How To Make Cages For Rabbits

It is absolutely easy to make cages for rabbits with your own hands. Even a beginning farmer in breeding these animals will easily cope with the task. Rabbits are unpretentious four-legged ones in content; in the wild they live in ordinary earthen holes. Therefore, even the simplest version of the cage will become just a palace for the rabbit. Cages for rabbits with their own hands, photo gradually will help the breeder to build a structure with minimal effort and money.

Stages of self-manufacturing cage for rabbits with photos

To reduce the cost of building cells, it is better to use the materials at hand. For this fit unnecessary old boards, tin, slate, plywood. Breeders with experience know a lot of cage options, but all breeders advise not to spend a lot of time on it. Making a convenient cage in which it is easy to clean, feed and inspect pets is the most practical solution to this problem.

How To Make Cages For Rabbits

In the first stage, we make a cage frame for rabbits from scrap materials.

Rabbit cages are best made with one or two standard-sized sections, namely:

  • length – 100-120 cm;
  • width – 70-90 cm;
  • height – no more than 50 cm.

Group rabbit cells can be built for the young. In one such cage is placed 10-13 individuals. The dimensions of such a cell were described above, but its length will be longer, up to 2 meters. It is advisable to cage same-sex rabbits, approximately the same age and weight.

How To Make Cages For Rabbits

The next stage is the installation of the sides using boards or plywood.

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The construction of the cage for rabbits independently, as shown in the photo, includes the following steps, namely:

  • frame, which is usually collected from wooden beams;
  • the sides perform using boards or plywood;
  • partitions that separate the breeding and aft compartments;
  • top cover, which should be easy to open;
  • it is better to make the floor cellular;
  • front wall is made of mesh;
  • under the floor mounted retractable pallet.

Cages for animals must be equipped with feeders, drinkers, and also set capacity for hay. Usually cells are not placed directly on the floor. The finished cage is placed on high legs, which rise 60-70 cm above the ground. Such an arrangement of the cage would be a good defense against rats, mice and other uninvited guests. In addition, the cells are located higher, it is more convenient to maintain.

Independent production of cages for mating and breeding rabbits

Building a family rabbit cage requires some skill. Such a construction consists of three sections, in the central one there lives a rabbit-maker, and in the side sections – rabbit. Openings are provided between the compartments. They will open so that females can easily be pushed in to mate.

In such family cells it is necessary to additionally equip an attic room. It will be used rabbit for the rest of the offspring. So as not to disturb the young and their parents, it is worthwhile to provide such an option of feeders and drinkers that can be filled from the outside.