How To Make Cages For Rabbits According To Drawings With Sizes

Breeding rabbits is a profitable activity that does not require much time. Animals do not need special care and specific conditions of detention. Therefore, several fluffies can be made in a private household. Novice farmers often have a desire to breed these animals, but the first thing they have to face is how to make cages for rabbits according to size drawings.

Choice of cell space

When installing cages for rabbits, it is necessary to pay attention to certain conditions in which animals can be. First you need to choose the right place where the cells will stand. They can be placed:

Of course, devices on the street can be placed only in regions with a more or less warm climate. With severe frosts, rabbits can simply freeze. If the air temperature throughout the year is optimal, then the following should be considered:

  • Maximum humidity should not exceed 75 percent. To move indicators over this value rabbits will not be able to. They simply get sick and start sneezing. If the site is close to water bodies or high humidity is a normal and permanent phenomenon in the region, then it is better to place the cells indoors.
  • There are certain rules for exposure to sunlight. Such animals love to bask in the sun only in cartoons for children, but in fact it can lead to disastrous consequences and even death. In order for the rays of the sun not to fall on the cells, it is necessary to place them in the shade of the trees or the house. If this is not possible, then you need to make sheds on the cells to provide comfortable conditions for eared fish. If the whole family is engaged in breeding rabbits, then you can plant bushes or ornamental trees around the cage area. So you can make a beautiful decoration that will not let the sun rays through.

It is important to consider the details.. They are useful for street rabbits, as well as for closed premises:

  • The most important detail when designing cells is the categorical inadmissibility of drafts. According to statistics, the most common cause of the disease is precisely eared blowing. When the wind exceeds 30 m / s, it will be very difficult for them to keep healthy.
  • On the other hand, it is not necessary to make rabbits living in greenhouse conditions. Properly made ventilation is one of the most important elements of the design of a house for animals. If it is not sufficient, couples from animal excrement will infect the rabbits with toxins.
  • If we talk about the content in the winter, the cells for this period must be further warmed. If the animals are in the shed, then it is enough to turn on the convector. And if they are on the street, then you need to additionally warm the cells with rabbits themselves.
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Keeping rabbits indoors

If the site is located in the colder regions of the country, this implies the existence of a closed room to house the houses. For this may be suitable barn. It is necessary to create the right conditions for comfortable living fluffy:

  • The windows are placed on the sunny side, so that the light day and the period of wakefulness of animals is longer. And also it will allow to warm the room in addition.
  • Lamps and heaters will have to be installed, since in winter the days are very short and the eared ones feel a shortage of heat and light. You can build in the room red lights, which will simultaneously heat the room, and add light to animals. If the room is small, these lamps will be enough to make the rabbits stay comfortable on harsh winter days in the Asian climate.
  • Plastering or at least whitewashing the walls will also help the fluffies to stay healthy, as this will prevent the entry and reproduction of various infectious diseases, fungi, etc.
  • The cells must be arranged in such a way that fresh air is constantly flowing to them. The open side of the cage must "look" to the east side. Such conditions are most favorable for eared fish.
  • Structures should be placed on special supports or racks one meter above the ground. Under the cage should be open space. This will allow caring for animals in more comfortable conditions for the owner, avoid bites of mice and various rodents (this is especially important if there are young animals), the cells will not rot and deteriorate over time.

How To Make Cages For Rabbits According To Drawings With Sizes

Having built a high-quality and comfortable animal cage, the owner does only a small part of the work. The most important element is feeding, keeping and breeding rabbits in comfortable conditions for them. You will need to feed them the right food in a dry state. Wet or steamed food can adversely affect the health of rabbits and lead to the death of animals.

Build your own cage

Many are interested in how to make a rabbit with their own hands. There are different schemes in pictures (single and bunk, large or small, queen, homemade, industrial, wood and metal, Italian, roaming, self-made, etc.), as well as many approaches, for example, Mikhailov, Zolotukhin Maklaka. A simple design can be made for little money, but, unfortunately, not free.

Before starting work, it will be necessary, besides the scheme, to choose the right material for the work.

Necessary materials

To create such structures, it is desirable to use natural materials to simulate similar conditions to natural. Therefore, as a basis for the design, you should use wooden bars that are processed with environmentally friendly antiseptics. For the construction of cells will need such materials:

  • boards;
  • plywood sheets;
  • grid with small cells;
  • wooden slats with a width of 3-4 centimeters;
  • metal wire;
  • pallets with the same length and width as the cells.
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The internal processing of the walls is made of plywood, as it is resistant to moisture and very strong. DSP for such purposes is not suitable, because it absorbs moisture and collapses with time.

What are rabbit houses?

All good cells have common characteristics, but still they can be divided into several types, each of which has its own individual differences. The first important factor is which breeds and individuals will live in such constructions. In each household there should be several types of cells. Depending on how much space there is in height in the barn, the structures are divided into the following:

  • single tier;
  • bunk;
  • three or more tiers.

At a certain age, rabbits need to be settled. Types of cells can be divided into these types:

  • cages for young animals;
  • designs for adults.

How To Make Cages For Rabbits According To Drawings With Sizes

For pregnant rabbits and newly born individuals, nest cages are made. They are also called queen cells, because they have a box inside, a tank or a booth that imitates a hole in natural conditions. In her future mother and makes a nest for their children. There they spend the first two months of their lives.

The size of the cells may also depend on what breed you want to breed:

  • dwarf rabbits;
  • ordinary;
  • large (accelerated).

It also matters for what purpose animals are bred. They can be both for the soul and for sale.

Cell structures can be different, and their parameters vary significantly. But, on the other hand, it is possible to make a cage by the general rules, and then finish building the necessary details.

Manufacturing steps

Dacha lifestyle lovers are often interested in how to build an rabbit with their own hands. There are many drawings on the Internet, so there are plenty of options. The most common way to build a typical construction is to have two sections. In one part there will be an adult livestock, and in the other there will be a mother brood.

If there are no females with cubs on the farm, additional houses can be placed in the nesting compartment and adult rabbits can be run there so that they can hide there when they are not feeling well. For owners who do not know how to build a cage for rabbits with their own hands, step by step instructions are listed below. Cell production occurs in stages:

  • First you need to treat pre-cooked wooden bars with antiseptic. This must be done in order to prevent the rotting of the tree, the penetration and reproduction in the cage of microorganisms harmful to rabbits. Antiseptics must be environmentally friendly and do not contain much chlorine. Thus, the tree will last a long time, and rabbits will not be exposed to heavy and harmful chemical compounds.
  • Next you need to take the processed timber and cut the necessary details: four beams of one and a half meters, four of 55 centimeters and two pieces of 70 centimeters.
  • Then you need to connect the planks of 1.5 m and 0.55 m to each other so that two figures of the same size come out. They make rectangular cells, so such identical figures should turn out.
  • Then with the help of 70 cm of bars we make the height of the cell and connect the two rectangles with these bars. The result should be a box-basis for the future cell.
  • Next you need to build a floor for pets. This can be done from different materials, each of which has its drawbacks and advantages: metal profile, mesh or wooden slats. For a quality result, it is recommended to use combined construction methods. For example, build a metal profile on the bottom and a grid on top. Thus, the profile will not allow the grid to deform, and such a floor will last a very long time. And he will not rot, for example, like a tree. Although, on the other hand, the metal is corroded, and such a floor will be cold for rabbits. The tree may rot over time, but the conditions for eared fish will be more natural. The floor is installed on a large part of the box and fastened with screws or nails (50–70 cm of floor should be left unstitched).
  • The left floor space is required to be made of wood, as there will be a place for building a rabbit queen cell.
  • The walls are made of plywood, boards and mesh. The back of the can be made of boards treated with antiseptics, and the front using the grid in order to observe the pets, and to get enough light. Side parts can be made from plywood.
  • For the roof you need to prepare a sheet of plywood and hinges. It is necessary to fasten the hinges to one of the bars, and install waterproof plywood directly on them.
  • Then the design is installed on the supports. Their height should be about one meter from the ground.
  • After that, it remains to install the drinkers and feeders, and the design is ready for operation.
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Cells according to the method of Mikhailov

How To Make Cages For Rabbits According To Drawings With Sizes

Making a rabbit by the method of Mikhailov implies the creation of a multi-tiered mini-farm. In other words, this is a kind of shed consisting of miniforms. Each of them has a separate cage for the mother liquor (for two little rabbits), and on the other hand – a separate design for the fattening period of the young, which was disconnected from the mother nest. After four months, you can get real giants weighing 8-12 kg with this method. Rabbit breeding using this method is a fairly profitable business.

The cage for the rabbit with the queen egg, using the Mikhailov method, is a little more difficult to make than the design for feeding rabbits.

Thus, this method is considered to be the best in all indicators for production purposes of breeding.