How To Wean The Rabbits Gnaw Their Cages

Why do rabbits gnaw wooden cages? Such a question worries, probably, many beginning breeders. Moreover, there are quite a few and often contradictory answers to it. Some argue that this behavior is the result of a lack of salts and vitamins, others – that it is a natural need to grind down teeth. Who is right, why and what to do with such a problem, we will find out together right now.

Why do rabbits gnaw cages?

So, let’s not wander around for a long time and say at once that if your rabbit nibbles a cage, this is quite normal and natural behavior of the animal. It is connected with the natural instinct and the need to grind down teeth. If the animal does not have enough solid food in the diet or solid delicacies, then he will find himself nibbling. And here, as never better fit, of course, the wooden corners of the house. Why not? – think your little animal.

Like many other rodents, the teeth of rabbits grow all their lives and they just need to grind.

How To Wean The Rabbits Gnaw Their Cages

If the little rabbit begin to gnaw a cage, it is also associated with their teeth. Thus, they can not only sharpen them, but also scratch and massage the gums for better blood circulation. Do not be afraid if animals do this at night. At this time of day, they are most bored, and if there is nothing under their teeth, then their own house is used. All, of course, will not gnaw, but the visual appearance will be spoiled.

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Lack of salt or puberty?

Many livestock breeders claim that a rabbit gnaws a cage or its wooden parts only when it grabs vitamins or mineral salts. Of course, such a possible reason can be and quite has a right to exist. After all, from the greenery, leaves, grass and branches, the animals receive the necessary substances. In the absence of these substances in the diet, the rabbit becomes more restless, vulnerable to diseases.

How To Wean The Rabbits Gnaw Their Cages

Another possible reason lies in puberty. But here, as you understand, such behavior will be manifested only in young animals. At the same time, animals will knock their teeth not only on the wooden cage, but also on the iron bars. Such behavior in adulthood often signals the animal boredom or hunger. What to do in each of these cases, find out now, as well as from the video below the article.

Problem solving methods

About why the rabbits gnaw their wooden houses, we talked. Now it is worth talking about what to do to wean your little animals from this habit.

  • First of all, in a cage, animals must always have branches of trees. There will be fruit trees or ordinary trees, this is up to you, as long as they are useful.
  • Each time you can collect fresh twigs with leaves or just put a wooden log in a cage.

How To Wean The Rabbits Gnaw Their Cages

  • More often give solid food, hang special grinding stones for decorative rabbits.
  • If the reason for this behavior lies in the lack of vitamins, minerals, salts, then it is worth feeding the animals with a special complex, to diversify the diet. Again, tree branches are perfect here as a source of solid and healthy food.
  • With a lack of attention, more often take the animals in your arms, communicate with them, let them walk in the aviary, frolic on the lawn.