Step-By-Step Instructions For Making Cages For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

What are the cells

Step-By-Step Instructions For Making Cages For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

How to make a cage for rabbits so that it turns out to be of high quality and lasts a long time, you need to consider it in detail. There are several of the most common types of structures that farmers often prefer. These include:

  • normal (with or without queen mother). As a rule, such cells are divided into several zones at once, since animals feed in one of them, and their habitat is located in the other. This design is also beneficial because it often mates these furry creatures. In addition, here they will have plenty of space for a walk, which will only improve their reproductive abilities;
  • Mikhailov cell Most of this design is used in the industrial sector, since it is quite difficult to build it at home. In fact, one such miniature room is a mini-farm, which provides a ventilation system, shelves, heating for the mother liquor and drinkers, as well as a waste collection system;
  • Zolotukhin design. It is possible to equip this rabbitry at home, but you have to work hard. This type of structure differs from the previous ones in the first place in that the hollow coating here is not built from slats or grids. Plywood or flat slate is laid on the bottom of the rabbitcher. At the same time it is optional to mount the pallet. A not too large mesh strip is present only at the edge of the back wall, since this is where rabbits, as a rule, defend themselves. The Zolotukhin cell is mostly equipped in such a way that it can be tilted and cleaned thoroughly, saving this mini-room from dirt and waste;
  • with aviary for walking animals. Building a rabbit cage is not difficult. The main thing is to equip it with everything you need. If you decide to implement a scheme that includes a special aviary, animals will be able to move much more.
    Cages for fluffy rabbits are built according to different recommendations. Choose a construction that, in your opinion, will be the best choice, and then proceed to its construction.
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What size should be a cell

In the process of building these mini-houses it is necessary to take into account all the key points and recommendations of specialists. Great attention should be paid to the planning of future designs, the size of the cages for rabbits should be clarified in advance. Thus, you calculate how much material is useful to you in work.

On the basis of these data, make a drawing and a detailed construction plan. First of all, take into account that a single cage will not be enough for breeding rabbits at home. They need to purchase or build at least three. The sizes vary from the age of the animals:

  • for adults. Such a house is desirable to divide into two separate sections. The length of the structure should be about 140 cm, width – 60–70 cm, and height – 50–70 cm. Feeders and drinkers for animals should be placed in the center of this room;
  • for young. The length of this rabbitry should be 200–300 cm, width – 100 cm, and height – 35–60 cm. This building is designed to hold several young rabbits together in one such building;
  • for female with offspring. Each house is divided into two key sections – in one there is a rabbit, and in the other – her kids. To her bunnies the female looks in from time to time to feed them. The size of this cell is about 0.4 by 0.4 m, and its height is 0.2 m;
  • for the giant rabbits. If you already have rabbit homemade cages, but you have acquired quite large animals, it’s time to think about building more spacious houses, otherwise these furry creatures will not feel too comfortable. The width of this design should be about 0.75 m, height – 0.55 m, and length – 1.7 m.
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Write the diagrams and drawings of cells correctly, taking into account all the required sizes. In this case, your rabbits will develop fully, and will be more protected from various infections and parasites.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Making Cages For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Manufacturing steps

Building wooden or metal cells is a multi-layered process. It is recommended to take into account all sorts of nuances here, if you want the rabbit breeding to soon bear fruit. Consider in detail the steps that make up the construction of each rabbit cage, and then put your plans into action.

A place

Where to make and place a house for rabbits depends directly on the climatic conditions of your region. For example, if low temperatures in winter are rare for the area in which you live, feel free to locate cages for these animals on the street (there certainly will not be any problems with their ventilation). Nevertheless, in this case, try to avoid areas with drafts and high levels of humidity, otherwise the disease will soon make itself felt.

Choose a place for a rabbit house so that it is not too long under the scorching sun in the summer. Better a little pritenyat design. The best way to keep rabbits is in the cages and cages outside in the summer, and in the winter in the utility room.

Tools and materials

No matter what materials you plan to build a cage for fluffy rabbits – metal, wood or drywall. Every farmer must have basic tools in his arsenal, such as a handsaw, hammer, angle, pliers, plane, and a screwdriver.

The most budget and common option is a wooden frame with a metal grid. To do this, it is recommended to acquire laths, bars, sheets of plywood, screws, nails. Additionally buy gate valves. Now is the time to proceed to the immediate construction of the rabbit cage.

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Step-by-step instruction

Production of any cell begins with the construction of the frame. It is advisable to put it on the legs so that pests do not penetrate into this structure, and the moisture is less. Then secure the net to the bottom of the future rabbit house. Now you need to attach the back wall. When the skeleton is partially ready, it is recommended to start working on the queen cell. In the end, it remains only to cover the base, that is, to build a roof.

Step-By-Step Instructions For Making Cages For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

What to place inside

The litter must be present so that the animals do not freeze. In addition, equip the street cages with spacious feeders and drinkers, which in the future will need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. If you plan to place in the constructed structure not the males, but the female with offspring, be sure to install here the queen cells and special nesting compartments.

Not only a professional, but also an aspiring farmer will be able to build a cage for rabbits with their own hands.

To do this, follow all the necessary recommendations and buy quality materials. Follow your plan step by step, start by drawing up detailed drawings and determining the number of necessary tools and materials. In this case, houses for rabbits will last you for a long time, and the animals themselves will develop in complete safety and absolute comfort.