How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Many breeders prefer to make cages for rabbits with their own hands. This allows you to save money and get products of the desired size. In addition, the rabbitks have no complicated knots and are available for production even to the beginner. Let’s get acquainted with one of the most successful and proven housing designs for rabbits – the Zolotukhin cage.

Benefits of using

The cages developed by the popular rabbit breeder Nikolai Zolotukhin have the following advantages:

  • made of affordable and inexpensive materials;
  • do not require a large amount of free space;
  • make it easy to care for pets and maintain the cage;
  • can be located indoors or on the site;
  • optimally lit and have good natural ventilation;
  • not subject to drafts.

How to make cells Zolotukhin do it yourself

The author of this design believed that no drawings were necessary for its manufacture. However, in order to facilitate the task, it is better to use the diagrams and dimensions given here.

Video: rabbit cage from Zolotukhin

Design and dimensions

The cage of Zolotukhin is a three-tiered rabbitry, where 6 individuals simultaneously live. Its construction provides that each next floor protrudes 150–200 mm beyond the lower. It is necessary that the waste of the upper inhabitants do not end up on the lower floors. In addition, the walls of the first and second floors are made with a slope, which also helps excrement to fall directly on the floor or the ground.

How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Instead of a conventional pallet with a metal grid, wooden or plywood floors are arranged on the floor. Only a small area at the back wall covers a strip of mesh. According to the observations of the rabbit breeders, animals usually defecate against the back wall, so this grille should prevent the wooden floor from getting wet. Dimensions are accepted depending on the size of pets. Medium and large breeds are invited to settle in such a dwelling:

  • width – 2000 mm;
  • height – 1500 mm;
  • depth – 700–800 mm;
  • grid width – 150–200 mm;
  • floor inclination – 50–70 mm;
  • entrance door size – 400 × 400 mm.
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Dimensions of the winter queen cell:

  • size in plan – 400 × 400 mm;
  • entrance height – 150 mm;
  • front wall height – 160 mm;
  • rear wall height – 270 mm.

All parameters are approximate and can be changed to suit your needs.

Tools and materials for work

Necessary materials:

  • wooden board (thickness 15–20 mm);
  • wooden bars and beams;
  • metal mesh with small holes;
  • roofing slate;
  • polycarbonate;
  • sheet metal (thickness 0.4–0.5 mm).
How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Required tools:

  • electric or chainsaw;
  • electric drill;
  • wood screws;
  • hammer;
  • roulette;
  • nails.

Step-by-step instruction

Zolotukhin cell is made in several stages.


It is necessary to knock down wooden beams in the amount of 4 pieces (length 2000 mm), connecting them across the crossbars so that the frame comes out 2000 mm wide and 800 mm deep. Floors of the dwelling should go in increments of 500 mm, starting from the base. The result is a reliable three-tiered product with high legs, which can be placed both in the courtyard and in an enclosed space.

Flooring floors are made of wood, not reaching 150-200 mm to the back wall. The resulting gap is closed with a fine lattice, which is attached to the beam with nails. To create the necessary slope, you can place in front of a wooden bar 50 mm high and cover the floor with a chipboard sheet. This will allow feces to slide to the back of the grate.

How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

All floors should be divided in two by small wooden slats to install the sennik. The distance between them should be 200-300 mm. The back wall is sewn up with polycarbonate, the sheets are placed at an angle. As a result, the top of the wall of the first floor begins at the place where the grid of the upper tier ends. Next, install the doors.

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As a rule, mount 1 door, covering all tiers at once. It is a wooden rack frame with a width of 400 mm with a full metal mesh. In the masterbatch, an opaque door should be made, since at first the rabbits should be in the dark. Next to set the frame of the same size for the door, designed for feeding and walking pets. It is divided in three and lattices and latches are attached to it. The sides of the whole product are made of wood or chipboard sheets.


The Zolotukhin cell is covered with ordinary slate, with the roof protruding 50 mm beyond the frame. This protects the outdoor cage from getting wet and rotting. The roof is attached to the frame with special nails for slate with wide caps.

How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Mother liquor

To organize the summer mother liquor, it is necessary to separate the 400 mm wide section from the side. To do this, you can use a wooden partition height of 150-200 mm. It should allow the rabbit to get out of the uterine compartment, and the kids – to remain inside. The edges of the septum should be covered with a thin sheet metal.

On the edge of the cage, it is necessary to arrange a rim about 100 mm high so that the rabbits when they open the queen cell are not outside. The floor of the queen is to be covered with a layer of hay, which is used by the rabbit for rookery. One month after the birth of the babies, the partition can be removed and allowed to move freely throughout the dwelling.

Winter matochnik – a compact box of wood or plywood with a door and an extended rear. When necessary, it is placed in a cage and just as easily removed from it. In cold terrain its walls need to be warmed. The top of the box is equipped with a lid through which it is convenient to monitor the condition of the children and periodically clean the dwelling.

How To Make Cages Zolotukhin For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

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The main food of rabbits is grain and hay, so a feeder and a large sennik should be placed in their house. The feeder is a tray made of wood, the inner wall of which is 2 times lower than the outer one, and the bottom has a slope of about 35 ° down. The inner surface of the feeder is lined with thin sheet metal. On each side, drill holes for mounting to the wall. To save space, the design enters the cage by about a third, and the rest remains outside.

After that the feeder is nailed to the door. Inside the grid is placed so that there is a gap to the bottom of about 20 mm for the rash of food. The sennik is constructed from small wooden slats in the shape of a letter V. It is arranged in the center between the slats separating the adjacent cells. Sennik need to be filled with grass and dry hay.

Frequent manufacturing errors

While working on Zolotukhin’s cell, minor difficulties may arise, usually associated with an incorrect understanding of the patterns and sizes. Among the most common mistakes are the following:

  1. The insufficient size of the door in the front wall makes it difficult to care for the cage and rabbits.
  2. The absence of legs leads to freezing of pets and makes it difficult to clean their excrement.
  3. Too small dimensions of the dwelling cause discomfort and badly affect the health of rabbits.
  4. The lack of slope of the floor of the dwelling leads to contamination of cells with faeces.

Zolotukhin’s cells are a convenient and easy-to-make version of the rabbit dwelling. The design is inexpensive, easy to install and easy to maintain. And due to the reasonableness of such a cell can be placed both indoors and outdoors, and be confident in the comfort of their pets.