Rabbit Cell Disinfection

Rabbit Cell Disinfection

Rabbit Cell Disinfection

Rabbit Cell Disinfection – This is one of the most important activities that should be carried out on farming. Only when cells are kept clean can livestock be kept from various diseases.

Many people know that viruses can cause illness. Most often, the pathogenic microorganisms live in the dwelling, they penetrate the walls, the floor and can cause another round of illness. To prevent this, disinfection should be carried out in rabbit cages.

Why disinfection cells rabbit.

As noted earlier, many viruses can easily develop on walls and inventory. In this regard, they may pose a danger to new tenants. In the case of disease on farming, disinfection should be carried out in rabbit cages. This is a mandatory procedure. It will not only allow the disease to reappear, but also prevent its occurrence.

How is the disinfection of rabbits at home

Routine rodent dwelling should be carried out at least 2 times a year. At the same time be sure to carry out the procedure during transplantation, before the procedure, as well as in the case of the disease. Disinfection of rabbit cells after the disease is not significantly different.

How is the disinfection of rabbit cells after myxomatosis or other diseases.

If a sick animal can be cured, it is treated by transplanting it into a clean house. And the old rabbit, in which he lived before the disease, is being cleaned.

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Initially, contamination (food debris, feces) is removed from the floor, shelves and other items. All walls and equipment must be clean. For carrying out such work you may need a broom, brush. Be sure to use personal care products.

After the dirt is gone, the cell is treated with special disinfectant solutions that can be purchased at most outlets. These solutions wash the cage.

The best today are considered such tools as:

This is not the entire list.

If possible, the walls are burned from the inside with a blowtorch, which allows to destroy most of the viruses and bacteria. According to many breeders, roasting is the most effective means that can exist at all. This method is suitable in any situation, both before okolom and after illness. However, it is worth paying attention to what the cages for rabbits are made of, if it is metal, then this is a great way, if the tree is, then the procedure should be carried out carefully, because you can burn the cage.

For wooden cells it is better to use disinfection solutions. Modern tools show excellent results after use. They are designed in such a way as to fight most bacteria without leaving them a chance to survive.

When to carry out preventive measures

  • A few weeks before,
  • Before transplanting young.

Remember that these are mandatory conditions when disinfection should be carried out. Having spent for this procedure some time, you will protect the pets from many dangerous illnesses with which they can meet. If you do not have the ability to burn cells inside and out, use modern disinfectants. They are no worse than such radical measures as fire.

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Recently, a 40% formaldehyde solution has been increasingly used. This solution is treated (spray) wall, the floor of the rabbit. After that, without fail, the product is washed off with a sufficient amount of water and dried.