What Should Be A Rabbit Cage

What Should Be A Rabbit Cage

Rabbits are quite cute and active creatures that often live in an apartment or house as decorative animals. Yes, and keep this pet is not so difficult, just enough to take into account a few points – food, accommodation and care.

In this connection, we immediately notice – before you start a rabbit you should take care of the cage for him. Consider that rabbits love to try everything on a tooth, including electrical wires. And so for their own protection, they need a special cage, where they can be locked while you are not at home or when you do not have the ability to look after them.

Choosing a rabbit cage

The first thing to look at is the size of the cage for the rabbit. Breeds of decorative rabbits are different, and therefore should be chosen individually in order. Take into account – buy a cage for several years and they must fully comply with the pet. In addition, the rabbits are quite active animals and will run inside for them only as a joy.

Sex in the cage must be adapted to the maintenance of the pet. Often inside it is equipped with a special plastic mesh to the size of rabbit excrements. In this case, the risk of injuring the foot is reduced and at the same time it will be easy to remove.

Also, owners sometimes look for glass or all-plastic products. But here we must look at the fact that such a house was not in a stuffy room, since poor ventilation can harm the health of the pet. This type of cage is suitable only for the periodic residence of the rabbit, its temporary location. If the cage means that the pet will spend many hours in it, it is better to take the open one, the first option.

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Products are of different types and the number of additional accessories. Simple models are characterized by the presence of only space for drinkers and feeders. But more dimensional and expensive cells can be equipped with a ladder, stand. Here the rabbit can not only sleep, but also have fun. Such products are a more suitable choice for the owner, especially if he often disappears at work.

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