The Reasons Why Rabbits Gnaw Wooden Cages

Rabbit breeding in Russia is very developed and many animal breeders start rabbits as pets or for breeding. To successfully grow such animals, you need to understand how to properly care for them. In some cases, breeders face such a problem and do not understand why rabbits gnaw wooden cages. In fact, a pet may chew on a cage for various reasons.

The Reasons Why Rabbits Gnaw Wooden Cages

Why do rabbits gnaw wooden cages

This may be due to the specifics of the behavior of animals or some irritants. In any case, if you hear or see how a rabbit nibbles a cage and makes characteristic sounds, you need to immediately understand the situation. This behavior, when rabbits gnaw a cage is abnormal and you need to solve the problem immediately, as you noticed.

Reasons why rabbits gnaw a cage

  • Animals can be chipped. This reason is the most common, since they are rodents by nature and they just need to grind their teeth.
  • If the rabbit is hungry, he can try to chew everything that goes into his mouth, including the cage.
  • The lack of mineral components.
  • A small space in the cage and pet just closely in it.
  • Puberty.

Identify the cause and its solution

If you know exactly why the rabbits gnaw a cage, then in this case you need to solve the problem, until they gnaw through everything that comes across. Be sure to follow the diet of the animal and, if necessary, give solid food so that pets can grind their teeth. Also in the cage you need to keep special bars, branches of trees or sticks that the rabbit can nibble whenever it wants. The main thing that these sticks attracted attention and the pet stopped nibbling the wooden rods. Also, why the rabbit gnaws a cage, it is possible to attribute the problem of hunger to common ones.

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Very often, the owners simply do not know how much food is supposed to be given to a pet at its age and how to properly formulate a diet. You need to give the main feed, hay and as a encouragement juicy fruits and vegetables. Such juicy delicacies will distract the pet from gnawing wooden rods in the cage. Also juicy fruits and vegetables perfectly compensate for the deficiency of vitamins. How to wean a rabbit to gnaw a cage? Wean nibble wooden rods can be, the main thing to do it competently and be patient. If the pet is hungry, he will do anything even at night to get your attention. If you call him, scold him, call his name, it’s all useless, because when animals are hungry they don’t understand anything and will gnaw everything they see.

Proper pet care

If you follow the proper care and make nutritious mash, then it is very unlikely that rabbits will begin to gnaw wooden rods. Another thing, if the diet is compiled correctly, nutrients seem to be enough, and the pet continues to gnaw the cage. Perhaps in this case, this is because the animal feels like the house is too small. Perhaps your pet has grown and it is closely located in such a space.

Please note that the size of the cage must be several times larger than the size of the animal.

In the cage, the animal must be able to move, jump, stretch to full height. It is recommended to observe the behavior for several days and see when the pet wants to stretch out if it will work out. Paws should not touch the bars of the cage. The place should be enough not only for the pet, but also for its toys or food for teeth sharpening. If you properly care for and grow a rabbit, then you will have no problems. Perhaps the rabbit hasn’t been out for a walk for a long time and really wants to get out of the cage. Remember when you let him out for a walk around the apartment? If more than 1-2 days ago, you should release for a free walk.

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To keep your pet active and healthy, it is recommended to show it to the vet every 6-12 months. You should be taken to the vet even if you do not notice any changes and complaints. This is called a routine inspection and it is very important in the formation of the body and full growth. During puberty, rabbits are actively growing and they need more mineral supplements and vitamins. During this period, you need to be fed a full-fledged diet with the addition of all the minerals and salts that the rabbit needs.