Rabbit Cages From Barrels

What, how and from what

Rabbit Cages From Barrels

There are many options for how to make a rabbit cage, for this purpose you can use metal, wood, plastic, and many other things, there are complex options, there are also light ones. The latter include the option of using a barrel or several barrels.

In general, the cultivation of rabbits in barrels did not originate today or yesterday, people are engaged in this, as they say "from time immemorial". There are a lot of options for how to make a rabbit cage from a barrel. By the way, both plastic and metal barrels will be used for this business.

The first way is to use three barrels at once, they are installed pyramid and fixed from the bottom than either. In the case of wooden barrels, you can use a special base with stops made of wood, and as for the barrels of plastic and metal, you can simply tie them with a rope or wire, and even support them on both sides or make a special platform with limiters.

How to make doors in barrels

Rabbit Cages From Barrels

There is still a very important point regarding the door. So the door at all can not do this especially true in the case of plastic barrels. Instead of standard doors, you can use just a metal welded wire mesh, which can easily overlap as one barrel, and all three at once. The grid can be fixed in dozens of different ways, for example, using rebar stuck at the edges of the barrels.

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Of course, when doing, you can easily make these doors only here you should understand that this is more important for wood barrels. The manufacture of the door itself is not particularly difficult, you need to cut a hole, for example in the bottom, then fix it with a wooden frame installed inside, and then hang the door, which can be made of thick steel wire and welded mesh. It is possible to close and tear off such a door using a simple deadbolt. By the way, if the door is small, then an additional vent should be made in the barrel.

What is the floor of such cells?

Rabbit Cages From Barrels

There is one more important point concerning the manufacture of rabbit cages from barrels, which concerns the way the cage floor is arranged. There are two options. The first is to arrange the floor at a level just below the middle of the cage, or more precisely the barrels. Well, the second is not what it is, as it generally does not imply any action in this case. Rabbits just live in a barrel as it is.

Meanwhile, it must be said that not to do the floor in such a cage, you can, in the end, the rabbit can be covered with straws, thanks to which the bottom of the barrel will be leveled and it will be quite comfortable. But there is one thing here, which is that not all breeders like to change the rabbit litter endlessly and clean the cages in general. That is why, in the case of using barrels, the floor is often settled, and not just the floor, but the grating, which, as is already clear, makes the care of rabbits much simpler and, in addition, allows you to save a lot of hay on the litter. In this case, of course, the cells still have to be cleaned, but it is much easier to do this.

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Making a slatted floor is very easy to shove a prefabricated wooden frame into a barrel, and then nail the net to it.

Barrels for the transport of rabbits

Rabbit Cages From Barrels

It is also worth noting that the barrels can be used in the transport of rabbits, for example when they go to the market, for subsequent sale. Everything is very simple here, in which case the barrel should not be located horizontally, as is the case with its use in the manufacture of cells, but vertically. To convert the barrel for the transport of rabbits enough to load it with a little straw or sawdust. It can be closed using welded mesh and clips attached to the edge of the barrel. It is important that upon arrival at the market rabbits can be sold directly from the barrel without even opening it. By the way, here you need to note