Rabbit Cages

Breeding rabbits is a very profitable business. But for its prosperity, animals should create optimal conditions for growth and a healthy lifestyle. Initially, you need to equip their place of permanent residence, namely the cell. Cell construction is not a difficult process, but requires some knowledge. It should also be allocated a place for their installation. This will ensure the safety of livestock.

Cell constructions

Before you make a cage for rabbits with your own hands you should study the most convenient and common designs. As a rule, all types can be divided into different housing, in which can live from 1 individual to the whole family. Also to the design features include single-tier, two-tier and multi-tier.

In addition to constructions, special attention should be paid to the maintenance room. It can be either with a small area for walking or without it. It is recommended to make houses in two sections, then it will be easier to manufacture at home. With the features of cells, with several tiers, can be found on the video, from the author "Sunny Rabbit".

Cell parts

Cages for rabbits with their own hands and their construction will be impossible without the components of the structure. Therefore, walls, roof, floor and internal attributes should be used in the form of water bowls and feeders. This production should be taken care of in advance. Even before the very manufacture. To do this, it should be above the floor level, on the side wall leave a small slot along the entire wall. During construction, a wire will be inserted into it, and a hay container will be mounted outside.

Plywood, boards should be used as a material for manufacturing, and can be replaced with mesh. But still it is recommended to make the structure in this way:

  1. The frame and all the supports to do from the boards;
  2. To make a floor covering from laths or a grid with small cells;
  3. For the roof, you can use any material. But if housing for the rabbits will be on the street, then additional roofing will be required. This will protect animals from rain and will not let the sunlight in, which can cause sunstroke in the summer.
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Rabbit Cages

All materials must be processed before installation. In other words, the components should have a smooth surface; knots and tapers should be removed on the tree. Scraping can be done with sandpaper and other auxiliary tools.


For breeding animals of different ages, different cell sizes are used. Thus, for adults, a two-sectional cage measuring 120x65x50 cm is used more often. These dimensions are used along the front wall, and 35 cm along the back wall. Separate the nest for the lateral walls of the house. The floor covering of such a construction should be made of wood and preferably a solid sheet. The size of the nest for the dwelling is 56x65x40, the height is similar to the cage. The sections should be divided with the help of a partition, and also holes should be made in them approximately 20×20 cm. The height of the windows should be about 10 cm from the bottom.

Before you build a house for animals, it is recommended to make a drawing, and using the instructions, you can easily make a home. It is also recommended to designate on the drawing the places where the drinkers and feeders will be placed.

Also to determine the size of the house for rabbits should be used in the calculations of the mass of the beast and its breed. For example, larger breeds will require increased internal space, up to 1.5 meters. But if the essence of breeding is to withdraw medium rabbits or only young animals, then the cells can be reduced to 90 cm.

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Rabbit Cages

The installation instructions for the construction states that they cannot be placed on the ground and it is better to raise them slightly above ground level. Lifting height should be about a meter. This will protect the rabbits from rodents, dampness and cold. In addition, this height is considered optimal for cleaning, feeding, observation.

Construction Tips

  1. It is necessary to make a hole between the partitions in the construction, having carefully processed it so that there are no gaps on it. It is also recommended to sheathe the window with tin. This will allow not to gnaw the partition.
  2. If animals spend the winter on the street, which is not good for them, then a tree will need to be laid on the floor. It is advisable to make a drawable structure so that it can be cleaned. The flooring itself can be made of slats, and a step of about 1.5 cm. Boards on the floor will allow rabbits not to freeze, and the slats will make cleaning easier.
  3. Attributes of animals are recommended to be built removable, it will allow you to conveniently pour water and pour food.
  4. The facade of the structure will need to equip a pair of doors. One will be made of mesh for the separation of feed, and the second solid, for the nesting part.
  5. If the rabbits live in cages on the street, then it is better to make them a walking platform. To do this it is necessary on the back of the cage to build a door that will be closed using the valve. It will be possible to open it for a day, and animals will be able to eat grass that grows right under their feet.

Rabbit Cages

The complexity of the buildings

In the construction process, as a rule, many have difficulties, for example, to make a drawing correctly. To solve this problem, it is recommended to use drawings of ready-made houses for rabbits, which can be found on the Internet. Of course, such designs can be improved and add details for personal needs.

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If the building implies the erection of large cells with several tiers, then it is better not to make a sub-type in the floor, but to use a bunker structure. Bunkers are created, as a rule, in multi-tiered cells. The bottom itself is made of mesh or slats. And under the floor put a slope for waste.

Also often beginners face such difficulty as nesting. Since in winter the young can simply freeze in it. To do this, you can make additional heating or insulation of the queen cell. In order to preserve more heat, you should make all the walls, floor and roof in two layers, and between layers lay any environmentally friendly insulation.

But in order not to complicate the construction of cells, it is recommended to keep animals in a special room, perhaps in a barn.

Rabbit Cages

Cell deficiencies

As with any buildings, rabbit cages have their advantages and disadvantages. The main disadvantage is gender. If solid flooring is used, the litter will have to be changed daily, and in winter the feces will stick to the floor, because they will freeze.

If the floor is of a grid, then in winter the walls freeze through more quickly, and in summer, but ventilation is better. If a front wall with one door is used, it will be inconvenient for the farmer to remove the cell and it is also inconvenient for the animals to get out of the cages.

Cells without a nesting part can provoke the death of the young, as the female may accidentally pin them down.

Step-by-step instructions, which are presented in the video from the author "Sunny Rabbit" will allow to make the cells correctly. In addition, the video contains not only step-by-step instructions on construction, but also all the features from A to Z.