Making A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Making A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands
Making A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

Making A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands
Making A Cage For Rabbits With Your Own Hands

To engage in the cultivation of rabbits, you need to create the necessary conditions for this. They include knowledge of the proper feeding and care of animals. You should also pay attention to the rabbitries, which should have a tank for food and water.

Cages for rabbits with their own hands are made of wood and metal mesh. They may have a different area, calculated on a certain number of living creatures. If youngsters are kept separately, the cell size decreases in volume, but when families are living, there should be rabbitks of the appropriate size. Now it is necessary to consider in more detail what the housing for animals can be made of and what material is required for this.

In the manufacture of rabbit, you cannot save money and replace Finnish laminated plywood with Chinese laminated plywood, because this material is not durable. You should also not use moisture resistant, because it has a much shorter service life. Only waterproof material is needed for rabbitks.

Most often, when assembling a cage, a board with a thickness of 25 mm is used, but if desired it can be replaced with another material. For example, Finnish waterproof plywood. This building material is very durable and not afraid of water.

Its service life is very long and reaches 70 years. This plywood is made of waterproof glue and coated with chocolate laminate. Having understood completely with building materials, it is required to consider a subject how to make a cage for rabbits. First you should make a skeletal structure, which in the future must be sheathed with plywood and mesh. At the moment, three sizes of bars are required, four pieces each. All of them will have a thickness of 50mm x 50mm.

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Corner posts should have a length of 1100 mm, vertical bars can vary from 1500 mm to 2000 mm, and connecting bars should have a size of 600 mm. Having prepared the bars of these sizes, you must assemble the structure, while using metal corners and 41 screws on the tree. Then, the floor is required and this will require Finnish laminated plywood of 14mm thickness.

Fastening it is carried out to the bars, while using 32mm screws on the tree. Further, it is necessary to sheathe the back wall of the rabbitry, followed by two side. Considering the topic of how to make a cage for rabbits, you need to understand that you will need durable roofing material and they can serve the same Finnish plywood, only on top of it you need to melt the euro-roofing material.

In order to separate the young from the adult generation of rabbits, it is required to make portable rabbitries. They should be small and fairly light. For this, a regular solder mesh is perfect, which needs to be cut to size and connected at 6mm corners with a wire.

Next, you need to consider how to install the grid on the front of the cell and at the same time make the door. First you need to assemble a frame of timber, 30mm x 30 mm thick and make the partition necessary for the door. To do this, it is necessary to retreat 400 mm from one edge and secure the bar in a vertical position.

This design should have a size of 30 mm of the opening itself, in order to get at the rabbitry bottom the slot needed to change and clean the pallets. Having fixed the made frame on the front side of the rabbitcher, it is necessary to cover it with a net. To do this, it is enough just to bait it with self-tapping screws or nails, then firmly fasten it with the help of wooden slats 20mm x 30mm.

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That is, the grid is pressed down by the prepared rails and is attracted by 32mm self-tapping screws on the tree. Next, the doorway is measured and the door is manufactured. It can be made of wood, plywood or bars and grid. This choice depends on the desire of the person.

The construction of cages for rabbits requires drinkers and feeders, which are installed inside the rabbit. For the manufacture of feeders, you can use a regular edging board, from which an oblong-sized trough is assembled and installed directly near the grid. On the side, a drinking bowl is hung on which nipple nipples for water supply are installed.

Making rabbitries with their own hands can be made of any waterproof material, while its strength should be very high. The best choice is mesh and wood, because this building material is more durable.