Rabbit Dwelling Key Cell Features, Practical Design Manufacturing Technology

Puzzled by the breeding of hare animals, it is necessary to create a favorable environment for their habitat. The usual place to keep rabbits at home is a cage. During the design of this product, it is possible to realize the main principles of comfortable living of mammals: spaciousness, cleanliness, comfort.

Design stage: product design development

The implementation of the idea “on paper” is one of the most important conditions for solving the problem, before how to build a cage for rabbits on their own. Being engaged in the synthesis of various solutions, you should seriously approach the choice of the overall dimensions of the structure. The following data can be used as regulatory data. space settings for two animals:

  • length – 240 cm;
  • width – 65 cm;
  • height front / rear – 60/35 cm.

At this stage it is necessary to provide a number of constructive decisions of the organizational plan:

  • feed system for concentrated feed;
  • compartment for rough and green fodder;
  • nest compartment;
  • system of removal of metabolic products.

Experienced rabbit breeders strongly recommend cell placement. slightly higher than the floor level (0.5 – 0.8 m) with the aim of ensure the safety of animals from predators (rats and mice) and make the maintenance process more convenient.

A universal way, or how to personally build a comfortable cage for rabbits. Simple design, the implementation of which is subject to each

Two-section structure products is the most successful and therefore, the most common. Both cells consist of aft and breeding, located on the periphery and having a solid bottom.

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In the aft compartment, the cell is divided into two sections by the feeding section for feeding. Here the grid serves as a supporting surface. The front part is formed by frame partitions and four doors, two of which are solid.

Before, how to build a cage for rabbits, It is necessary to acquire such elements:

  • timber (30×40);
  • plywood or OSB (10 – 15 mm);
  • grid;
  • fasteners (screws, nails, hinges).

Technique construction double cell is derived technology of frame construction and submits to its basic principles. The product is created in the following. sequences:

  • the frame is assembled from a pre-sawn timber;
  • the combined bearing surface is assembled: grille + plywood;
  • back and side walls of the OSB are formed;
  • the cage is equipped with a combined feed area;
  • the formation (the creation of a “window” for the passage of the rabbit) and the fixing of the partitions between the aft and nesting parts;
  • assembly of the upper section;
  • front end organization: door assembly and fixing.

If the cell is planned to be used outdoors, it is necessary to retrofit the product with a waterproof roof — lay roofing material and slate over the plywood or OSB.

There are even more simplified version – single cell. In this case, the need for a partition disappears, and the number of doors is reduced to two. The feed loading section is based on the front. Additionally, you can attach the uterine compartment to one of the ends of the cell, after cutting a window.

Owners of large farms need to provide separate rooms for the separate maintenance of males, young animals and pregnant rabbits. In such cases, fully justified. multi-storey structure.

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After that, how the base of the rabbit cage is built, need to produce installation of the system of final products digestive system of animals. You can organize automatic withdrawal two ways:

  • install in the immediate vicinity of the grid container, repeating the geometry of the floor;
  • Attach a truncated cone to the bottom of the cage.

The disadvantage of the first method is an increased frequency and duration of maintenance cycles, since it is still necessary to transfer waste to the final container manually. The bunker can be shaped in such a way that the metabolic products are transferred directly to the tank intended for disposal.

Cell construction is a good method for organizing a spacious and cozy space without a major source of negative impact on the health of rabbits – drafts.

Despite the large number of specific designs, a two-section building is widely used in household conditions. The product becomes even more practical after additional equipping with a bunker type metabolic system.