How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Cell size

If you are seriously going to breed rabbits, then you need to start with the arrangement of the room. Animals are kept in cages that are set up in the rabbit or in a small, but warm and well-lit barn.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

You can make a cage with your own hands or purchase it. The advantages of industrial products are that you immediately acquire a ready-made professional design that meets safety standards, and is also equipped with feeders, drinkers and bedding.

However, self-production of cells provides an opportunity to make more convenient and comfortable housing for eared. The construction takes into account not only the location of the premises and conditions of detention, but also the characteristics of the rabbit breed, age and gender characteristics of domestic animals.

How to start building a cage for rabbits with your own hands, you ask? First you need to draw a drawing or use a ready-made option, which can be found on specialized forums of breeders. The next step is to determine the type and size of the structure.

For adult rabbits

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Among the experienced rabbit bosses, solid-wire structures, compact two-section Rabbitaks models, two-story block mini-farms from Alexey Tsvetkov and practical dwellings for rodents, developed by Russian breeder Nikolai Zolotukhin, are very popular.

For comfortable development, the size of the cages for rabbits should be at least 60×70 cm. The length can vary from 100 to 240 cm. It is best to use a block-type design, with blocks recommended to be divided into two separate sections by partitions. During the mating period, the inner wall is removed so that the female and the male are in the same block. Inside such a dwelling you need to install drinkers, feeders, bedding for sleeping and resting animals.

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For young

Rabbit cages for the young, weaned from the mother, are made taking into account that about 10 to 20 pets can be kept in one such house. The minimum parameters that should be followed are 100×300 cm, the ceiling is placed at a level of 50-60 cm.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Some rabbit breeders do not make separate housing for the young, but use separate cages for these purposes for more adult individuals.

For rabbit with litter

Young rabbits who have recently brought their offspring feel uncomfortable in the same room with other pets. Anxiety and stress adversely affect the health of young offspring. For this reason, it is recommended to equip separate dwellings for females with offspring. The size of such an uterine house is relatively small – approximately 40x40x20 cm.

For giant rabbits

If you plan to breed representatives of large breeds, then for the comfortable development of these pets are not suitable designs of standard sizes. Cages for giant rabbits should be more overall. Thus, the average parameters of such a house are:

  • width – 70–75 cm;
  • length – 90–150 cm;
  • height – 55–65 cm.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Manufacturing Rules

With the proper size of making homemade cages for rabbits, we have already figured out. It’s time to go directly to the question of how to make a nice and comfortable rabbit house at home.

Choosing a place

Let’s start with choosing a place where a house for keeping fur animals will be installed. If we are talking about street cells, then when choosing a location, it is necessary to take into account such factors as the absence of drafts and wind, the presence of shade, as well as nearby residential and farm buildings. We do not recommend building cages in the open sun, as the scorching sun rays can adversely affect the well-being and health of these small rodents.

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It is better to build the cages installed in the non-winding premises from the wooden frame and the metal grid. Inside equip litter for rest, removable drinkers and feeders.

Also, do not forget to think of a convenient removal of pet waste.

Materials and tools

We recommend preparing in advance the tools and various devices that may be useful in the construction process: tape measure, level, angle, hammer, metal hacksaw and wood hacksaw, planer, screwdriver, pliers, screwdriver, metal scissors, sandpaper, nails, screws, screws, etc.

You should also consider in advance the scheme of building cages for rabbits and purchase all the necessary materials. As noted by experienced breeders, to create cages with your own hands, you will need:

  • wooden boards, slats and sheets of plywood;
  • galvanized mesh with small cells;
  • hollow tubes that will hold water and feed tanks;
  • slate or tile (for keeping eared outside);
  • plastic and drywall for the internal arrangement of cells.

How To Make A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands


In conclusion, we bring to your attention a small step-by-step instruction for the manufacture of rabbit cages, using which you will quickly master the process of producing such houses:

  1. Decide on the type of construction and parameters of the cage for rabbits.
  2. Choose the future location of the house.
  3. Prepare all construction and consumables, tools and various accessories.
  4. Make a drawing.
  5. Proceed to making homes for rodents.
  6. Check the design for durability, practicality and safety.
  7. Properly think and place the internal content.