Why Disinfection Of Rabbit Cells?

Rabbit breeders at the initial stage of development of their own farm face many difficulties: drawing up a diet, fighting diseases and observing sanitary standards in cages and rooms. These three components play equivalent roles when keeping rabbits. The article describes the main stages of disinfection of cells, the drugs used and their effectiveness. We will tell you how to disinfect rabbit cells, and help prevent some of the mistakes made during the work on the sanitary cleaning of cells.

Why disinfection of rabbit cells?

Novice farmers do not often think about the fact that the “housing” of a rabbit requires regular processing and cleaning. Referring to the fact that most cells have a mesh floor and there are no visible contamination. Much attention is paid to the feeding, reproduction of animals, the treatment of various kinds of diseases. Remember, everything that happens to rabbits in your kennel depends, first of all, on their proper maintenance. See also the article: → “How to keep rabbits correctly?”

You can use expensive feed, twice a day to change the water, arrange free-range, observe the temperature in the room and not take care of the disinfection of cells. In this case, the root causes of all diseases, lack of appetite, loss of live weight comes from an insignificant, at first glance, nuance – a dirty "dwelling" of an animal.

Rabbit cells must be kept clean on a regular basis.

In order to avoid unnecessary problems, carry out sanitary cleaning of cells. Moreover, the procedure should be carried out regularly and with respect to the life cycles of the animal. At what time it is better to perform cell manipulations, you ask? The more efficient to process? How all sanitation and hygiene measures will be harmless to rabbits? All these questions are easy to find answers in our article.

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Time for cell sanitization

There are a number of factors, taking into account that experienced breeders disinfect cells:

  1. As contamination feces, urine, fluff and food debris.
  2. Until the moment the female rabbit is around.
  3. After jigging of young stock from the rabbit.
  4. Regarding the time of year: spring, autumn.
  5. During the manifestation of the first symptoms of an infectious or fungal disease.
  6. After cure or slaughter of a sick stock.
  7. In the period of general cleaning of the room.

Consider rabbit life cycles when sanitizing cages and rooms

What does rabbit cell disinfection include?

Rabbit cell disinfection consists of the following procedures:

  1. Washing surfaces: walls, ceiling, floor.
  2. Cleaning feeders and drinkers.
  3. Litter change, if any.
  4. Treatment with antibacterial solutions.
  5. Burning.
  6. Drying cells.

Not all measures apply at the same time. Some – more often: washing surfaces, replacing bedding. Others – less often: roasting, antibacterial treatment. Compliance with the rules for the disinfection of any nature is an essential condition for their own safety and the safety of the animal, spewing his age in a cage.

We trace the time intervals for each individual factor in the disinfection of cells. Remember, you must take all precautions before undertaking any type of work. Wear rubber gloves, use a respirator and replacement clothing. Inventory for cleaning cells before use must be disinfected in a solution of manganese.