Rabbit Cages By Zolotukhin

Any rabbit breeder knows that in order to get enough valuable rabbit fur and tender gourmet meat, it is necessary to provide favorable conditions for the breeding and habitat of rabbits. To organize proper nutrition, reproduction with prevention and even, if necessary, treatment, we need fairly spacious and comfortable cells. Cell sizes for rabbits according to Zolotukhin meet all the requirements that apply to the rabbit breeder when breeding animals.

Rabbit Cages By Zolotukhin

Rabbit Cages

Each season dictates its conditions for animals, therefore buildings with rabbits can be located in the yard or in a shed. The location of the facilities, it is desirable to choose a dry area with large trees, under which the rabbits hide from the winter wind and from the hot direct rays of the sun in summer. It is important to maintain a moisture balance of 60-75% with the exception of any drafts of more than 30 cm / s. Winter rabbits require access to fresh air and light for at least 8-10 hours daily, which is very easy to achieve if they are contained in the constructions of Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin.

What kind of cells can be:

  • On the content – single, group;
  • By location – at home, in the yard;
  • On the floor of the animal – for babies, males, pregnant rabbits.

Where can I get the cells?

The main materials are bricks, pressboard, metal, wood. So that the rabbits do not gnaw the wooden parts of the structure, they are protected by metal plates, and chalk with mineral impurities, as well as teeth turning branches, are added to the animals ration. Detailed drawings of many cells are easy to find on the Internet. We propose to use the Zolotukhin method, as the least expensive and most convenient both for the rabbit breeder and for the animals.

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What are the requirements for rabbit cages:

  • Simple design;
  • Compliance with the standard size of the premises, which must be at least 0.12 sq.m. for young stock, 0.17 sq.m. for young rabbit, 0.3 – 0.5 sq. m. for males and 0.5 – 0.7 for adult queens.

Unique facilities of Zolotukhin

One of the most common rabbit dwellings among rabbit growers is a rabbit cage from Zolotukhin from the Kursk region. Such a structure can serve for decades, and ease of use is complemented by ease of manufacture with minimal cost and skill. In the article you can see the size of the cells for rabbits according to Zolotukhin. By occupation, Nikolai Ivanovich is a certified rabbit breeder, therefore, due to his many years of experience (almost 50 years) in the care of rabbits, he has designed such unusual houses that do not have a standard net floor with a tray.

Rabbits live in rooms of solid boards or flat slate, and the grid width of 5-20 cm is located on the back side of the cells. Such a house can be made multi-storey, and cleaning becomes very simple and fast.

In order for the rabbit to build the queen mother, Nikolai Ivanovich throws hay into her cage, since there is no provision for a separate nest compartment. According to his method, you can build a dry, comfortable 6-room three-tier apartment for pets, because the common room contains a sennik with two cells, a walking range, fattening and a queen cell. The special feeding trough is built in a door of a cage which is easy for overturning and clearing. With the size of the cells have the opportunity to see the photo and below in the article.

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The main features and parameters of Zolotukhin cells

What is the difference between Nikolai Ivanovich cells and other structures? First of all:

  • Inclined solid floor without mesh;
  • Compact three-tiered house, on each floor there are two cells;
  • The stationary uterus is replaced by a winter hole-cottage or a summer nest in the hay;
  • Tilting feeder;
  • Cleaning goose wing.
  • Wood (partitions with queen cell door and frame);
  • Welded mesh (cell door and the back of the floor);
  • Slate flat or board (floor, at the same time – the ceiling for the lower floor);
  • Polycarbonate (back wall);
  • Sheet metal (upholstery bars so that they are not nibbled by rabbits).

The overall dimensions of the cage are:

  • door 40 × 40 cm;
  • tape from the grid 15-20 cm wide (built into the floor near the rear wall);
  • floor slope to the rear wall 5-7 cm;
  • depth is 70-80 cm;
  • height 1.5 m;
  • width 2 m.

Despite the fact that the construction of cages for rabbits Nikolai Ivanovich Zolotukhin is very simple, it turned out to be very comfortable for pets. In it, they feel great in the winter, summer, autumn and spring, breed well and do not get sick. The author himself says that the drawings are not needed, because to create houses is very simple, and in the video he himself tells in detail about all the features of its unique design. In the article you can see a very simple and understandable scheme in the photo, according to which it will not be difficult to make durable cells with your own hands.

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Why do many rabbit breeders choose modernized bunk houses for rabbits according to the Zolotukhin method? First of all, there are already ready-made detailed drawings, according to which you can create the most comfortable for rabbits, multifunctional, convenient care structures for a rabbit waterhouse, where wards can have a great time and multiply. In addition, the cages for Zolotukhin rabbits are much cheaper than industrial, and the design features make rabbit care fast and convenient.