How To Build A Cage For Rabbits

In central Russia and its northern regions, rabbit cages are best placed under sheds near any building – a shed, barn or poultry house. This article will discuss how to build a cage for rabbits or rabbitry.

It is possible to build cages for rabbits from scrap materials – tesa, box containers, bricks, croakers, boards, even from adobe. Any roofing material goes on the roof of the cage (roofing felt, roofing felt, slate, etc.). The floor area of ​​a single cell is 70 … 80 cm2.

The most convenient cells are with a permanent uterine compartment, under which one-third of the cell area is partitioned off with a bead partition. In the partition, a manhole with a width of 20 cm and a height of 10 … 13 cm from the floor is made. A solid floor is laid in the nesting compartment, and in the rest of the cage – latticed or from a grid with cells measuring 20 × 20 mm.

Cages for female rabbits with cubs

Hole box for rabbit

Group cage for young rabbits

How To Build A Cage For Rabbits

Stock for rabbitry:
a – floor feeder for hay; used feeder for concentrates

How To Build A Cage For Rabbits

Rabbit cages from old barrels

The rabbitry with his own hands for the young is done simply. For growing young stock is better to build group cells. They have a mesh floor, solid walls and a shed roof, each cage is satisfied with a floor feeder for hay with a weighted bottom, which rabbits cannot overturn. As a feeder for concentrates use the box, knocked together from two plates at an angle. To prevent the rabbits from scattering concentrates, the side of the trough is filled with a bar hanging over the food.

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Individual cells are grouped into boxes. Thus, 24 individual cells measuring 40 × 70 cm are arranged in four tiers. The floor in the cells is made of loosely fitting boards, so that the slurry gets into the pallet of roofing material or roofing material, installed at a distance of 6 … 10 cm from the floor, and from there flows into a specially substituted container.

Boxing at a distance of 15 … 20 cm from the cages is attached to the box to protect the rabbits from wind, rain and snow. At night, the gate is closed at the gate. Between them and a small visor at the top, as well as a wooden scaffolding below make a small gap for the flow of fresh air into the box.

Sometimes rabbitries equip in old barrels. They are put in pyramids and closed with roofing sheets or roofing felt, and the doors are made of grids. For a small number of rabbits, the best cages are probably not to be found.

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