Is It Possible To Whiten The Rabbit Cells?

Useful tips on breeding and keeping rabbits

About hygiene on a rabbit farm

In one of my previous articles, I have already mentioned that among all farm animals, rabbits are perhaps the most gentle and whimsical animals, therefore, when breeding a rabbit breeder, it is necessary to strictly observe the rules of personal and sanitary hygiene.

Rabbit Breeder Personal Care

First of all, every time you go to the rabbits, and when you return from the farm you need to carefully wash your hands with soap. Toilet should not be used because of it remains a persistent smell, which is especially annoying pregnant and lactating rabbits. For this reason, it is highly undesirable to climb into the nest after a bout, if the hands of a rabbit breeder smell tobacco, gasoline, perfume, or other strong odors. Also at the entrance to the rabbitry it is advisable to lay a disinfecting mat, or more often wash shoes, so as not to bring any infection to the rabbits.

Rabbit House Cleaning

Since rabbits are very sensitive to the purity of the inhaled air, clean the manure in a closed rabbit room should be daily. My cells are under a canopy and have mesh floor in the feed compartments, so the manure does not accumulate in them and the farm does not require such frequent harvesting.

Rabbit Water Hygiene

Is It Possible To Whiten The Rabbit Cells?

Although rabbits are reputed to be very clean animals, over the years of practice, I got the impression that throwing my “balls” into a drinking bowl with fresh water is a matter of honor for them. And sometimes they are not even stopped by the fact that it is bolted high enough from the floor. Naturally, dirty water quickly begins sour and rabbits, having drunk it, quite often begin blame. In order to prevent this, you should change the water and wash the drinkers as often as possible, and you can take time and equip the farm with automatic drinkers (made, for example, from inverted bottles).

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Rabbit feeding hygiene

Apart from the fact that the grass before feeding the rabbits must be podkyalyvat, it will be useful rinse it under running water, especially if it is sloped near the roadway or reservoir. Also, do not give the rabbits dirty and rotten vegetables. All food is placed in special feeders attached to each cell, and not on the floor.

Is It Possible To Whiten The Rabbit Cells?

If, during the distribution in the feeders, the soured remnants of not eaten feed are visible, they must be to scrape.

Rabbit Cell Disinfection

Before transplanting rabbits from one cage to another, the latter should be disinfected. This is especially necessary if the rabbits that lived in it before, suffered some infection. To do this, the cage is well singed blowtorch, and then whiten the floor and walls lime.

If the rabbit got sick

On any farm requires constant monitoring of the state of the animals, as it helps in the early stages to extinguish the focus of most diseases. That is why if you notice that the previously active rabbit is sitting frowning and eating poorly, it has a wet muzzle, a dull look, etc., such a suspicious animal should drop off immediately in a separate cage away from the rest of the population until the cause of the disease is clarified.

Is It Possible To Whiten The Rabbit Cells?

And yet, in the cells with a mesh floor, such a nuisance happens when the rabbit, with its back foot in the mesh cell, begins with a wild squeal to break out with all its might and often cripples itself. So, in order to pull the foot stuck with a wedge, you need to stick your hand into the cage and lightly press the affected rabbit’s foot to his leg. The wedge, therefore, will narrow, and it will not be difficult to free the rabbit. True, it happens that by this time the animal has time to wipe the paw to the blood, then I treat him wounds green paint or Vishnevsky ointment.