Rabbit Bunk Cages

Rabbit Bunk Cages
Rabbit Bunk Cages

Rabbit Bunk Cages
Rabbit Bunk Cages

Each intelligent rabbit breeder tries to optimize the process of growing rabbits, to choose the best variant of feed, queen cells, cages, and enclosures. There is a lot of debate about which cage is better for rabbits and whether they are needed at all.

If a lot of rabbits, and little space. need to find a way to accommodate a larger number of rabbits in a smaller area. If the area is a lot horizontally. You can equip the aviary, a fairly cheap, convenient and easy way, especially for beginner breeders. If the horizontal space is not enough, make bunk cages for rabbits.

The mother liquor in high multi-tiered cages must be thought out especially carefully, because babies can roll out of the nest and fall from a great height. If the cage has a mesh floor or walls, it is necessary to lay a part around the queen cell with plywood or flat slate.

There are many varieties of bunk cells. One of the most inhuman in relation to rabbits. cells with a mesh floor, standing one above one. Naturally, all feces and urine from the second floor fall on martyrs from the first. Another thing. cages with a continuous floor from a board, plywood or flat slate.

However, this is inhumane in relation to the rabbit breeder, as it is necessary to clean the cages once a week or even more often. Many craftsmen invented bunk cages for rabbits, drawings can be found on the Internet in large quantities. One of the most convenient models is the cell of Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin.

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He has been involved in rabbit breeding for more than fifty years, and during this time he has brought his models to near perfection. The main advantage of these cells. relieving the rabbit breeder without harming the rabbits. Zolotukhin’s cells have a mesh front wall with a hinged feeder to fill up the grain, the cage does not need to be opened, the feeder rotates in both directions. The floor in the cells goes at an angle to the back wall and almost all is solid, only along the back wall instead of the floor. grid width of 10-15 cm.

Through it the feces fall out of the cell, but it falls not into the lower cells, but to the ground, since the back wall is also oblique, its top ends before the beginning of the mesh floor of the upper cell. It turns out a kind of Christmas tree from the rear walls, along which all the waste falls to the ground. You can clean up much less.

In the cells of the construction of Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin, the mother liquor is very simple. Two-thirds of the front wall is mesh, and a third. solid door. A part of a cage with a solid door is simply fenced off with two boards (one removable) 10 cm high.

Another variant of Zolotukhin’s cage: the mesh floor goes to the side, the back wall is even, but the cells are shifted to the side by the width of the mesh portion. That is, all feces fall to the ground from different heights. These two models allow you to design not only two-tier, but also multi-tiered cages for rabbits, saving time for servicing animals.

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Tiered cages can help save not only space, but also time to maintain animals. No matter how many floors will be in a rabbit house, the main thing is that the animals are comfortable, then they will quickly multiply and please the owners.