Rabbit House – We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks

Cell arrangement

What should be the perfect cage for a decorative rabbit? It is very important that your pet has the correct gender in the house. It can not be done completely lattice, as the animal will be uncomfortable to move on it. Therefore, it is recommended that the floor be flat and made of a material that does not rot over time.

Rabbit House - We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks

Eared by nature are very fond of secluded places, and not because they are cowardly, but simply have a love for mink in their blood. And if you arrange such a corner for your pet, then he will be incredibly comfortable in it. Especially at first, when the animal adapts to a new place, it needs to “wait out” somewhere until the stress passes. Put a rag or an old towel on the floor in the mink and rest assured that if the animal is accustomed to the toilet, then where it sleeps, there will be no crap. Such a secluded corner can be made on the second tier, it will save space in the cage.

Rabbit House - We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks

The main components of the rabbit cage

The placement of the house is also a very important aspect, because the pet’s health also depends on it. It is not recommended to put a cage in the sun and near the battery – at high temperatures the animal can overheat and get a heat stroke. It is necessary to protect the pet from drafts so that he does not get sick. The optimum temperature for the content – 16-20 degrees.

Arrange the cage properly, divide it into conditional sections, and your eared friend will be comfortable in his house. The main thing is to have more places, because the rabbit also needs to knead its paws, it should be able to move freely around the house. About the size and process of manufacturing cells, we will describe below.

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Do it yourself

What to build a house? The most inexpensive material from which to build a home for your rabbit is plywood and mesh. Initially, it is necessary to determine the design, that is, how the iron house will be ironed. Draw a drawing to make it easier for you to continue to carry out construction work. Decide where the bed will be, and where you will put the drinker with the feeder. The place for a toilet animal, as a rule, determines for itself independently and often chooses a distant corner.

Rabbit House - We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks

The bottom of the cage should be with a dimple, or you can beat it with some material – the threshold will prevent the spreading of the litter outside the house. The cage should not be completely covered with plywood sheets, natural light should come into it, so make it fully or partially from the grid. The roof can be both from plywood, and from a lattice if the lodge will be indoors.

Cell size

Decorative rabbits are small animals, because their house may be small – this opinion is wrong. Eared need to move freely, so if he has a small cell size, he should be allowed to walk at least every day for 2-3 hours. Small is considered boxing sizes 70×45 cm

Optimum dimensions: 50x100cm or 50×80 cm. How many centimeters should be the height of a rabbit’s cage – this is another one of the most popular questions during construction. If you decide to build a two-tier house for your pet, then the height of one tier should be at least 40-45 cm. For a single-tier box, an acceptable height is 50 cm.

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Rabbit House - We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks


So, the drawing is the basis of each building. Decide on the size and design. Making a house for a rabbit with your own hands is quite simple, and such a construction will not be expensive for you.

Materials needed for construction:

  • plywood sheets;
  • hammer;
  • nails;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • wooden slats (for stairs);
  • metal grid;
  • hinges for doors;
  • file;
  • scissors for cutting metal;
  • sheet of tin (for the floor).

Initially we do the floor. We recommend making it from a chipboard sheet with thresholds. On the bottom it is better to lay a sheet of tin for easy cleaning, plus this floor will be more durable. Leaf tin thin – up to 0.2 mm.

If you plan to make a two-tier cage, then make two walls of plywood (back and one side), and the rest of the grid. The walls are fastened together with nails, screws attached to the floor.

The door should be of such size that the eared could easily get out of their house. It can be made of wooden slats and grid and hang on the loops. You can also make sliding doors (coupe). To do this, you will need a rake and a sheet of plywood, and this door can be closed on a hook. However, the big-eared will hardly be able to open the sliding doors, even if they are without a lock. If you are making the ceiling out of plywood, and the walls are completely out of the grille, make sure that the grille is strong enough and will not sag under the roof.

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We make the second tier of a piece of chipboard, fasten it firmly with screws to the cell walls. The floor of the second floor should be stable and withstand the weight of your pet. The ladder can also be made of plywood, it is necessary to nail the wooden slats on it so that the eared was comfortable to climb up. The ladder also needs to be firmly fixed so that it does not slip and fall. Remember that the ladder should be at least 15 cm wide, and the slats should be packed with a distance of 5 cm from each other.

Rabbit House - We Make Cages For Decorative Rocks

It is not necessary to paint or varnish the walls, because rabbits love to gnaw everything, and varnishes and paints for them are toxic. Attach the trough and the feeder firmly to the walls so that your pet does not turn them over and does not scatter / spread the contents on the floor. If you bought a nipple drinker for eared, then it is better to install it outside to save space in the house.

Remember that it is best to build a larger cage for the animal, so that your pet has a separate place to rest. If the rabbit is not very mobile, it can lead to various diseases. Equip your home according to the above recommendations, and your fluffy will be comfortable living in it.

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