Rules For Disinfecting Rabbit Cells

Rules For Disinfecting Rabbit Cells

Rabbit Cell Disinfection

Those who decide to breed these cute fluffies should remember that valuable and pleasant fur, as well as healthy meat, will be exactly as they should be provided that the necessary disinfection of rabbit cells is done, especially after rabbit-borne illness.

How is held or "Karcher" – to help you

Cell disinfection for rabbits is an important point. Yes, cell cleanliness is excellent, but the main thing is to remove all the contagion from the places where your rabbits live. Cells can contain a variety of viruses, harmful bacteria, protozoa microorganisms, fungal infections (for example, lichen) and parasites. Suppose you understand what the disease is, how to treat it, they cured it, but the disease will return if sanitary and hygienic cleaning has not been done in time, in particular, disinfection of rabbit cells. Bacteria and microbes love secret corners, out of the sunlight, where the desired humidity and temperature. So, phased cleaning will be as follows:

  • We start washing with the use of "Kärcher", which is usually used in washing machines;
  • the next stage is disinsection and disinfection: “Whiteness” will help you best in this matter (the brand does not matter – the main composition, and in any whiteness – it is the same);
  • and the final stage is the burning of the last "fighters" with fire.

Now we will try to understand the 3-step method “How to disinfect a rabbit cage” step by step. Karcher is nothing more than a portable device that delivers high pressure water. Water consumption – 10 liters per minute, but the pressure is so high that it washes away everything. Yes, it is effective, but the device is quite expensive. But, if you have a car, you will also save money by using the device for two purposes – washing and caring, and help in cleaning rabbit cages. Thus, you will save on carwash and get rid of the death of rabbits, since the disinfection of rabbit cells after the disease will be done on time.

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Alternative methods

Antiseptics are different, but the effectiveness of whiteness has already been proven by professional rabbit breeders. For the prevention of such disinfection should be carried out once every six months, but if the disease got to the rabbit, then immediately after it. It is also worth doing this cleaning if the rabbits are going to acquire a family, as well as after the recovered rabbits return from quarantine. And do not forget to get rid of waste in time. They must be removed or disposed of, but in no case should they be kept close to the cells after cleaning. If the whiteness for some reason does not suit you, then use the advice of specialists in the veterinary clinic. Effective use of funds, in which you will find iodine, peroxide, alcohol, chlorine, bromine, various acids, phenol. "White" also contains chlorine, and therefore is also effectively used for these purposes.

Want to kill the rest of the previous methods of infection? Then use a blowtorch. Only if your cells are made of wood, not plywood. Yes, yes, you read it right. We will finish off the most persistent and strong bacilli with fire. Do not forget before the procedure to remove from the cells all that can quickly catch fire and create a fire. Fire is what sums up your effective fight against harmful bacteria and microbes in combination with high-pressure cleaning and antiseptic.

It is worth thinking about the future cleaning at the stage of cell construction, so that every corner of them is accessible to you for cleaning. Option with a small door for a broom and dustpan – not suitable. Use cages that can be opened from the top during harvesting and thoroughly clean the rabbit from contamination.

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How many breeders – so many methods

So, before disinfection, the cells should be freed from litter, garbage, bedding of animals and dirt collected at that moment. We start disinfection by collecting the necessary equipment. We will need a broom, a bucket, brushes, a spatula, a drawer, a disinfectant, a scraper and a container to spray the product. For disinfection, you can choose the following drugs:

If you are constrained in means or do not trust already ready preparations, then to your attention – folk remedies which efficiency is proved by time. However, remember that, as in the situation with drugs, your neighbor will go perfectly and fit, and you still need to find your effective option. So the choice of how to successfully disinfect the cells of your rabbits – especially your choice. In addition to roasting by fire or using whiteness, which were mentioned above, after the disease treatment of the rabbit cage with burning lime or hot liquor will be effective. To understand that the procedure of burning your cells with fire was successful and killed all the contagion, and even its larvae, make sure that inside the wooden cells become a light brown shade. Typically, this effect is achieved a few minutes after the start of use of the fire. Remember that in addition to the cells, for complete disinfection should be processed not only the breeding place of rabbits, but also inventory, premises. If their material is not wood, then it is best not to burn them, but to boil them. This applies to glass, ceramics and metal.

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Prevention is not only your precautionary measures, but it is also an opportunity to monitor the health of your rabbit specimens. Disinfection, carried out in time, will protect your rabbits from diseases. And yet – do not dare to colonize new inhabitants, if you have not processed the cells from previous animals, because infections can be there in a viable state for many months, waiting for their next victim. Therefore, be sure to disinfect after a rabbit illness. Also note that acquired rabbits can also be infectious, so place them separately from existing young animals or adults, quarantine them to keep their old residents safe. A few weeks apart will be enough!