Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits

Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits

Rabbits are quite popular pets. Their content must be approached responsibly. First of all, you need to purchase or make your own hands a high-quality spacious cage in which your pet will be comfortable.

Temperature conditions

Rabbits are animals that are undemanding to the temperature of the environment. For example, representatives of dwarf breeds feel comfortably at a temperature of about 10–25 ° C above zero, while decorative rabbits remain active even when the temperature drops to 10 ° C. However, care must be taken to ensure that there are no sharp temperature drops or drafts.

Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits


The animal spends its life in a large cage for the domestic rabbit, that is, the pet sleeps, eats, plays, needs in one place. It is necessary to monitor the cleanliness of the dwelling and regularly clean it. The tray can not be washed as often as the cage, if it is located separately. It is very important to care for the pet. It is necessary to comb through the fur and trim the hair, as well as brush the claws.


Rabbits can be quickly accustomed to the toilet, because they are well amenable to training. If you have a large rabbit cage, it will be advisable to move the toilet outside the home. This will save you from having to clean the cage every day, will allow you to separate the latrine from the "bedroom", and the animal will not soil the paws with feces.

To teach your pet to the tray, you need to constantly put it in the same place. Soon the rabbit will be able to find the toilet by smell. It is best to buy a cat tray with a grill, and ordinary filings are well recommended as a filler.

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Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits


Loving owners will not force their pet to spend their whole lives in a cage. Congenital activity, curiosity and sociability are the qualities inherent in rabbits, therefore animals should be regularly released into the fresh air. In fact, the cage should be a kind of “fortress” where the rabbit can hide if it senses danger. The animal should spend a lot of time free.

Consider that rabbits are rodents, so they will gladly taste the expensive furniture and wires lying on the floor. Restrict access to all places that you want to protect from pet’s sharp teeth. Walking the animals need not only in the apartment, but also on the street. For this you need to purchase a special collar and leash.


Rabbits are very sociable pets, they are socially active and feel comfortable next door to humans and various animals. Therefore, if the animal becomes sluggish, sad and does not show interest in daily activities, you can add another rodent to it. Often males living in a large rabbit cage begin to fight for territory, so it may be necessary to settle them. Rabbits, on the contrary, get along well with each other. If you want to put both a female and a male in one cage, then the male is better to be neutered.

Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits

Cell Characteristics

Both a small and a large rabbit cage must meet several requirements:

  • First, you need to take care of good ventilation of the rabbit house.
  • Secondly, drafts should be completely absent in the habitat of rodents.
  • Thirdly, the size of the cage must match the age characteristics of pets and the number of animals contained in the same design.

In addition, in the cage can not be placed sharp elements that can injure animals. Acquire designs that are convenient for operation and maintenance, as the cage needs to be cleaned regularly. The room where it is located should be well lit, not too wet, rather warm.

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Cell size

The size of the animals directly affects the characteristics of the cage. Therefore, the largest cages for rabbits are made for representatives of giant breeds. The weight of each individual is approximately 5.5-7.5 kg with a length of 55-65 cm. As you understood, the cage should be spacious. The minimum length is 96 cm, the depth is 70 cm, and the height is 60 cm. The size of the area reaches 1.2-1.3 m 2. Separately reinforce the floor; a galvanized grid is suitable for this. A cage with a base of this material is able to withstand a lot of weight.

Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits

The size of the shelter depends not only on how much your pet weighs, but also on how much time the animal spends in it. If the animal most of its life runs free, and in a cage it only sleeps and rests, then its dimensions should be minimal: 40 by 70 cm. If the rabbit is always in the house, then the design should be larger: 45 by 85 cm. These dimensions suitable for representatives of dwarf breeds.

Large cages for decorative rabbits occupy a little more space, since the individuals living in them are larger than their dwarf congeners. To sleep, they will need a cage measuring 45 by 80 cm, and in order for the animal to feel comfortable in the house at any time, it needs space: 50 by 100 cm. When you have a question about how to arrange the cage, do not forget that the animal is needed freedom. The more spacious his refuge will be, the more comfortable the rabbit will be in it, as he will be able to run, jump and even stand on his hind legs without any problems. Experienced rabbit breeders advise: the size of the cage should be 4 times the size of the body of the animal. Otherwise, the skeleton of the animal is deformed, and the internal organs become more susceptible to various diseases.

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Cell arrangement

The first and most important thing that you need to pay attention to when setting up a cage is a bed of straw, hay or sawdust. The first option is best, as the straw is very elastic, in addition, the rabbit can chew on it. It protects the paws of the animal from bedsores. Every day you need to change the litter in the toilet area, but the cage itself is enough to wash once a week.

Large Rabbit Cage Description, Size, Characteristics Of The Maintenance And Care Of Rabbits

It is very important to feed the rabbit correctly. Fresh fruits and vegetables, hay, grass are suitable for this. Food is placed in the feeders of durable material. The bowl should not be too big. Drinkers will be needed, because the rabbits spill water in bowls. The drinker can be hung on the cage, then the animal will be very convenient to use it.

For sleep and rest, the animal needs a house in which to put a lot of straw. Blankets as bedding are not suitable, as the animals quickly gnaw them. In addition to all of the above, purchase toys that will be a great entertainment for your pet. For these purposes, used cardboard tubes, boxes of the same material.

Rabbits are rodents, so it is necessary to place in the cage strong branches of fruit trees that will allow the animal to grind down its teeth. Thus, a large cage for rabbits will be inexpensive: about 3 thousand rubles, including toys and the necessary equipment.