Rabbits Gnaw Cages What To Do

Beginner rabbit bosses are concerned about why the rabbit gnaws a cage, they ask about this from experienced farmers and veterinary workers. Indeed, eared pets quite often do this, especially at night. Why do they do this, readers will find out right now. What the pet owner should do to stop rabbitking from nibbling their homes will also be discussed in this article.

Rabbits in a cage

The reasons

There are several reasons why rabbits gnaw their cages. Some of them are related to the physical condition of the animal, others are not related to their health. Consider them in detail:

  1. The animal grinds down its teeth.
  2. His body lacks minerals or vitamins.
  3. Rabbits just love to eat. They constantly chew something.
  4. Pet bored, and he gnaws a cage for fun.
  5. The animal asks for a walk. If a pet was previously released from a cage for a walk, then it is possible that in this way he is trying to get out.

It is known that in these animals the teeth grow throughout life, and they grind when there is roughage in the rabbit’s diet. If a pet uses branches of trees and hay irregularly, then its teeth gradually become so long that they cause discomfort and injure the oral cavity.

Rabbits Gnaw Cages What To Do

If a rabbit is missing something, such as vitamins or minerals, it will look for ways to compensate for this deficiency. Sometimes eared little animals eat their feces or gnaw wooden cages to get the right stuff.. Experienced farmers pay attention: if an animal gnaws a structure in that part of the house where its tray is located, this indicates a lack of salt in the body.

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Often the cage is gnawed by rabbits. In this way, they stimulate blood circulation in the gums and relieve itching. And eared little animals just love to constantly chew something. If no food is left in the cage at night, they are taken for wooden constructions. Even boredom can cause damage to their own homes.

Attention! Most often, rabbits gnaw a cage during puberty, when their hormones change. This is a clear sign of a lack of vitamins and minerals.

What if a rabbit gnaws a cage?

It is necessary to solve the problem based on the reasons that caused it. The owner of a krolefermy should analyze whether there is enough roughage in the diet of animals. An adult rabbit should receive daily at least 250-300 grams of hay and a little sprig. Otherwise, his teeth will not grind normally.

Rabbits Gnaw Cages What To Do

Solid rabbit branches

In the eared menu, be sure to include the branches:

Important! The branches of coniferous trees can be given to a pet during the cold season. In summer there are too many essential oils in them, so rabbits cannot be treated to them.

Being absolutely sure that the pet is well fed and receives all the necessary substances for health, sometimes it is worth paying him a little attention. Animals suffer from boredom and lack of caress. They need to be let out for a walk, picked up, talk tenderly with them. Replacing a cell with a larger one in some cases helps to solve the problem.

Having noticed that the rabbit gnaws its cage, it is important to diversify its diet: introduce more roughage and hay into it. It makes sense to give the animal the opportunity to fill the lack of mineral substances by putting a special briquette in a cage. Attention and care will help to solve this problem: from time to time a pet needs to run outside his home and soak up his master’s hands.