effort and financial investment. These animals are very active and mobile, not picky in their content. All they need is a house, drinkers, feeders with high-quality food, warm bedding.

By the way, even a novice in this business can make a rabbit cage with their own hands, which additionally saves money. Due to the fact that these animals do not need exceptional living conditions, a breeder can wind up not only one decorative pet, but also several individuals for economic purposes. It is very convenient and commercially justified.

Rabbit cage: what to choose

In order to make a rabbit house correctly, you first need to read literature or watch educational videos, where experienced breeders tell and show how to make a cage for rabbits with their own hands.

Make a good house can be, if you know exactly the space where the structure will be, its specificity and features. We list the main advantages of cells that are made independently:

  • the design is designed to create ideal conditions;
  • the finished cage already contains a feeder, a drinker, a nest in which the female will raise and feed her offspring;
  • As a rule, factory facilities are designed with the most modern technologies. In the production process, their design is regularly updated and replenished. Therefore, for breeders who pay attention not only to the functionality, but also to the external parameters, it is better to get a rabbit house made at the factory.

Note that to make a cage for rabbits with your own hands will require minimal cash outlay. Where it will be more expensive to buy a finished cage.

What are the cells

When the breeder expects to have more than one rabbit, but several individuals, it will take more than one cage.

It is necessary to prepare the premises where they will live separately:

  1. males;
  2. rabbit with his offspring;
  3. small rabbits, weaned from the mother;
  4. Waiting around the females.

For the construction of cages for all these groups of rabbits fit carefully. It is necessary to think over every detail so that in the end all the pets will be comfortable and comfortable in their houses. This will help drawings, which will accurately indicate the size and specific features. They can be developed by the breeder himself or taken from special literature.

Where is the best place for the house

It can be placed in a dry and warm room or in the air. Here, the key matter is in which region the breeder breeds his farm. If most of the time outside is frosty or too hot weather, then the design should be left in a dry room. In temperate climates, the rabbit cage will be comfortable in the open air.

DIY made cages for males

To protect animals from mechanical damage, which are the result of fights, and unwanted sexual acts, the males must live in different cages. The house should be of such a size that the rabbit could enter with little effort, quietly go beyond the construction and also freely move inside it.

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This will allow the pet to feel no discomfort, so it is so important to understand how to build a good rabbit cage.

Note that the male rabbit in a tight space becomes lazy, sedentary, which causes illness of obesity and is unable to produce offspring.

To avoid these negative consequences, you can, if properly choose the size of the cell.

What will be the house for the rabbit and her kids

If the little rabbit who has given birth to her and her cubs live in the house, then the dimensions should be calculated. Space is needed more than for ordinary individuals. These will be single-tier rabbit cages consisting of the main space and the mother liquor, where the mother will warm and feed her offspring.

In winter, it is necessary to particularly deal with the arrangement and insulation of the queen cell. This will allow little rabbits to feel comfortable and not to freeze, even in the most severe frosts.

Houses for young stock

After the rabbit has turned 2-3 months old, he is weaned from his mother and transferred to a separate cage. This will allow the rabbit to start conceiving a new offspring, and the rabbits will begin to get used to independent living and become accustomed to fodder mixtures. After the resettlement from the mother, the rabbit begin to gain weight with the new power.

To grow rabbits, a lot of different functional houses have been developed. Most often breeders prefer a house consisting of 2 sections.

Independent construction

How to build a cage for rabbits yourself? We will have to spend a lot of effort to properly develop and create a house. Achieve the desired result will help step by step instructions. That she will do your own cage. We list the main actions that the breeder needs to make a house:

  1. The cage frame will consist of 4 bars of wood. The shape should resemble a rectangle. The frame is cut to the size of the final structure.
  2. After the main part is ready, the legs are made. To begin with, cooked wooden bars are taken. At the same time, two of them will be 30 cm longer than the front wall height, the remaining two are longer than the rear one within the same 30 cm. As a result, there will be a difference of 10-15 cm between the bars forming the base of the front and rear walls of the structure. 30 cm – this is the length of the legs.
  3. The net is attached to the floor, but the sides need a little space (about 40 cm) for the manufacture of the nest. In it, the floor surface is covered with plywood. The side walls are also covered by it.
  4. So that the frame was finally ready, the nests are separated with the help of special rails and plywood sheets, where the holes were previously made. As a result, the space will be divided into zones: breeding and feeding. Thanks to the holes in the plywood, the rabbit can move freely from one compartment to another.
  5. For nests you need to make a roof.
  6. The floor of the grid for rabbits is attached to the frame with slats and nails.
  7. Troughs, where food will be poured, are attached to the walls of a special compartment. One of them will be for feed. Here are put nurseries, which impose dry and fresh herbs. In width, they will be no more than 30 cm.
  8. The cage is covered with a roof.
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These simple steps will make a cage for rabbits with your own hands. If a ready-made scheme is used, the process is greatly simplified.

House made by 3-month pets

If the rabbits are not yet 3 months old, they can be kept several in the space of a single cage. This also affects the size that a grid cell will have. To build cages for several individuals, the same step-by-step instruction is used. The main feature is the number of feeders. Since there are many rabbits, they will be uncomfortable to eat from one.

To build such a house, perform the following steps:

  1. The frame is made the same as for an ordinary pet. However, the sectional division will be absent. Here they make a nest and a feeding zone. The first in size should be significantly inferior to the second.
  2. On the floor of the nest, the choke is laid out of wood, and plywood encloses the feeding area.
  3. The floor surface, the facade is made of mesh for rabbits.
  4. Inside the mesh feeder will be placed where the grass will be applied. It can not be put on the floor.

These simple actions will allow you to make a good and comfortable cage, designed for 6-12 rabbits.

Cells from several tiers

In addition to single-tier, there are also large cells consisting of several tiers. As a rule, their number is limited to 2-3. In order to construct such a structure correctly, a scheme designed to create ordinary cells is taken as a basis.

In addition, such single-tier structures are placed on each other, which creates multi-tiered. Consider successively the process of manufacturing a multi-tiered cell

  1. Take pre-cooked squared frames (2 or 3);
  2. They are attached with bars, while between the cells should be a small space. For example, the first should be located on 30-centimeter feet from the floor. Between the first and second structures should be about 50 cm, and the third from the second will be separated by 10 cm. These intervals are necessary for the pallet.
  3. If the design is ready, it fix everything you need.
How To Make A Diy Cage For Rabbits

A cage made for a rabbit with your own hands is not limited to one tier: there may be two, three.

Where to put the cages for rabbits from the grid

The main options are called street or enclosed space. The choice of one or the other depends on the climate and weather conditions of a particular territory. When the climate is warm and temperate, and frost is the exception rather than the rule, it is better to place cells from the grid outdoors. At the same time, cold gusts, drafts and excessive humidity must be avoided.

All this can lead to the fact that rabbits get sick, as a result, an epidemic can begin. If the northern region and frosts are far from uncommon, then it is better to take care of individuals and bring the constructed structure into the room.

Homemade cages experienced breeders put houses, varying places to succeed in two directions at once: allow the animals to walk outside, and during bad weather or frost not to catch cold, staying warm.

These animals are very sensitive to light, so it is important to monitor them. In particular, when a cage from a grid is placed in a house or a shed, several lamps are placed next to it in order to illuminate the house daily for 10 hours.

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What are building cages for rabbits

For the framework breeders use a wooden base. The skeleton is made up of slats, parallel bars and plywood sheets. In addition, you must have an iron mesh. For finishing works useful plastic tile, from which the roof is made. Note that it is better to make a roof for the cage, which is supposed to be kept outdoors.

Rabbits can get hurt if the tree is not polished, and sticking sharp edges remain on the grid. To avoid mechanical damage, you should carefully check everything after the improvised structures are ready.

They should not have metal parts or equipment. As the iron heats up in hot weather and freezes in the cold, it is best avoided. These simple rules should be followed to ensure that the pet in the house was as comfortable as possible.

How to assemble a cell

You can make cells using the following tools:

  • Hammer;
  • Nails, screws;
  • Ruler or tape measure;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Sandpaper and plane.

A few simple tools that are in every home are enough to assemble a cage for the animal with your own hands.

How to choose the size of the house

When making a cage yourself, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the rabbit that will live in it. He should easily climb and get out of it, and also be able to move freely inside the house. Therefore, before you begin to build, you need to look at the description of the rabbit breed and understand what maximum dimensions they can have.

If we assemble a cage for 1 male rabbit, then its size will be 1 m by 0.6 m. In the case when giants are bred, that is, individuals of large size, the structure will also be matched to the inhabitant. A rabbit that weighs 5 kg or more needs a house that is 1.5 meters long.

If you plan to build a house for young rabbits, then it is important to know exactly how many goals there will be. From 5 to 8 rabbits can be planted in a cage, sometimes up to 12. For such a massive dwelling, the following dimensions are 3 mx 1 mx 0.6 m (length, width, height).

Collect the cage so that per 1 adult is more than 0.5 square meters, and for a small one – more than 0.2 square meters. These simple rules will make a comfortable and roomy house in which the pet will feel securely protected.

To quickly and efficiently make a house for animals at home, no need for extra skills and experience. It is enough just to carefully read all the tips and rules to build a construction of any complexity with a light hand. It can be a simple cell with one tier, or a multi-level house.

The main goal of the breeder who decided to make a cage on his own is to make it as comfortable as possible for pets. If the house is made correctly and equipped with everything necessary, the animals will live and bring posterity.

The sale of rabbits themselves, their dietary meat and skins is considered a profitable enterprise, with the help of which you can have a solid income. That is why the rabbits should be closely monitored and give them everything they need.