What Should Be The Cages For Decorative Rabbits

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What Should Be The Cages For Decorative Rabbits

If the housing for the rabbit is a cage

The most common housing for a rabbit is a cage. First of all, you need to pay attention to its size. If an adult pet weighs about 2 kg, the optimal dimensions for a cage are 100 × 65 × 50 cm or close to it. For dwarf rabbits, cages measuring 70 × 55 × 40 cm are suitable. The rabbit must have space for movement. He should not be cramped when he lies down stretched out.

The cage must be wooden or metal, with unpainted rods. Exit from it is preferable in the form of a wooden bridge. The floor of the cell cannot be smooth or lattice. It is harmful to the health of the animal. The pet’s housing is best divided into a zone for sleeping and for walking.

Inside the cell must contain:
– creches large for hay;
– the drinker is better automatic, but you can bowl;
– grain feeder should be ceramic, with a thick bottom;
– a shelter house made of unpainted wood;
– 15 cm deep tray attached to the grid.
As a supplement, you can hang a senny-toy.

Rabbits are clean animals, so the cage must be cleaned. The litter in the cage must be changed every other day, and in the house – once a week. Every month it is necessary to disinfect the cell with hot water and a solution of manganese.

The dwelling of the decorative rabbit should be located away from the air conditioner and heater. You can not put a cage in the draft and the sun.

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Some breeds of rabbits can be settled in the summer on the balcony or on the street. At the same time, the cage must be deaf on three sides, and on the fourth it must have a metal mesh door.

Alternative cage

Recently, there is a perception that a cage is not the most suitable housing for a rabbit. After all, he is an active animal, in a cage it can become sick or obese.

Alternative options for the cell today are called aviaries, and even the ability to keep the rabbit in free movement. Aviary can be arranged in a comfortable part of the room. It will accommodate a variety of tunnels in which the animal can hide, play, dig. Enough space for houses made of cardboard, where the rabbit will be able to arrange mink. Just like in a cage, the floor should not be very hard or slippery. At a certain site you can put a soft coating.

Sennik, water bowl or drinking bowl, tray, feeding trough – all these are necessary attributes of the aviary. In addition, there will fit a variety of toys for your pet.

With free keeping the rabbit has the ability to move actively. It is important for health: the animal’s musculature develops, excess fat does not accumulate, the pet communicates with the owners more often.

But with such a choice of rodent content, you will have to think about the safety of the apartment and the animal. You need to hide the wires, move poisonous plants to an inaccessible place, isolate the rabbit from other animals. And it will take much more time and effort to train a pet, because he must understand and accept the rules of his master. And the reward for both parties will be a pleasant coexistence.