Rabbits Gnaw A Cage – What To Do

Rabbits Gnaw A Cage - What To Do

Causes of the phenomenon

Rabbits gnaw a cage in the first place because they are rodents, their front teeth are constantly “cut”, and sometimes they are very itchy.

Another reason why these cute eared birds gnaw a wooden cage – they need to sharpen their teeth about something, otherwise large cliques will grow and it will be difficult for them to close their mouths.

When a rabbit is hungry, he tries to fill his stomach with anything, just to feel full. This is another reason why rabbits gnaw a cage.

Sometimes, even if the animal has plenty of food, it lacks mineral supplements and its diet is monotonous. The rabbit just needs to add to the diet food that is rich in mineral salts. If a rabbit gnaws a cage in the place where he goes to the toilet, then this clearly means that he has a mineral starvation, as he is trying to gnaw out the remains of ammonia salt from the urine.

In that case, if you don’t let your eagles go on a walk, then perhaps they ask for freedom and therefore gnaw their houses.

If you are sure that all of the above reasons do not apply to your animals, then pay attention to the rabbit’s dimensions: perhaps the rabbit nibbles at its cage due to the fact that the house seems too small to it, and thus it requires an increase in its living space.

Video “Young male nibbles a cage”

So, having learned the most common reasons for which rabbits gnaw a cage, it is now necessary to figure out how to fix it.

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As already mentioned, these animals constantly cut their teeth and they need to scratch and erode them about something, so be sure to ensure that there are always different wooden twigs, sticks and pieces of wood in the cage. The main thing is to interest them with these objects so that they switch their attention from the cell to them.

As soon as the rabbit feels hungry, and there is no food, he immediately begins to attract your attention and gnaw his house. Remember that it is often necessary to feed eared fish, and best of all, if they always have free access to food. Then you do not have to get up in the middle of the night to feed the demanding pets.

Also very often the diet of animals is monotonous, and they lack mineral supplements and vitamins. It is better to avoid this and take care of the proper organization of feeding. Take into account the natural needs of rabbits for different foods and make a diet in such a way as to satisfy all their needs. Nutritional feed must be given in accordance with established standards, but the bulky can be fed in high dosages.

Here is an example from which you can make a complete, balanced diet. So, be sure to add straw, twig feed, hay, tops of root crops, cabbage leaves, leaves and stalks of corn, Jerusalem artichoke and sunflower. Also necessarily in the diet should be present mineral supplements, because often because of their lack of a rabbit and begins to gnaw a cage. The best mineral supplements are salt, chalk and bone meal. Also, do not forget about juicy food, such as silage, waste of melons and gardening, and root vegetables.

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In the diet can not do without granular feed, such as grass meal, cake, cereal waste, meat and bone and fish meal. And, of course, do not forget about pelleted feed. These include corn, wheat, oat grain, barley, meal, feed, bran.

If you make a diet of all the above products, then your rabbits will get all the vitamins and minerals necessary for normal development, and will not bother you, nibbling your cage.

But what to do if the diet is made correctly, there are plenty of vitamins and minerals, and eared fish continues to nibble the cage aggressively? In this case, most likely, he is not satisfied with the house in which he is located. Perhaps the cell is too small. Remember that with the growth of the rabbit, the cell should also increase in size. The animal needs to be able to move in it, jump up or comfortably stretch to its full height. Therefore, check to see if it’s crowded in his house.

It is also very important to let the animals go out every day so that they have plenty of opportunity to run, jump, eat fresh grass and just get some fresh air. In warm weather, they can be released for the whole day, driving into a cage only for the night. But be careful, the place for walking should be fenced in, so that the Ears cannot get out and escape.

Fulfilling all these simple rules, you stop wondering: "Why does the rabbit gnaw a cage?". But remember that sometimes these animals just lack your attention, so they try to attract him in this way.

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Video “What if rabbits gnaw a cage?”

The video shows one of the solutions to the problem – with the help of corn cob.