Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Industrial rabbit breeding needs special equipment. Cells are required to provide the rabbits with optimal, comfortable living conditions. Premises intended for industrial keeping and breeding of rabbits create the prerequisites for quick weight gain. Then the livestock productivity will grow, and the breeding of animals will become a profitable business.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

From the correct choice of cells depends on the profitability of the business.

When self-fabricating, first select the device type and size. To install, choose a dry place without drafts, but with ventilation.


Industrial cells are characterized by spaciousness and spaciousness, stability. These are sturdy structures: the animals will not damage them. Rabbits calmly in such a room, they do not worry, and nothing distracts them from the consumption of food. This is directly associated with weight gain and improved productivity.

Stainless steel or galvanized wire is used for production. This ensures the strength of the cell and the duration of its use. Other advantages of such devices:

A cell without inhabitants is easy to take and move to another place. The disadvantages of the design you want to make yourself: the materials at hand are not suitable for this. They are bought, and they cost less than the finished version for breeding.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Empty cage easy to transport

Differences from conventional designs

Industrial cells are different from the usual, hand-made. There are no clear requirements for the creation of the latter. Drawings for them look like ordinary sketches and calculations by hand, made on a piece of paper. The materials used improvised means:

  • wooden slats and bars;
  • fragments of building materials;
  • scraps of mesh

In such self-made premises, animals live and even breed, but such living conditions cannot be called comfortable. The industrial-type variants look and function differently. Their features depend on the model. Most of them are already sold. They have a double bottom – a retractable tray for collecting litter.

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They are supplied with containers for food, water and nursery, in which hay is placed. You do not have to give money and buy these additional attributes separately.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Industrial cage is more comfortable for rabbits

Ready options


Convenient model, used on large krolfermah. This is a universal design, made on the basis of galvanized mesh, which is used for fattening livestock and for the maintenance of breeders. It is characterized by compactness and spaciousness. The device is characterized by the following features:

  • two levels;
  • on the second tier of 16 offices, which are intended for growing rabbits;
  • 12 segments are allocated at the bottom, in which farmers place queen cells or block at discretion;
  • branches are fixed on racks of metal, which guarantees durability;
  • perforated bottom in feeders, screening out small particles and dust from food, and a special design will prevent rabbits from pulling food out;
  • up to twenty pieces are placed in a row, on a scale of 2, 45 (length) and 2.05 meters (width).

To breed rabbits in such a cage, keep the temperature from 10 to 12 degrees above zero.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Cell model "Okrol"

"Practice FR-231"

Another type of industrial cell with two tiers. On the first one there are 12 compartments, on the second – 6. Inside it is possible to install additional partitions, so that the number of nests grows to 18.

If breeding for fattening is envisaged, then this design can hold 90 heads on both tiers.

This is a modular device, it is transformed in connection with the life stage of the rabbit herd. Lifting covers are installed on the partitions, with the help of which jibbing, inspection and insemination are facilitated. To clean the room, use detachable corner panels. It is used for breeding and in small farms.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Cell model "Practice FR-231"

Homemade varieties

Option with a device for long-term feed

This type is made using building materials. It includes:

  • two or three tiers;
  • sections for krolematok with offspring (in the middle) – on a scale of 40 by 70 by 60 centimeters;
  • segments for young stock (along the perimeter – sizes 60 to 70 by 60 centimeters).
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Watch for the removal of excrement, so that they do not penetrate from the upper shelves to the lower ones. In the lighted sections are located automatic drinkers, feeders and nursery with hay.

The mesh is installed in darkened sections at a level of up to 10 cm above the floor, and in a section for young stock up to 15 cm.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Rabbit cage is easy to do with your own hands.

The result of scientific development

The Research Institute of Fur Farming and Rabbit Breeding has designed cages for keeping and breeding adult rabbits. They are a double construction: in length – meter, in width – half a meter. On the side there is an office with mother liquors and a continuous floor covering. Inside is the aft section with a mesh floor. They are separated from each other by a partition in which a manhole is made on a scale of 17 to 17 centimeters.

The nesting section is made up to 55 centimeters deep, 40 long and 50 high in front, and 35 centimeters in rear.

Four doors are installed in front: two – from solid wood material, and the rest – from the grid (for the feed compartments). The equipment is located on racks 80 centimeters in height, 12 pieces in a row two meters one from another.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Drawing of the cell on the recommendations of the Institute of fur farming and rabbit breeding

Model Zolotukhin

In small farms, a variety with one or two tiers is used. Even a novice breeder can assemble it independently using a simple drawing. It will take several days, you will need building skills and the ability to work with your hands.

This type of cage is suitable for raising young rabbits.

There are no pallets in these structures, wooden boards or slate materials are put as flooring. Mesh floor is located around the perimeter of the rear walls. Scale – 70 per 100 centimeters. The drawing shows how to build such a room for breeding rabbits.

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Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Cell scheme Zolotukhin

Among the downsides is the lack of nesting sections. A krolathka makes a nest for future offspring on the floor. The bunker trough is replaced by a cuvette built into the door that is easy to clean.

Mikhailov’s model

It includes:

  • ram stand;
  • first tier;
  • second tier.

The device equipment facilitates the care of animals. When it is located on the street, the roof is made transparent in whole or half. Feeders refuel a couple of times in seven days. The drawings show that the excrement is removed by means of a cone-shaped tube, which is attached to a sealed container. Hygiene is maintained inside the rabbit house.

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Mikhailov’s cage for keeping rabbits

The device holds up to 25 heads. On the upper tier, young saplings settle, below – krolematki and male. Eight structures will require an area of ​​25 square meters (including the aisles between the houses of 70 and 110 cm).

Industrial Type Cages For Rabbits

Mikhaylov’s cage single-tier – the scheme and sizes

Other author’s options

  • Titarenko model: a module with two or three levels (main, maternity for breeding and, as an additional, adjacent).
  • The construction of Tsvetkov: two floors of four cells, ventilation and cleaning system (cone-shaped mine). It is made of coniferous trees, supplied with gravitational drinking bowls, feeders and mangers for hay from plywood.
  • Ovdeenko device: consists of 24 sections and four tiers. Each section is characterized by the size of 40 to 70 cm, they are arranged in a pallet, nursery, feeders and drinkers. Special gates protect inhabitants from wind and rain. They loosely adhere to the houses so that the space is ventilated.

Industrial rabbit breeding offers private breeders cell options that facilitate animal breeding. Having built them according to the drawings or having bought them in finished form, amateur breeders will receive increased productivity in meat and growth from their pets.