Why Do Rabbits Gnaw A Wooden Cage And Bite A Man

Rabbit bites – one of the important problems of the owners. Rabbits are animals from the group “Zaitseobraznye”, very similar to rodents. In these two groups of animals, the constant growth of teeth is a feature. Gnawing wooden objects is not news for breeders and this feature must be taken into account when organizing the housing and feeding of rabbits. On the other hand, the teeth of rodents are not a weapon of defense and attack, such as, for example, predators. Therefore, the bitten rabbit is the subject of a study of the reasons for owners and veterinarians.

Why Do Rabbits Gnaw A Wooden Cage And Bite A Man

A photo. Rabbit gnawing a carrot.

Despite the fact that rabbit biting people and gnawing on wooden objects are two sides of the coin, they have one mechanism of occurrence.

  • The first reason is rabbit reflexes.
  • The second – the stress due to excessive attention to a small pet.
  • Third – rabbits are collective animals, the leader can be a person or another animal.
  • Fourth – diseases accompanied by either severe pain or metabolic disorders.

For several years, the acquisition of decorative rabbits, as pets at the peak of popularity. The animal for our latitudes is not exotic. In the villages they are kept for meat and skins. But the decorative animal, of course, differs from its prolific counterparts, grown for meat and fur. Beautiful cute miniature animals help to teach our children to care and order, and for adults they become the subject of enduring love and affection, as well as more familiar dogs with cats.

Choosing a pet that does not bite

Which pet to choose – only the owners decide; we will find out why the adult and the little rabbit bites? And also we will tell why rabbits gnaw cages, and what to do in such a situation. Rabbits have individual characteristics of character, the so-called temper (veterinary term), which will have to be considered.

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Why Do Rabbits Gnaw A Wooden Cage And Bite A Man

A photo. Rabbit is able to stand up for himself in a fight with an arrogant cat

They change their mood, have their own preferences and needs, and how to link all this with the life of the owners should be clarified in advance. So, we will pass to the detailed review.

Why bites a rabbit and gnaws a cage?

If your home decorative pet began to make noise at night, and behave aggressively, you should check a few factors. Understand why the rabbit nibbles the cage, you can fix the situation very quickly.

  1. The pet grows, which means that its cage must be resized. Rabbits experience real depression if they do not have enough space to live;
  2. The reason (because of which the rabbit gnaws a cage) is constantly growing teeth that need to be ground. Genetics is a serious science, therefore it provided such a feature for rabbits. Gnawing various objects, the animal grinds down its teeth. The trouble is if it is not a useful sprig of a fruit tree, but for example, the wooden part of some sofa or chair or chair or poisonous, for a rabbit, home plant.
  3. Another possible reason, when the owners do not let the rabbit for a walk. The fact is that the eared animal is a socially adapted animal. He needs a large space for walking, constant tactile communication, through touch, and familiarity with the surrounding reality.
  4. Diseases make the animal apathetic and irritable. For example, diseases of the teeth, accompanied by pain, can provoke not only the breaking of branches, but also an unprovoked attack on a person, which can serve as a manifestation of defensive aggression. Known disease of rabbits under the name of malocclusion – excessive growth of teeth in rabbits due to improper grinding of tooth enamel.

A small animal bites when it is squeezed too eagerly, when it overheats, or when it does not have the mood to communicate. He is absolutely honest, and will not be played if he does not want.

Rabbit reflexes

This definition fits better when you have to answer the question “why do rabbits gnaw wooden cages?” Grinding teeth to decorative babies is also necessary, as well as to standard individuals. Sprawled teeth cause inconvenience, and will not allow his eared host’s face to be his convenient tool. The main reasons why rabbits gnaw and chew everything without stopping are clear. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the pet with solid food, branches and mineral salts, in order to supplement its dietary needs. Grinding down the teeth laid genetically, and therefore the issue is solved with convenient tools at hand.

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Lack of attention

In the wild, rabbits live in colonies. Domestic pets are not far from their relatives. Without socialization, that is, submission or domination, the rabbit becomes overly aggressive. This is a well-known fact, which is set forth in all serious textbooks on professional decorative rabbit breeding.

Rabbits for calming the necessary company. His family may be other rabbits. The best option to purchase several rabbits from one litter. However, this is a very controversial method. It can be easier. Rabbits can assume that they live in a colony if they constantly communicate with people or other animals of the same age that appeared in the family at the same time. Who will be the leader, decide for yourself.

Internal pains cause rabbit aggression

No one likes to be ill, and decorative animals are no exception. The poor state of health of the rabbits is not very good, so they can demonstrate the problem by nibbling cages or toys. If the rabbit has the whole set of feed and mineral salts, there is water and free space, but it still continues to gnaw the cage – you need to take the baby to the vet. This reaction is caused by liver and intestinal disease in rabbits, and only a specialist can diagnose them.

There are other options why the decorative rabbit bites. This may be his reaction to unacceptable conditions of host behavior, unfavorable neighborhood with other pets, or skin diseases.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

About the rabbit needs need to be baked by the owners. Be sure to take care of a varied diet, provide:

  • Ready specialized compound feed for decorative rabbits.
  • Feed additives.
  • Benign hay in winter.
  • Fresh grass in summer (do not collect grass near roads).
  • Vitamins specialized for rabbits.
  • Bars of mineral compounds – chalk, salt, limestone.
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The lack of any nutritional ingredient that adversely affect the health, mood and appearance of the pet.

Rabbit aggression provoked by the owner and not only

What to do if the rabbit scratched or bitten?

You can read more in the article “Rabies: Do Rabbits Get sick with Rabies” in the corresponding section you will find a detailed sequence of actions and find out why rabbits do not get sick with rabies. Cases of this terrible disease are rare. And why vaccinate against this disease is not necessary. Although.

Weaning to gnaw a cage – an important concern of the owners of a happy rabbit

How does a rabbit wean to gnaw a cage? Some offer to make such a method – to smear the bars of the cage with vinegar, the smell and taste of which is not liked by animals. But here you can not guess, because the animal can be upset and no longer wants to live in this cage. Then it will entail additional expenses.

Learn to identify aggression, avoid bites.

The behavior of the rabbit is quite predictable, if you watch him for a while.

  1. They aggressively react to claps, unexpected strokes, to the desire to pull them out of the cage (from their legal territory);
  2. With their teeth, they can gnaw the ankles of the hosts, especially during the mating season. In this case, you must quickly carry them to castration, because the habit of biting can be fixed in the memory of the pet;
  3. The tight pose of a small pet is a harbinger that the animal is not ready for contact. In this case, it is not necessary to take his brother in his arms, move objects around the cage.

Help your pet get used to your smell, behavior, and voice timbre. They certainly distinguish not words, but intonation, and they do it at the level of canine perception. Only capricious they are much more than cats and puppies.